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Apartment Barcelona Increases Range of Long-Term Rentals in Barcelona


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Apartment Barcelona has expanded its amount of long term rentals in the Catalan capital. With a wide variety of apartments all over the city, Apartment Barcelona offers the ideal and safe temporary home for students considering study abroad, or those taking an extended trip to Barcelona.

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Apartment Barcelona Increases Range of Long-Term Rentals in Barcelona

  1. 1. Apartment Barcelona Increases Range of Long-Term Rentals in BarcelonaApartment Barcelona is a leading apartment rental company based in the capital of Catalonia.With more than 600 apartments to rent in total, the TripAdvisor-recommended agency hasrecently expanded its range of Barcelona apartments available for monthly and long-termrentals. Now offering over 200 apartments for long-term stays, the company is hoping to reachmore potential clients who are looking to move abroad.Apartment Barcelona has more than 5 years of experience in the industry, and specializes inholiday rentals. The company offers a wide variety of apartments to rent for short-term staysin the city center, and recently increased its selection of beach apartments in Barcelona forthe 2012 summer season. With an increase in study abroad enrollment of up to 30% annuallyat the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (source: UAB), Apartment Barcelona’s boost innumber and variety of monthly rental apartments in Barcelona, as well as apartments forsale, will allow those looking to stay in Barcelona for a semester or two the opportunity to findthe right temporary home for them.Moving to BarcelonaThe Catalan capital is a big hit with those looking to live overseas, and many are attracted byits Mediterranean lifestyle and cosmopolitan atmosphere. A popular spot for students whoseek a memorable study abroad program, Barcelona welcomes thousands of scholars annuallyfrom different regions of Spain, as well as other countries. With more than 64 organizationsoffering over 160 educational courses, ranging from linguistic to architectural studies, the cityof Barcelona ensures that every student will find the educational program best suited to theirneeds. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, the leading educational institute in Barcelona, hasan abundance of international students, with scholars from the United States making up 65%-70% of the study abroad population, although an increase in enrollment by students fromChina and South Korea is expected.Apartment BarcelonaMaking the move abroad can be nerve-racking, and for many students, this will be their firsttime away from family and friends, therefore a safe environment in a location suited to theirneeds is a must. Apartment Barcelona has over 200 long-term rental apartments in the city tochoose from, allowing students to select their ideal home-away-from-home from a range ofBarcelona accommodation. From Las Ramblas apartments to beach apartments in Barcelona,those coming to the city for a number of months will have access to modern accommodationin the right location for them, not to mention a helpful agency staff that is more than happy toassist them in finding the perfect apartment in Barcelona. For more information, please