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Nonverbal Comm


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Nonverbal Comm

  1. 1. <ul><li>Ambiguous Nonverbal Communication </li></ul>Anthony Burchell Article by Wendy Wong
  2. 5. The Thumbs Up In most of Latin America and West Africa , as well as Greece , Russia , Sardinia and the south of Italy , the thumbs-up basically means the same as the middle finger: “Si t on it and swivel ” .
  3. 6. The “OK” in Brazil , Germany and a few Mediterranean countries : the circular shape of the gesture gives it the meaning of “ an us” .
  4. 7. The V or Peace Sign If your palm is facing outward this sign is considered an insult to Great Britain and other english speaking countries.
  5. 8. The Horns the symbol basically means “c u ckold” (or rather, Yo ur wife is cheating on you), and its origins are Mediterranean. The horn is still popular in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Colombia, Brazil, Albania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic , and seems to be used most often to disagree with football referees
  6. 9. Video Example of Ambiguous Non Verbal
  7. 10. Question Have you ever found yourself in a disagreement based on a misinterpreted hand signal?