Study Abroad Barcelona: Number 1 for American Students


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Barcelona is listed as one of the top places for students to study abroad.

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Study Abroad Barcelona: Number 1 for American Students

  1. 1. Study Abroad Barcelona: Number 1 for American StudentsWhen given the opportunity to study abroad in any city, anywhere in the world, how does onedecide? Usually, students do their research and narrow it down to which areas offer the bestall-round experience. It may come as no surprise that Spain, and in particular Barcelona, bothcome out on top time after time. According to, Spain is currently home toapproximately 25,000 American ‘study abroad’ students.CEA Global Education has stated that Barcelona remains the most popular destination forstudents studying abroad, despite the fact that the company offers programs worldwide. Manyof the third party organizations that offer study abroad options, such as API (AcademicPrograms International), IES (International Education of Students) Abroad and CSA (Center forStudy Abroad) have more than one program available in Barcelona. For example, CIEE has 8different programs just in Barcelona!Why is Barcelona the Best?Barcelona is the cosmopolitan capital of Europe. It has been a major cultural center since theMiddle Ages and attracts thousands of tourists and ex-pats from around the world. AlthoughMadrid is a popular option for those looking to study abroad, many students choose Barcelonabecause it has the unique experience offered by Catalonia, as well as a superb location on theMediterranean coast. In addition, it has multiple beaches, fantastic nightlife and a vast displayof modernism art by famous architects such as Antoni Gaudí. Its independent, vibrant anddiverse culture also adds to its charm, making Barcelona the ideal study abroad location. Byliving in the city, students are able to meet Spanish and international students, and develop adeeper knowledge of what it means to be a citizen of the world.Apartment BarcelonaThe students that choose Barcelona as their destination for study, will certainly need to findaccommodation in which they will feel comfortable and at home. For many, it will be their firsttime away from family and friends, and a safe environment in a location suited to their needsis a must. Apartment Barcelona has over 500 apartments in the city to choose from, allowingstudents to select their ideal home-away-from-home from a range of Barcelona apartments.From Las Ramblas apartments to beach apartments in Barcelona, those coming to the city fora number of months will have access to modern accommodation in the right location for them,not to mention helpful agency staff that is more than happy to assist them in finding theperfect apartment in Barcelona.