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A Paz é Dourada - versão em inglês


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Roteiro inspirado na vida e obra de Euclides da Cunha, por Noilton Nunes.

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A Paz é Dourada - versão em inglês

  1. 1. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês Peace is Golden Euclides da Cunha , 1866-1909, Brazilian writer. After his military service, Cunha became a civil engineer and a journalist. He wrote several historical works but is remembered for only one book, Os sertões (1902, tr. Rebellion in the Backlands, 1944), an account of a rebellion against the Brazilian government led by a religious fanatic, Antônio Conselheiro, in 1896-97. The book is a pessimistic narrative, embellished with lengthy descriptions of the Brazilian landscape and living conditions; it is primarily concerned with the state of mankind in Brazil. Its power and sincerity counterbalance its complexity of style and racist doctrine. Author not available, CUNHA, EUCLIDES DA., The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition 2007. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Copyright 2007 Columbia. Leila Richers Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Euclides, who lived on the Saudade Farm. When he was three years old, Leto, a slave on the farm, ...returned from the war with Paraguay. Euclides didn’t even notice when Leto walked past, going toward… …the slave quarters, followed by Abelão. It was a very strange day, that. And that same night, Euclide´s mother died. Screen tests. Choosing Euclides as a child. I’ve nourished the dream of a trip to Acre for a long time. Leila Richers Once upon a time, there was a dream of a film inspired by the life and work of this young boy who grew to be poet, engineer, military man, journalist and writer. Euclides Rodrigues da Cunha was born in 1866 …in Cantagalo, in the interior of what was then… …the province of Rio de Janeiro. His father, Manoel Rodrigues Pimenta da Cunha, …was a bookkeeper for the coffee plantations now scattered… …across the Paraíba do Sul River valley. His mother, Eudóxia Moreira da Cunha, was the daughter… …of a small farmer in the region. The year Euclides was born, two facts in particular… ..generated unrest in the valley. 1
  2. 2. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês One was related to the first coffee crises… …prompted by progressive depletion of the soil in the region, com a progressiva perda da fertilidade dos solos locais ... and the other, the war with Paraguay, ...which had been dragging on for two long years. With the death of the mother, Euclides’ father… ...abandons the Saudade Farm. He leaves his one-year-old daughter, Adélia, ...on the nearby farm of an aunt, ...and Euclides, at the home of another aunt in Teresópolis. Euclides will then grow up in the homes of relatives, ...either in Teresópolis, or in São Fidélis, …or in Salvador at the home of his grandparents, ...and finally in Rio de Janeiro, ...where, after interminably leaping from school to school, ….in a most strange type of instability, …he will finally enroll at the Military Academy located at Praia Vermelho. Osvaldo Galotti Euclides da Cunha’s paternal grandmother… ….was a descendent of tapuia, and this he emphasized, …a mixture of Celt, tapuia and Greek. He learned the highest level of algebra taught at that time… …with Professor Trompowsky. Another thing of great influence, learned at the Military Academy… …and which would exercise great influence on his life and work, …was geopolitics, a subject much studied in military school. And if we reflect, “Os Sertões” is geopolitics. His trip to alto Purus is geopolitical. , In other words, geography seen from a political point of view, …in order to ameliorate the situation of the common man. Tv Globo – Leilane Neubarth Os Sertões, by Euclides da Culha, …is the greatest Brazilian epic. It tells the story of the war of Canudos, But Os Sertões is considered a difficult book. Very few people have read it. And like the book, Euclides himself… ….is also an unknown. Now here’s a question: How can a man so concerned… 2
  3. 3. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês ...with the faces and colors of Brazil be anonymous? Well, they are trying to explain this at the Brazilian Academy of Letters. There, the Euclidian Week began with a mission: rescue Euclides from limbo, to popularize him. And one of the ways is through Noilton Nunes’ film, Fronteiras ...which begins shooting in October. This film will speak of Euclides. Walnice Galvão In high school, he wrote sonnets with themes… …based on great names from the French revolution, …like Robespierre, Danton, Marrat and Saint Juste. Leila Richers Euclides, na Escola Militar, foi colega de Cândido Rondon At the Military Academy, Euclides was a classmate of Cândido Rondon… ... and with other pacifists who considered the science of peace more fruitful for humanity than the science of war. Letreiro “Die if need be; “kill, never.” Rondon Walnice Galvão Euclides became an ardent activist from the advent of the Republic. The Military Academy where Benjamin Constant was a professor… ... was a bastion of political agitation against the Empire.. ...and in favor of the instauration of the Republic. Men like Euclides expected the republic would bring.. ...a bourgeois revolution similar to those in Europe.. ... and with it, the end of privilege. People would then have equal rights, ... no longer depending on favors from the privileged. The year 1888 was in course and a group of students agreed.. make a protest against the monarchy, ...scheduled during the visit of the Minister of War. During the Minister’s review of the troops, ...rather than presenting arms, the students.. ...would break their swords before the authorities. When time came, Euclides alone carried out the protest, ...trying unsuccessfully to break his sword. 3
  4. 4. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês Unable to break it, he threw it to the ground.. the Minister’s feet. Titles Title: Down with the Empire . Long live the Republic. Walnice Galvão Euclide´s activism caused him to be expelled from school. The proclamation of the Republic.. ...on November 15, 1889, marks his rehabilitation. Benjamin Constant, the new Minister of War, ...reinstates Euclides in the Army and he is able to.. ...graduate as a military engineer, with the rank of lieutenant. Leila Richers Euclides goes from madman to hero. He becomes known as the fearless cadet.. ...who defied the empire. At the Republic’s first celebration, at the home of Major Sólon Ribeiro, ... trusted officer of Marshal Deodoro, ... Euclides meets Ana, the Major’s daughter. Introduced to her as the hero of the Military Academy, ...Euclides, enchanted with the young woman’s beauty, ...leaves in her hands a note which will serve as.. unusual marriage proposal: Title Ana, I entered here with an image of the Republic; ...I leave with yours. Euclides Leila Richers But soon after came the first great deception with the new government. When he saw the national flag created by the republicans, he was sad and very concerned with the future of Brazil and Brazilians. The positivist motto – love as a principle and... ...order as a basis, progress as a goal.. ...had been decapitated. Love as a principle cut off… 4
  5. 5. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês ...and thrown to history’s rubbish heap. Euclides finishes his studies at the Military Academy.. ...and sets off in search of new paths. He gets work at the Estado de São Paulo newspaper. From there, destiny will design, like a natural consequence.. ...his encounter with the backlands of canudos. Euclides – Breno Moroni The trip passed quickly on the noisy, festive train, ...swiftly brought down by a powerful locomotive, ...and, on writing these quick notes in his diary, …there is not a speck of dirt on his duster. Leila Richers After a long wait of almost a month, ...during which the journalist prepared himself, gathering information.. ...on Canudos, Antônio Conselheiro and the backlands region, ..finally, on August 31, 1897, Euclides leaves for the interior of Bahia, On this trip, he lost not a single minute. Nothing escapes his attention, and Euclides demonstrated great disposition... ...for scientific knowledge and an enormous curiosity about life in the backlands. His notes are recorded in a disorderly fashion, seeking to register all aspects of the most diverse facets: ...botany, geology, geography, sociology, ...local aspects of the Portuguese language, ...architectural details, customs. Quite enthusiastic, the traveler discovered the backlands.. ...or rather, the euclidian invention of the backlands is launched. Filme “Euclides da Cunha” de Humberto Mauro As a special correspondent for the Estado de São Paulo newspaper, Euclides... ...sets out for Canudos to document the decisive days of the campaign which will serve as an itinerary for his... ...monumental book. Monte Santo is a legendary place, he describes. ... an imposing temple of faith, but which, beginning on the date the expeditionary forces entered, ...would become famous as the base for all the attacks against canudos. The naive religiosity of the provincials carved there.. thousands of layered steps.. ...curving up the successive slopes of that path white with silica, too long, two kilometers, if constructing... ...a stairway to the heavens. 5
  6. 6. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês Euclides – Carlos Minc Man has, in fact, throughout history, taken on the role... ...of a terrible maker of deserts. He has thoroughly attacked the earth, sterilized it, wounded it, degraded it, ...and left it here and there, forever sterile, void and sad. Imagine the result of similar processes applied... ...unvaryingly throughout centuries. Euclides – Antônio Grassi Man has perhaps made the desert. But we can still eliminate it, ...correcting the past. It is not an insurmountable task. Numerous, small dams, uniformly distributed at long intervals along the entire extension of intelligently chosen valleys throughout the backland territory, would, with time, exert a moderating influence, like that of an inland sea, of extreme importance. Euclides – Noilton Nunes Along the roads now opened up to the glorious battalions, ...tomorrow silent and deserted, ...follows modestly after the fight, an anonymous hero... ...without clamorous triumphs, but who will be the true conqueror... ...the school master. Euclides The sertanejo is above all a stronghold. He does not have the exhausting rickets of the neurasthenic half-breeds of the coast. However, his appearance, at first glance.. ...reveals the opposite. He lacks an impeccable style, ...the performance, the most correct build Of athletic organizations. Euclides – Quim Negro The central plains of Brazil descend from the coasts of the south entire cliffs, high and abrupt; they tower over the ocean... ...and break into level plains... ...on the faces of the maritime mountain ranges. Film “Euclides da Cunha” by Humberto Mauro 6
  7. 7. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês The center of life was Canudos and the center of Canudos was the Vaza Barris river,. ...explains the euclidiano essayist Olimpio de Souza Andrade. And continues, today we can no longer see the primitive citadel. Hardly anything remains. All destroyed by the terrible battles... ...between the government troops and Conselheiro´s fanatics. At one of the higher parts of the famous citadel was the new church.. ...which was left like this at the end of the fight. Mere ruins. A Dantesque idea of what all this had been for both sides of the fight. A tremendous mistake, as it was later recognized. Euclides – Noilton Nunes Canudos did not surrender. A unique example in all history. It resisted to the point of complete exhaustion, overcome inch by inch... the most precise use of the term. It fell at dusk when its last defenders fell, ...for all died. There were only four: an old man, two young men and a child. ...before whom five thousand soldiers ...roared with rage. We are at odds to describe their last moments. Nor could we. This page we must imagine as always profoundly moving and tragic. But we close it waveringly and without gloss... one who conquers a very high mountain. From on high, together with a wider perspective, a vertigo. Nor shall we challenge a future disbelief in the narration of details showing women... ...throwing themselves into the fires of their own homes, ..their little children in their arms. Leila Richers But, after all, what book is this? What does it relate that is so important that it remains... the imaginary of a nation? The central focus of the book is the war of Canudos ...which took place in the backlands of Bahia. Four years of one of the most cruel and bloody conflicts take place at the beginning of the Brazilian Republic. The camptown of Canudos arose in 1893 on an abandoned farm.. ...on the banks of the Vaza Barris river. Its population formed a religious congregation ...under the leadership of the lay preacher Antônio Conselheiro Reader 7
  8. 8. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês He wore a blue tunic. His carried a staff and his head was uncovered. His hair grew untended, falling over his shoulders. His grey beard turning white. His sunken eyes rarely lifted to look at anyone. Roberto Ventura The region, even today, is a place where there are many conflicts over land. There is the landless movement, conflicts with farmers ...or with landowners in the region. The question raised by Antônio Conselheiro remains even today; also, ...the same way there is a cult honoring Euclides da Cunha... São José do Rio Pardo, there is a service in honor of the Conselheiro in Canudos... ...which takes place every year in November. Marcelo Rubens Paiva Canudos exists no more, it´s water under the bridge, right? Roberto Ventura There exists a so-called New Canudos... Leila Richers Euclides says in Os Sertões: “We are condemned to civilization. We either progress or we disappear.” This phrase reflects all the anxiety... ...Euclides felt at that moment. What was he seeing? He sees a group of sertanejos, ...people he had learned to admire, and reflects: ..In order to progress, to achieve civilization, ...must these groups be exterminated? Must they be wiped out? Chorus of soldiers Canudos was destroyed Long live the Republic Viva! Viva! Women´s chorus Canudos did not surrender. Canudos did not surrender. 8
  9. 9. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês Leila Richers In 1898, one year after the end of the war, Euclides is named by the Superintendency of Works for the State of São Paulo to reconstruct an iron bridge that had collapsed during a flood of the São José do Rio Pardo the interior of the state. He moves there with Ana and their two children. Since work on the bridge demands his permanent presence, ...he builds a small cabin of old planks and a zinc roof under a kapok tree near the construction site. He devotes any of his spare time to writing about.. ...what he has seen in the interior of Bahia. He receives support from intellectuals in the region. ..such as that of the mayor of the city, Francisco Escobar, who places his private library at the disposition.. ...of the engineer, Euclides. Three years will be spent simultaneously commandeering the work.. ...on the reconstruction of the bridge and the creation of the book. Euclides – Noilton Nunes I believe in the future establishment of a perfect, universal.. ..solidarity involving all of humanity. We need a strongly disciplined joining of wills and a solid convergence of efforts for this great, indispensable transformation. Because its triumph is inevitable. Society’s positivist laws guarantee that a tranquil reign... ...of sciences and arts will be created. Sources of a greater, indestructible and growing capital.. ...formed by the best conquests of the spirit and the heart. How strong it is, this lever, the idea, ...that raises entire societies; overthrows century-old tyrannies. The idea that orients us has the characteristic attribute of great truths: it is simple. To study it is an operation that requires more than the fantasies of the imagination; the distance of logic. To analyze it day-by-day is an operation.. ...identical to the analysis of light. The idea is the currency of the future. The idea is the currency of the future. Leila Richers At the end of 1901, Euclides finishes the two great works: ...the bridge has been re-erected and the avenging book is finally ready. 9
  10. 10. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês “Os Sertões” becomes a classic and Euclides da Cunha takes his place next to Machado de Assis as one of the great writers.. ...among the names of Brazilian literature. Emmanuel Cavalcanti This inexorable fatality. In fact, its cycles, because they are such, with all due rigor of the term, open and close with a manifest rhythm that calls to mind the attenuation of a natural law as yet ignored. “The Backlands” a magnanimous work of literature in Portuguese; of universal literature. It is Brazil that pulsates. The complete power of one of the... ...greatest writers of mankind. Born in the state of Rio de Janeiro, this never-ending glory of the humanities, of the great Brazilian text to the world. Leila Richers The success of “The Backlands” is so great that the book.. ...has over 30 editions in Portuguese.. ...and has been translated into diverse languages. But is it possible that, 100 years later, is still pertinent? Tarcísio Padilha The book, “Os Sertões” continues to represent today the so-called “bible of nationality”. Due to him, we Brazilians have a greater knowledge of Brazil. In other words, his figure is a monument, ...and “Os Sertões” is a cathedral to our literature. Antonio Houaiss But, a man who opened the horizons of the 20th Century.. ...for the Portuguese language in Brazil, and possible for the Portuguese speaking world. For me, he is one of the great users of the Portuguese language .. ...of all times. Gerardo Mello Mourão 10
  11. 11. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês It seems opportune to say two words about the meaning.. ...of culture and civilization. We shall treat Euclides as a founder of .. ...Brazilian culture. Two words on culture and civilization.. make clear... a work and a man.. ...can institute a culture. Leandro Tocantins The Ministry of Culture should have.. como patrono Euclides da Cunha. ...Euclides da Cunha as its patron. Because it was Euclides da Cunha.. ...who first rebelled against.. ...our intellectual colonization. There is a phrase in which he says that we are accustomed.. to think in English, German and French. He was a man who turned down all the trips to Europe .. ...that were offered to him... And he himself always said: My greatest desire, great aspiration, is to go to Acre.. Eduardo Portella The title of this book is “Contrasts and Confrontations”. He seeks to understand difference. He seeks to wander throughout Brazil... a type of engineer-nomad... ...and to comprehend these different Brazils, ...and, obviously, their Latin American... ...links. Adelino Brandão He discusses the problem of Acre.. ...where the United States and Bolivia... ...signed a treaty in order to create an international incident... ...with Brazil, so that when this conflict.. ...would be established, the United States... ...could come to the aid of the Bolivian cause, ...providing arms, armies and munitions to conquer Acre, ...which would then be a no man´s land. 11
  12. 12. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês And he denounced this problem and this problem would.. ...continue to exist into the time of the republic. José Celso Martinez Correa The text of “Terra” has a sensuality, ...exactly the sensuality of language, ...a verbosity that is perceived if.. in chorus. Outloud. In fact, it´s a shame. If we had here several copies.. ...of “The Backlands”, ...we could conduct a delicious erotic experiment. We would begin by licking the Brazilian soil, ...penetrating to its very center, ...through its curves, its caves... We would have an experience of immense delirium. Austregésilo de Athayde The first republic, that which the people watched proclaimed, ...and which was the republic of Euclides da Cunha's dreams.. ...lasted a relatively short time as far as its ideals were concerned. The ideals of men who propagandized in favor .. ...and managed to induce Deodoro da Fonseca, ...without knowing much what he was doing, proclaim the new regime, destroying the monarchy. Fernando Campos And it is at this moment that appears a violent, savage book.. ...discovering Brazil, Saying it is not this that is Brazil. And it seems to me that this is the moment to take Euclides... ...and through him, to rediscover Brazil. Title Event promoted by the film Marked by its own nature the Northeast of my Brazil oh, lonely backlands of suffering and solitude the earth is dry 12
  13. 13. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês hard to cultivate the crops die and little air life is sad here The backlander is strong He survives the endless misery strong backland men so the poet said a century ago in the interior of Bahia Leila Richers When he received from the hands of Machado de ASsis ...the communication of his admission as a member of the.. Brazilian Academy of Letters, the roll of the great writers of the nation, ...a grateful Euclides declares: Euclides – Leila Richers I know of no higher position in this country. He who knows how to articulate words well, ...and has in his style a coherent structure, clear and untainted as crystals, and knows how to express his sentiments with clarity, ...will have all power. Breno Moroni The structure of this film.. a structure of a cinema more than new. It is contemporary. Our contemporary is that of crises. ...a moment of austerity in the country. This production is not a rich one. It is made with scraps. It is a patchwork quilt. Erick Sanz Film reaches out to people in a way .. ...that frequently books.. ...and literature itself cannot reach. 13
  14. 14. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês In this sense, since it is a film rated for viewing by all age groups, ...unrestricted, I believe it can.. ...reach a large number of people. Joel Bicalho Tostes This will serve to spread euclidianism, publicize São José do Rio Pardo, Cantagalo. ...and all the places he lived. Luiz Antônio Chacra We have an incredible crew. Among them we have Régis Monteiro, of our cinema’s greatest set designers, ...who has worked on over 60 famous feature films, ...such as Como era gostos o meu francês, .. ganga zumba... Radio announcer from the radio station of São José do Rio Pardo Today is a very special day.. ...because today the city commemorates the 83rd birthday.. ...of our bridge, the bridge of Euclides da Cunha.. ...and here once more for the festivities in celebration of the bridge ...are many of the city´s. Leila Richers In São José do Rio Pardo.. ...where Euclides wrote “The Backlands” ...a yearly event has taken place every single ...year since 1912, a ceremony in honor of this man.. ...and his obra prima. The celebration has .. ...been been awarded the category of an official holiday by both the city.. ...and the state of São Paulo, becoming a model, ...a striking example of the invention.. ...of a tradition in Brazil. The residents of Rio Pardo consider the city the birthplace.. of the book which is a national monument.. 14
  15. 15. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês ...and in 1982, received permission from his family.. forever protect.. ...the mortal remains of the writer. Regina Abreu He compared Canudos to the movement which had begun.. France many years ago.. the Vendéa region. A counter-revolutionary movement against.. ...the French revolution. So he goes to Canudos, ...and when he returns.. ...coming back from São José.. ...and ponders all he had experienced, ...he decides to name the book “The Backlands”. Noilton Nunes The film is based on this character here. It is called frontiers because it tries to bridge.. ...this period which is the end of the monarchy.. ...and the beginning of the republic. It is very similar to that which we are living today. We are bridging a difficult moment.. the history of Brazil.. ...and entering that of a new republic. Euclides – Noilton Nunes This is not the Republic of our dreams. The Republic we fought for. Our elites are blind... the real picture of our lives. We live in a full spiritual colony. Today in Brazil, those who have a conscience, ...who study, who think.. are more and more feared by those more mediocre who pass us by, affront us.. ...and occupy posts of important decision making. Our country has been turned into a purgatory.. ...where brutality and violence.. ...have become routine, natural, normal. It is imbecility triumphant. Love as a principle is, indeed, not part of ...our flag. 15
  16. 16. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês We have thrown away sensitivity,, politeness. Every day we are condemned to barbarism. Our future and the future of Brazil.. a nation are unforeseeable. Embaixador Arnaldo Carrilho In 1989, 35 million Brazilians voted for.. ...Fernando Collor. One of the most shameful moments in the history of Brazil. We need to keep this well in mind. In regards to cinema, ...this man exercised total brutality, ...arbitrarity extinguishing Embrafilme. And on closing a public organ, ...creates a vacuum, creates a desert. Carlos Alberto de Mattos Brazilian cinema is going through a frontier moment. A frontier between the model that went bankrupt with no appeal, ...the model of Embrafilme; cast systems, vices, privileges... ...and a new model which is being hewn out, here and now... off the press, and which we have no idea of what it will be yet. This cycle “Cineasta do Mês”, an iniciative of Corisco Filmes... ...and the Cultural Center for the Bank of Brazil with the support of the Jornal do Brasil newspaper. We are starting this cycle... with Noilton Nunes. Noilton Nunes Euclides da Cunha was sent to survey the.. between Brazil and Peru. It is the least-known area of his work. He went on this expedition as an engineer. Film “Euclides da Cunha” by Humberto Mauro At the service of the Itamaraty, he lead the expedition.. ...that explored Alto Purus. 16
  17. 17. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês Years later, he would publish a report on his mission.. ...and on several other jobs of equal importance.. ...on his adventure in Amazônia. Noilton Nunes He began writing several articles and books on the Amazon, ...yet never finished the great book... ...he hoped to write on Amazonia: A Lost Paradise. Tv Globo – Leilane Neubarth But, you know who Euclides was? Euclides was a nomad. He dreamed of going to Acre. He didn’t want to go to Paris, he wanted Acre. By boat, like the prow of a ship.. ...with the flag behind. Euclides preferred the swamps.. the Palace of Versailles. He dreamed of the backlands. To journey, journey, journey.. ...until he reached the heart of Acre. But Euclides didn´t get to know the secret of this temple. He never tasted Daime, the Ayuasca... ..hallucogenic that would bring the insight.. write another epic like “The Backlands”. Barão do Rio Branco – Arnaldo Carrilho Without a shadow of a doubt, it is the greatest area in litigation in the world. Thirty years ago, it was an inhospitable no man´s land. Our cabolclos from Ceará explored the region in search of rubber plants. They conquered these remote frontier lands well ahead of the Bolivians and the Peruvians. Euclides – Breno Moroni Minister, we know that it is not just for the sake of a few trees... ..that these lands are coveted. In addition to the latex capable of covering the wheels of all the cars... the world, there are also innumerous mineral riches and the plants.. ..that will be our new sources of energy and the medicines of the future. Conflict is inevitable. If the gleam of bayonets speaks louder than diplomatic debate, we will have a war more terrible than that with Paraguay. 17
  18. 18. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês ..and more complex than that of Canudos. Barão do Rio Branco – Arnaldo Carrilho This commission had many objectives. First, to avoid an absurd war.. ...with Peru. You’re a journalist, an acclaimed writer, engineer graduated from the Military Academy, have executed jobs of importance..., ...the bridge over the Pardo River an outstanding job. Euclides – Breno Moroni Put yourself in my place, Aninha. You know that I have long nourished the dream of this trip. I can no longer stand the sterile agitation.. ...of life in the capital. If I remain here, I will produce nothing.. ...of substance. Amazonia fascinates me. I know I will find there the theme of my new book. It is the last page written in Genesis. A Lost Paradise. Imagine, little Aninha, an other possible world.. ...springing forth in the middle of the forest, a land coveted by all. I go on a mission of peace. The Baron has named me head of the expedition. The Chief. Noilton Nunes In the Amazon, we discovered a community. This, over ten years ago.. ...when it was not yet in fashion. The Daime. Canudos was very similar to that which is Daime.. ...there inside the Amazon. The Antônio Conselheiro I saw, Antônio Conselheiro there inside the Daime. To me, Godfather Sebastian, with his immense beard, 18
  19. 19. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês ...was Antônio Conselheiro. Surviving sobrevivendo in the middle of the Amazon. Hymn of the Holy Daime given to Beto Braziliense We come and go to the seringal to film a videotape a police investigation psychoanalists, a thousand specialists, human behavior. It even seems a little strange. It is the end of all illness Or it is a poisonous broth. It is an ancient crime or the smoke kills or it is a new science Oh, Noilton film this story make television Oh, Noilton Euclides – Breno Moroni With my eyes burning from insomnia, ...a commotion overwhelms me like none I felt before ...with eyesight unhindered for the first time.. I see the Amazon in all its splendor of skies.. ..above all the excess of waters. I am trying to describe the gestation of a world, But a pencil is entirely too poor. The Amazon hides itself. The outsider contemplates it without seeing it. It only appears to him little by little, torturously. It is a grandeur that demands... ...the subtle penetration of microscopes. It is an infinite that must be dosed out. The definition of the final aspects of the Amazon ...will be the end of all natural history. Will I have the stature to describe all this... ...that appears before my eyes? Will I be able to reach the end of this arduous task... ...and yet be able to write A Lost Paradise? 19
  20. 20. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês Barão do Rio Branco – Arnaldo Carrilho “I know of no higher politics than this: The approximation of the spirits of Latin America. On the day in which we know each other well ...and our intelligences entwine, ...there will be no political surprises.. ...capable of precipitating us toward war.” Bravo, Mr. Euclides. What a fine phrase. The report is perfect. The president like it a great deal. He even asked your permission to use this phrase of yours.. a speech he will make to the Senate. Euclides – Breno Moroni You excellency, it is an honor to know that one of my phrases ...will be used in speech by our president. You, sir, know well what I think ...about author’s rights. All that we create is fruit of prior processes ...and should be at the service of all humanity. If I managed to write this fine obviousness, ...I can only thank.. ...the many sources of thought ...from which I previously imbibed. Padrinho Sebastião So within a month, I opened up nine highways. In May, in June, I went there, Opened nine roads. As a result of this staying here.. ...or there, I came to rest. And since everything was finished here, right? ... Since everything was ready... All the houses you are seeing there... ...were built within a year. Twelve months. In addition to all those around and about. 20
  21. 21. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês Alfredo Gregório de Melo Something that the Santa Maria also gave us.. ...the strength so we could follow our steps.. ...was in the family education.. ...with its understanding that each take on responsibility.. ...and answer for it. Abelão – Quim Negro Ah, now I remember. Sir, you had a little sister, didn´t you? Euclides – Breno Moroni Of course, Abelão. Adélia. Abelão – Quim Negro Now I remember you as a child. Euclides – Breno Moroni I am without words to describe what I feel. To find a slave from the Saudade Fazenda, childhood home… in the middle of the Amazon jungle... Please continue. Abelão – Quim negro Sir, perhaps you remember when my brother, Leto, came back from the war. He looked like a ghost. Euclides – Noilton Nunes 21
  22. 22. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês The Judas is made as always, ...a pair of trousers, an old shirt.. ...crudely sewn up, ...filled with straw and rags. And the monster, slowly, slowly, in an insensitive transfiguration.. ...becomes a man.. The sertanejo carved the damned thing in his own image. The river that flows past his door is a highway.. ...for the entire region. And Judas advances unhurriedly ...down the middle of the river. And the nearest neighbors.. ...who gather noisily on the tops of the embankments.. catch glimpses of him, loudly saluting with repeated rifle volleys in the sendoff. The bullets ripple the liquid surface, ruffling it, ...nailing the raft, splintering it. They hit the terrible crewman, ...piercing him through. Leila Richers Euclides describes the jungle with the same precision.. ...with which he had described the backlands. fantastic, marvelous landscapes.. ...that provoke vertigo in the observer, ...oscillating between disillusion and bedazzlement, ...between horror and ecstasy, ...between a vision of hell and of paradise. The Peruvian and even the Brazilian members.. ...of the expeditions, were impressed on seeing Euclides writing incessantly.. his small hand, about everything that took place.. ...during the trip. He denounced the slave labor.. ...that existed in the seringais of Purus and Juruá, ...describing the rubber plantations as.. ...”the most criminal organization of labor”, ...a diabolical paradise, a prison without walls, which man is chained to his debts, ...and works to become enslaved. The roads that lead to the seringueiras are like ...tentacles of an immense octopus. 22
  23. 23. A Paz é Dourada – versão em inglês A monstruous and expressive image ...of a tortured society. Euclides spent over a year traveling throughout the Amazon, ...and when he returned home, found Ana involved ...with an Army cadet. Hell took over his daily life ...and he was unable to synthesize his impressions ...on the Amazon ...into the book, “ A Lost Paradise”. On a rainy Sunday in August of 1909, the suburb of Piedade in Rio de Janeiro, the duel with Ana’s lover, Dilermando, .. Euclides dies. Tv Globo – Leilane Neubarth Euclides disappeared. He was spoken of when his last remains were taken to São José do Rio Pardo in the interior of São Paulo. His brain remained at Cantagalo. What madness: One city with the bones, the other with the mind. The history of Canudos, ...the story of Antônio Conselheiro, ...the story of “Os Sertões” is trapped ...inside a book, but there are people wanting to set it free a film, on screen. “Os Sertões” should gain new frontiers. Noilton Nunes It is an historical film. It is a film of love. The End Versão em inglês: Kate Lyra IMAGINE FILMES 23