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International public relations2


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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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International public relations2

  1. 1. International Public Relations Anthony Burchell 10/28/10 Comm 2330
  2. 2. What is international Public Relations? Defined as the planned and organized effort of a company institution or government to establish mutually beneficial relations with publics of other nations
  3. 3. New Age Global Marketing Today almost one-third of US corporate profits are generated through international business. Coca-Colas international sales account for 70% of their revenue.
  4. 4. International PR Challenges Differences in language laws and culture pose serious problems for international public relations
  5. 5. Language and Culture Difference Experts in intercultural communications point out that many cultures are “high context” communication societies. Meaning that the spoken word is often implicit and based on the environmental context and the relationship rather than on the explicit.
  6. 6. Language and Culture Difference In contrast the American and European communications styles are considered “low context.” Great emphasis is placed on exact words and the receiver is expected to derive most of the meaning from the written or verbalized statements.
  7. 7. Examples of difference A British exec staying at a hotel in New York was embarrassed because he asked the front desk for a ‘rubber’ which is an eraser in England. The Milk Processor Association found that the catchy phrase “Got Milk?” didn’t translate too well into Spanish. The literal translation was “Are you Lactating?”
  8. 8. Reasons Countries hire American Public Relations Professionals •To hold off protectionist moves threatening their company or industry •To defeat legislation affecting the sale of a client’s product •To support expansion of the clients markets In the united states •To provide ongoing information on political sociological and commercial developments in the US
  9. 9. US Firms working for Foreign Governments Hill and Knowlton has represented Indonesia and Morocco to promote tourism, create favorable public opinion and influence US foreign policy.
  10. 10. The Countries Goals •Advance Political Objectives •Be counseled on the United States probable reaction to the client governments projected action •To advance the countrys commercial interests •Assis in communications in english •Counsel and help win understanding and support on a specific issue undermining the clients standing in the US •Modify laws and regulations inhibiting the clients activities in the US
  11. 11. Problems and Rewards Firms Face •Deciding to represent a country such as Zimbabwe or China whos human rights violations may reflect adversely on the agency •Persuading the heads of such a nation to alter some of its practices so that the favorable public image sought may reflect reality •Convincing officials of a client country which may totally control the flow of news internally that the american press is independent from the government control and that they should never expect coverage that is 100 percent favorable •Deciding whether to represent a nation such as Belarus in which the autocratic head of stat has drastically reduced civil liberties and crushed any opposition