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Various activities for domestic staff welfare


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From Oceanus Heights, Trivandrum, Mr Ramji spoke about how centralizing various activities like renting and selling out apartments, selling of newspapers, household articles helped them create a central fund for the association. This fund is given out as a bonus during the festive season – Onam. As a reciprocation of the gesture, the staff also contributed the bonus to the Kerala Flood relief Initiatives, along with residents this year.

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Various activities for domestic staff welfare

  1. 1. Oceanus Heights Owners Association Oceanus Heights, Karyavattom, Trivandrum, Kerala 695581 OHOA Presented for ADDA Rise High Awards 2018
  2. 2. More than 50% of the apartment owners are investors and settled abroad. They hugely rely on Caretakers and Security Guards The Caretakers and Security Guards tend to become Brokers and commission agents to rent and sell flats. More often than not, they tend to drive their own agenda to earn higher commission 01 02 03 0401 02 03 0401 02 03 04 OHOA The Problems we faced
  3. 3. News-papers, household articles for scrap sale is also centrally taken care by the staff who sells and moves the money into the welfare pot. Rs.10000 for every sales and Rs.5000 for every move in. Association members are also encouraged to contribute to this fund to support the staff community Amount is centrally accounted in the staff welfare budget and given out as bonus during the festive season- Onam Legalized the real estate process. The Association centrally handles the renting and selling out apartments with a fixed charge. The Solution we implemented OHOA
  4. 4. Owner’s Requests are handled appropriately by OHOA staff Owners Register with OHOA for availing the service Owners and Third party renting out / purchasing comes to agreement OHOA fulfils the move in requirements OHOA gets informed Owner pays OHOA for the service OHOA accounts the money in Staff Welfare account OHOA distributes bonuses to Staff during specific occasions The process flow OHOA
  5. 5. Achievements from the implementation ✓This is a win-win process for the apartment owners and the staff This is a very inclusive approach and the staff turn out to be ambassadors of the community The working staff is actually contracted but they all feel a part of the community and they feel included in the community developments and celebrations ✓The biggest achievement is that we were able to support a caretakers spouse with almost one lac of rupees to support her cancer treatment. OHOA
  6. 6. • This festival season has seen a lot of smiles with every staff including cleaners, security. • All of them walking with some decent money from the collected pot… Smiling Staffs OHOA
  7. 7. • Staff contributed themselves from their bonus to the Kerala Flood relief Initiatives, along with residents Care for Social Cause OHOA
  8. 8. OHOA