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Comilion introduction presentation 26102012 (1)

  1. 1. - Confidential & proprietary -Next stage for mobile security
  2. 2. - Confidential & proprietary - Comilion foundersThe founders of Comilion are top experts in the field of cyber security and leadinglarge scale technological initiatives from concept to production and business Kobi Freedman, CEO Kobi has 15 years of experience in the field of IT management & cyber security • Co-Founding & managing initiatives in a total budget of 25 M$ Including Comitari technologies (cyber defense company - award winning one of 10 most promising startups by Forbes magazine) • A member of Israel Cyber Security advisory forums • Bachelor in Industrial Engineering and has a masters degree in Law studies Guy Wertheim, CTO Guy posses a vast experience in the field of cyber security Guy served in the elite technological unit of the Israeli Intelligence corps in various R&D & commander positions • Guy worked as a consultant in McKinsey &Co. • Guy is a Talpiot military academy, graduate with B.Sc. in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science and has a master’s degree in Computer Science (magna cum laude)
  3. 3. - Confidential & proprietary - Our vision & mission• We want to change the way individuals and enterprises are evaluating the App risk for privacy & security.• We want to offer every individual the opportunity of enjoying all the best which smart mobility can offer while maintaining safe, private & effective experience.
  4. 4. - Confidential & proprietary - In a nutshellThe first crowd sourcing platform for mobile apps vulnerability assessment – a global project PermissionShield - Dynamic which aims to create the App Apps Permission Management vulnerability index & permissions profiling
  5. 5. - Confidential & proprietary - Snapshot on the mobile market Mobile devices worldwide (Billions) Apps downloads & revenues (Billions) 10086 504 36.7 0 5.2 7.32 2010 2011 2014-150 App revenues App downloads 2010 2011 2014 2020 Source: Canalys, IDC, Gartner Windows others enterprise consumer Phone 4% 1% BlackBerry iOS 12% 19% Symbian 16% Android 49% Source: Canalys, Worldwide smartphone market, 2011
  6. 6. - Confidential & proprietary - Snapshot on the mobile security market Mobile security spend Number of devices having (Billions) some security (Millions)4 3000 20003 10002 01 2011 20160 protected unprotected 2011 2015 2016 Source: Ericsson, June 2012 enterprise consumerSource: Juniper, Mobile Security Opportunities 2011-2016 Source: Billguard, 2011
  7. 7. - Confidential & proprietary - Enterprise mobile security and usability– Mobile computing is one of the major trends of IT and the first security issue - globally– 53% (and increasing) of employees are using their private devices to both private and work related tasks– 20% of the world’s browsing is made Source: Global tech trends, E&Y 2012 VIA mobile platforms (estimated to be 50% in few years)– Cyber threats are creating new kind of challenges to secure the organizational environment– Organizational data is massively transferring to unmanaged devices– There is a crucial need in securing organizational data in BYOD scenarios Source: STKI group 2012
  8. 8. - Confidential & proprietary -The business challengeHOW ENTERPRISES DEAL WITH SMART MOBILE ? •Device protection, stand alone devices: •Passwords •AntiVirus Evolution •Encryption •Device management •MDM (Mobile Data Management) •Remote block, wipe, locate •Identity & policy management •MAM (Mobile App Management) Current •Internal App markets •Virtualization •BYOD: •Immediate device adoption •Secured Hybrid environments •Less control Next Stage •Unmanaged private Apps
  9. 9. - Confidential & proprietary - The business challenge BYOD & THE APPS PROBLEM– In the next 3 years, 1.3 Billon employees will have a mobile device with work related data on it (IDC)– All major enterprise software vendors are starting to offer mobile apps (SAP, Oracle,, Microsoft, Google apps etc) Work– The mixture of work related and Related Apps private apps exposes the data & the device to new risk vectors Major Security– Comilion is confronting the Apps security gap in a new conception Private gaps Related Apps Apps Browsing Data Device
  10. 10. - Confidential & proprietary - The business challenge BYOD & THE APPS PROBLEM– 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) is the current estimated amount of apps FAMOUS APPS– Every mobile device holds dozens COMPROMISING PRIVACY of Apps– 80,000,000 app downloads every day– Apps are compromising the user’s data and privacy – as a common practice– Almost all Apps (and free Apps the most) upload sensitive private data as a common practice– In a BYOD scenario the problem becomes a major corporate’s concern– The issue becomes much grater in cyber related threats * WSJ – “WHAT THEY KNOW” DECEMBER 17, 2010
  11. 11. - Confidential & proprietary - Comilion – the technology– securely handle apps behavior & data breach in an hybrid (BYOD) environment • End-user App for dynamic permission management • Recommendation & automatic decision making backed by a crowd intelligence platform for App behavior and risk analysis • App sensitivity and risk analysis for the enterprise customer • Only app which doesn’t require Root permissions– The technology is protected by patent requests the company was lately filed
  12. 12. - Confidential & proprietary - Competition environment– Technologies for mobile security and usability are evolving in different approaches MAIN ADVANCED BYOD SECURITY/MDM– Enterprise: • In the enterprise BYOD – only part of MDM suppliers are offering narrow permission management • There are few startups having initiatives in few approaches towards ‘real’ BYOD • Most security vendors are starting to offer mobile security (mainly via M&A) • Comilion’s strategy is based on integrating with leading MDM– Consumer: • Currently, there are no apps dealing comprehensively with the issue • There are few Apps dealing with privacy in an ‘un-orthodox’ way • Comilion’s strategy is based on generating massive install base & by creating a contributors community and aim to align with a platform manufacturer
  13. 13. - Confidential & proprietary - Strategic roadmapTHE STRATEGIC TARGET:HAVING PRESENCE ON 10% OF THE WORLD’S MOBILE MARKET IN 3 YEARS (APPROX 200M USERS)& GENERATING AN AVERAGE INCOME OF 0.5$/USER/YEAR Core technology Management Standard MDM Platform oriented 2 1 3 4 dev consule integration App TECHNOLOGY Consumer App Integration App management App developers with MDM features integration platform Data analysis Organizational App Full data analysis platform Advanced BYOD 1st Enterprise Beta 3-4 Enterprise Beta features (TBD) IP MDM bizDev Mass Enterprise Platform OEM BIZDEV marketing agreement Consumer Direct marketing enterprise coop MDM coop MDM OEM agreement agreements GOAL 10K users 1M users 10M users 200M users
  14. 14. - Confidential & proprietary - Financials The company is seeking to raise 1M$ Projected users & revenues which will finance the following (millions) milestones: 200 150  Launching full scope consumer app (Android +iOS) 100  Launching initial crowd intelligence platform 50  R&D for windows mobile app  Entablish a solid presence in consumer sector (for Android) 0 Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4  3-4 Beta sites for enterprise solution Revenues Consumers Enterprise  BizDev for MDM market cooperation
  15. 15. - Confidential & proprietary - Kobi Freedman, CEO Tel: +972-545-772232