INFOGRAPHIC: Use of internal social media within organizations


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The use of internal social media within organizations is significantly increasing as C-level executives are recognizing the power internal social media can bring to their bottom line.

To better understand the value of social media in the workplace, APCO Worldwide and Gagen MacDonald recently surveyed 1,000 U.S. employees, and built a model that quantifies the factors that characterize effective programs and the impact those programs have on the bottom line.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Use of internal social media within organizations

  1. 1. Internal Social Media – A Business Driver More than ever, companies are using Internal Social Media (ISM) to communicate with employees. Is it working? Does it impact the bottom line? To answer these questions, we surveyed adults in the U.S. who work at companies with more than 500 employees, and built a proprietary model that quantifies how best to shape ISM and its impact on core business drivers. 51% EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP ACCOUNTS FOR Besides the Intranet, THE MOST of employees say their COMPANY EMPLOYS 75% OF AN EMPLOYEE’S PERCEPTION OF USED TOOLS blogs, wikis and are ISM TOOLS INTERNAL COMMUNICATION Facebook-like sitesWhat Employees Really WantOur ISM effectiveness model isolated 21 discrete attributes that characterize the bestprograms, which in turn combine to form the three major factors that employees look forwhen deciding whether their company has effective social media internally. 42% 37% 21% QUALITY OF CONTENT ENGAGEMENT & DIALOGUE OPTIMIZATION Social media content is accessible, Social media establishes open Social media is targeted to particular easy to find, well-integrated, accurate, dialogue with employees, solicits users, makes use of trend-setting reliable, shareable, visually appealing, feedback and criticism, invites platforms, has a committed group of and valuable to an employee and the interaction, and has a visible, active ambassadors, and takes risks to try new work that he or she does. senior leadership presence. ways to enhance the user experience. The Impact of Effective ISM 58% would prefer to work at a RETENTION AND company that uses ISM RECRUITMENT 86% would refer others for employment COLLABORATION 61% feel it is easier to collaborate INNOVATION 60% are likely to feel their company is innovative 39% more likely to recommend REFERRALS their company’s products and services SUPPORT 60% more likely to give their IN A CRISIS benefit of the company the doubt in a crisis 67% more likely to support POLICY SUPPORT government policies their company supports EMPLOYEE STOCK 78% more likely to purchase PURCHASE the company’s stock APCO Worldwide and Gagen MacDonald have a long history of working with companies and organizations to develop effective communication programs. We engage all key stakeholders and leverage the power of employees through informing, motivating and engaging them in support of their organizations to unleash business success. © 2012, Gagen MacDonald and APCO Worldwide, All Rights Reserved