Apstartup europe expansion ver4


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Apstartup europe expansion ver4

  1. 1. iH2H – „innovation HUB toHUB” Platform forEmpowering Startup Socio-Ecosystem in CE Europe Asia Pacific DealFlow Ltd K36 Innovations Group 1703 Infinitus Plaza, 1 Váci Út 188 Des Voeux Rd Central Tower C, 5/F, WestEnd Office Tower
  2. 2. APStartup our mission and Agenda We currently have APStartup, a portal based in HK, China that collates Asian startup funding deals. APStartup (AP – Asia Pacific) focuses on connect major players within the different local communities of the Startup in the Asia Pacific Ecosystem APStartup and K36 develops a private label hub2hub version of the platform (iH2H) as a JV utilising K36 Hu/CEE presense and EGROUP ICT Software (member of K36Group) as HUB to HUB gateway in Hungary and to rollout to CE Europe countries to build the ecosystem empowering startup and early stage companies in Eastern-Europe, connecting them via HK China and Asia. Mission and Objectives
  3. 3. Tony is founder and CEO of APStartup based in Hk and China. He has worked for 10 years within the finance and IT industry. He is a serial entrepreneur with 2 successful startups in the finance and IT space. Tony is also a TIE mentor and has an MBA from Strathclyde University i Bharat is the project manager for APStartup platform development and business development in India. He is an expert in web based technologies for 5 years. He has an MBA from Gujarat University Hungarian ICT Entrepreneur. Founder and of K36Innovations Group, E-Group ICT SW Group (1993). Active in promoting Hungarian business interests in China, Hong Kong and Asia. Co-Founder of HK-HU Innovative Business Council. Management Team Tony Chan CEO Bharat Koryia CTO AntalKuthy (iH2H) Founder and Chairman K36Innovations (&E-Group ICT) (Hu-Hk)
  4. 4. APStartup – driving entrepreneur ecosystems APStartup was been in development for 18 months originally from Hong Kong with the objective of powering local entrepreneurial ecosystems The platforms profilesStartups and early stage projects seeking funding and business development via a social media content management system. It connects players within the ecosystem online and allows collaboration of projects and sharing of information. Startup Ecosystem Entrepreneurs Investors Mentors & Advisors Service Providers
  5. 5. Serial Entrepreneur HK Government advisor on Startups TIE Mentor TEN member Startups E-Finet.com (8317.hk) Fortitude Securities New Media Research Career Thomson Financial SBC Warburg Offshore Banking Family Office mgmt. About the Founder download Tony Cha’scareer bio
  6. 6. HitechEnterprenour Livingfor 6 yearsin HK Now Budapest & HK K36 Innovations: founder (2005) Tech.Transfer&InnoManag. E-Group: founder • Egroup ICT Software Co. (‘93) payment&e-securitysolutions and technology • E-Group ChinaUnionpayGateway Co. (2009) Chinese Bank Card CE Europe GatewayProcessorfor • Abaqoos.com (2006) Online, micropaymentservices Formerboardmember, Hungarian ICT Associationwww.ivsz.hu , HU-HK Innovative Business Council 3 boys, 1 wife, 0 Ferrari iH2H co-Founder „Innovation is passion, community and sharingsuccess, it is a lifestyle. Trustin a betterworld. Cando.” Antal Kuthy
  7. 7. Create Build, Promote and Fund Startups. The Platform consists of 3 main components 1. Social Network for Startups “Linked In for Startups” – provide social profiling for startups 2. Apps for Startups. A Practical Process for Startups to build, promote and fund. 3. DealFlow for investors. A funding matching platform Apps for Startups DealFlow for InvestorsSocial Network for Startups
  8. 8. Individuals Startups Groups 1. Social Network for Startups Entrepreneurs, Investors, Mentors and & Advisors, Service Providers Any type of business, company or organization Private Groups, clubs and associations, local angel groups, VC firms
  9. 9. Apps For Startups Apps is A Practical Process for Startups is a proprietary methodology to incubate Startups along a development cycle. Developed on open-source software – it brings team- collaboration with natural mentoring to give startups the best chance of developing success.
  10. 10. A Practical Process for Startups • START – Mind maps – Lean canvas • PLAN – Project Management – Biz Plan Writer • BUILD – Freelance – Data Room • PROMOTE • Blogs • Newsletter • CRM • Webinar • FUND • VC Pro • Angels • ADMIN • Expenses • Hiring Module Apps for Startups – help you Start, Plan, Build, Promote, Admin and Fund Single login, team collaboration and external sharing.
  11. 11. Apps for Startups - Features APPLICATIONS • Practical Process for Startup - a step by step management process • Open source and commercial software apps for specific uses • Shared code, separate data • Apps are supported independently and updated frequently DATA • Data can be shared between apps • Data can be shared between teams • Data can be used by be exportable and • Data acts as log for startup history • Data is backed up on a daily basis
  12. 12. Create - Mindmister Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 1.29.19 PM
  13. 13. Create – Lean canvas
  14. 14. Newsletter Build and Manage your own branded campaigns • Create your own branded newsletters • Subscriber list and sending management • Import Blogs, Articles and Events • Feedback statistics on open, click and bounces
  15. 15. Create – Lean canvas
  16. 16. Build – Project Fork
  17. 17. Freelancer - Outsource your IT projects to freelancers • Find Expert freelancers for outsourcing • Ideal for IT site development and programming • List projects requirements • Key Features – Post projects publically or sealed – Project reporting – Full finance system using Paypal deposit, – withdrawal and Escrow – - Upload Buyer and Freelancer specific – profile with portfolio gallery
  18. 18. Expenses • Personal or Startup Expenses tracking system • Multi-Currency conversion • Claim reimbursements and expense authorization • Graphical interface of expenses • r
  19. 19. Personal Goals Manger • Create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound goals) • Train Skills and Habits • Schedule of goals and milestones • Track and visualize goals
  20. 20. Events Manager • Built-in events management system • Bookings, ticket and RSPV management • Works with Groups and Startups • Send invitations via email, blogs or newsletter • Venue settings and maps • Publicize to connections and via FB, LIN and social media channels COMING SOON
  21. 21. Data Room A secure data room which enables documents to be viewed and shared on a authorized basis. This enables investors to conduct online due diligence of documentation post and pre- funding.
  22. 22. Private Label our platform Project portal service - we are able to private label our platform Potential users are Government promotion agencies, non-profit Entrepreneur organizations. Private sector – i-banks and corporate finance teams BENEFITS Gov promotional agencies– promote entrepreneurship and self- employment to communities Financial Service Providers – provide a secure dealflow platform for clients and investors.
  23. 23. Benefits to your ecosystem Offers an online platform for Entrepreneurs to socially interact and exchange ideas Apps for Startups provides software driven incubation of Startups using a proprietary Create, Build, Promote and Fund process. The social network connects investors and service providers to the startup providing support and and services. Startup Ecosystem Entrepreneurs Investors Mentors & Advisors Service Providers
  24. 24. Thank You ! Asia Pacific DealFlow Ltd Suite 1703 Infinitus Plaza 199 Des Voeux Road Central Hong Kong Tel +825 2570 1161 Fax +825 3020 1086 tonyc@apstartup.cm K36 &Egroup / iH2H Dev.Co. Váci Út 1. Tower C, WestEnd Office Building 5/F. Budapest ,1062 Hungary, Europe Tel: +361 371 2555 Fax: +361 371 2556 antal.kuthy@k36innovations.com