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NUR1022 September, 2012


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NUR1022 September, 2012

  1. 1. NUR1022Finding the evidenceA. Patricia AyalaGerstein Science Information CentreSeptember 18,
  2. 2. Learning Objectives 1. Learn how to develop a searchable question 2. Learn the methodology behind conducting a systematic search of the literature 3. Learn where and how to find Systematic Reviews
  3. 3. For your assignmentYou need to:a) See if a systematic review has been conducted on your topicb) Conduct a systematic search of the literaturec) Manage your resultsd) Write it up
  4. 4. Psst! Bookmark this!
  5. 5. Find out if we have something using the catalogue or e-resources directory.
  6. 6. Jump into one of our suggestedHealth-Science databases
  7. 7. Use the nursing starting point tobrowse nursing resources.(Note also Medicine, Pharmacy,Clinical EBM starting points).
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Question FormulationVERY ImportantGood questions will – Focus/clarify your information need – Give you some idea of where to look for information – Give you searching concepts and terms
  10. 10. P I C O StructureP Patient/Population/ProblemI InterventionC ComparisonO OutcomeT Type of Study
  11. 11. Question ScenarioYou work on a general medical floor. Many patients with congestive heart failure are readmitted after they go home from the hospital. You think that if there was better coordination of care and patient education before the patient went home many of these readmissions could be prevented. You want to find if there are evidence-based nursing interventions that can reduce the rate of hospital readmission for heart failure.
  12. 12. PICO Model or StructureP Congestive Heart Failure OR CHFI Care Coordination OR Patient EducationC Usual careO ReadmissionT Randomized Controlled Trial OR RCT OR Cohort study
  13. 13. Your search question What is the effect of patient education and/or care co- ordination on readmissions for patients with CHF?
  14. 14. Study types for question typesDiagnosis prospective cohort study with good quality validation against “gold standard”Therapy randomized controlled clinical trial (RCT)Etiology/ RCT, cohort or case-control studyHarm (probably retrospective)Prognosis prospective cohort study
  15. 15. Systematic Search of the Literature1. Choose database(s)2. Search concepts separately and include synonyms for your concepts3. Find subject headings – Scope note, tree1. Use keywords / textwords as well2. Combine using OR / AND as appropriate3. Apply limits4. Revise5. Export to RefWorks
  16. 16. Databases of interest • Medline (OVID) • CINAHL • EMBASE • PsycInfo • Scopus and the list goes on…
  17. 17. Practice time!
  18. 18. Group Code - RWToronto
  19. 19. Practice time!
  20. 20. Systematic reviews• Synthesis of all high quality research on a topic, carried out using very rigorous and repeatable methods• Cochrane Library is most well known source• PubMed Systematic Reviews Search – Access via Gerstein• See examples of methods sections in the Cochrane Library
  21. 21. Practice time!
  22. 22. Your questions? Patricia 416.978.6778