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Water Metering in a 111 Unit Apartment Complex - ApartmentADDA


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This SlideShare was presented by Sridhar B, the President of Ashoka Windows & Annexe who installed water meters for all 110 Flats, brought fresh hope during "The water workshop for Apartment Communities " organized by ApartmentADDA.

He explains about the need for water metering, the challenges involved in installing them.
He also briefs on a detailed case study that was done on several apartments regarding the water metering,the approval for the installation, planning, precautions, implementation and maintenance.

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  • Hi Sridhar,
    Information is very useful. We would like know few details which will help us do to for few apartment buildings in our area.
    Pls let me know - whom to get in touch on that.
    Thanks, Bala (
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Water Metering in a 111 Unit Apartment Complex - ApartmentADDA

  1. 1. Ashoka windowsApartment of 111flatsWith all amenitieslike gym,partyhall, swimming pooletc
  2. 2. COMMITTEE We are committee of 13 members Each member has their own department Department includes security,HK,generator, lift etc We meet every week to update the status of each department
  3. 3. NEED Cost reduction on maintenance Examined the major expense factor 70% of total expense was towards water Explored various ways to reduce cost Never worked around less than 65% Needed a means to measure water usage
  4. 4. CHALLENGES Logical  To convince people the need of water usage measuring system  Collecting the money towards it Technical  Which kind of system to install  Whether the system will be foolproof  Individual flat usage to be recorded  How to re-lay the existing plumbing system
  5. 5. STUDY Visited several apartments and decided to go for water metering system Due to building architecture ended up with three meters per flat Installation cost and maintenance overhead Did a detailed study and came down to one meter per flat How to improve the life of meters overcoming water hammer effect increases life Usage of Y strainers Usage of u tube principle Cost per flat calculated Return on investment(ROI)
  6. 6. U TUBE Implementation
  7. 7. APPROVAL Called for an SGBM Detailed the needs and the study conducted  All the existing GI pipes will be replaced  Improved water flow to every floors  Each flat owner will be responsible for their own usage  Water disruption will be one day in one line per flat  Disconnecting the water to maintenance defaulters becomes easy  Within 20 months of operation the investment can be taken back
  8. 8. PLANNING Estimated the materials needed for all flats Explored different quotations for the materials to be used Negotiated with different vendors for quotes Prepared a schedule for the entire apartment Sketch showing how the pipes to be laid Planned to protect the meters physically from rain and suns Planned to handle the water disruption during the process Planned to charge the residents for their usage
  9. 9. PRECAUTIONS Money  Whenever we reach a collection of 3L we FD the amount for 7 days with auto renewal  This will yield us interest as well safety to the money collected Risk  Risk of life in involved in this implementation  We insured the plumber working with us  Provided helmet for his safety
  10. 10. IMPLEMENTATION Started one section as prototype. One week time for residents feedback After consolidating the feedback, started the full phase. Had an xls to monitor the daily usage of materials Informed water disruption to the respective flats everyday before starting the work. Guided the plumber to do as per the drawing Continuously monitored the progress
  11. 11. IMPLEMENTATION continued All pipes were laid 6” above the terrace floor to allow rain water to drain Provided support to all the pipes with bricks Constructed a chamber for all meters to safeguard them
  12. 12. MAINTENANCE We have 4 spare meters in case any meter malfunctions Recorded the meter readings for one month Calculated the unit price per litre Arrived at an average usage per flat per month A tariff has created being the average as pivot Flats usage crossing this pivot will be charged double the unit price
  13. 13. MAINTENANCE continued Meter reading will be recorded every 15 days Every month bills will be generated on the actual usage per month + base cost Base cost includes expenses for other operations like security, house keeping, AMC’s etc. Bills will be dropped in all mail boxes before 1st of every month The maintenance should be paid before 5th of every month