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Implementation of composting in Matoshree’s Pearl CHS Ltd, Mumbai


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Mr Satish Kini, from Matoshree’s Pearl CHS Ltd, Mumbai, winner of the Rise High Awards under the category waste management spoke about how they garnered consent and commitment of their residents for implementation of composting in their apartment complex. He mentioned, “The real issue is not technology or composting methods, the real issue is people’s mindset. What is important is communication. You have to make people know that you are doing something good. We conducted 7-8 awareness workshops. We had more than 120 residents, children, housekeeping staff who participated in the initiative.”

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Implementation of composting in Matoshree’s Pearl CHS Ltd, Mumbai

  1. 1. Satish Kini Member, Mngt Committee Matoshree’s Pearl CHS Ltd Mahim, Mumbai Royal Orchid Hotel ADDA Rise High Awards 2018 8th Sept 2018 From Dusty Concrete Tower To A Green Clean Society
  2. 2. • Over 15 million people •8000 tonnes of Solid Waste / day • 2500 tonnes construction waste/day • MCGM operates fleet of 983 vehicles •1400 trips per day • 30,000 Manpower Employed • Annual Budget over 200 crore 4 RUR GREENLIFE PVT. LTD Mumbai – A grim picture
  3. 3. DUMPING in Landfills is regularly practised for the waste collected on a daily basis. •Three landfills in Mumbai. •Mixed untreated waste dumped everyday. •Multiple fires at the Deonar Dumping Ground • Adding to pollution and health hazards 5 RUR GREENLIFE PVT. LTD Mountains of waste
  4. 4. A. Bulk Waste Generator means and includes buildings occupied by the Central government departments or undertakings, State government departments or undertakings, local bodies, public sector undertakings or private companies, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, colleges, universities, other educational institutions, hostels, hotels, commercial establishments, markets, places of worship, stadia and sports complexes having an average waste generation rate exceeding 100kg per day. B. Waste Generator means and includes every person or group of persons, every residential premises and non-residential establishments including Indian Railways, defense establishments, which generate solid waste. C. Duties of Waste Generator A. Practice segregation of waste into bio–degradable, non-biodegradable (recyclable and combustible), sanitary waste and domestic hazardous wastes at source B. Practice composting, vermi-composting, bio-gas generation or community level composting. Government Mandate 8 RUR GREENLIFE PVT. LTD
  5. 5. Transforming Matoshree’s Pearl CHS
  6. 6. • A. Bare dusty concrete 22 storied tower with 65 flats handed over by builder to society after having delayed CC by 5 years B. Puzzle parking with 38 parking spaces non functional . Leading to disputes on allocations of parking spaces. C. Problems with 4 high speed lifts D. Problem with leakages due to faulty balcony design E. Provisional Management Committee members resigned en-mass after one year unable to take pressure F. New Mngt Committee was forced to be formed under extreme conditions G. Pledged to do our best to create Model Green Society subject to cooperation 10 RUR GREENLIFE PVT. LTD Awareness workshop by RuR ‘s experts Looking back …..Aug 2016
  7. 7. • A. Action Taken in first 3-4 months B. First step was replacing Tube lights and CFLs lights with appropriate LED lighting . Resulted in savings of Rs 40000+ pm form 3rd month. C. Introduced comprehensive safety to members with CCTV cameras , Gates and other safety accessories. D. Activated one puzzle parking system releasing 10 extra parking places thus easing difficulties to many . E. Used Whatsapp for regular positive communication and Quaterly newsletter F. All these actionswon the confidence and appreciation of most members and ensured cooperation …… 11 RUR GREENLIFE PVT. LTD Awareness workshop by RuR ‘s experts Year 1 : Early wins
  8. 8. • A. Identified good consultants and wet waste solution solution provider RuR Greenlife for our Go Green initiative B. 7-8 Awareness workshops for all society residents, housemaids and children C. Conducted waste audit of households D. Appoint volunteers/ Green Champs and simple protocols to monitor E. Train housekeeping staff and supervisor on daily processes F. Jointly with RuR, decided on our terrace to be the best location to install the Green Gold Bio Composters . G. Organize green garbage bin liners and colored bins for wet-waste , dry waste and trash and set up collection process H. Start 3 bin segregation in every household I. Go LIVE on Oct 2 2017 Swacchtha Divas …… 12 Awareness workshop by RuR ‘s experts Year 2 : Go Green
  9. 9. Process at Matoshree Pearl 13 RUR GREENLIFE PVT. LTD Collection Checking Weighing Balance HarvestingCuringReward
  10. 10. 14 RUR GREENIFE PVT. LTD Stats at Matoshree’s Pearl •60 families generate avg 70 kg waste daily. ✓25 kg of wet waste composted ✓10 kg of dry waste recycled ✓35 kg trashed ( includes coconut shells etc) •60 kg of organic compost produced monthly •Currently Recycle 50% of waste generated . •Approx 80 kg Reduced Carbon footprint and GHG emissions annually •Created Organic Vegetable Farm and Terrace garden •Created green and colorful driveways and entrance. Matoshree’s Go Green Project launched on Oct 2,2017
  11. 11. 8 Months later- Inauguration by BMC Corporator on May 1, 2018 - 15 RUR GREENLIFE PVT. LTD
  12. 12. On May 1, 2018 On Maharashtra Divas , BMC corporator Ms Sheetal Gambhir inaugurates Matoshree’s Pearl wet waste composting and terrace garden Media Coverage •Featured in Hindustan Times on 7th May 2018 under the section Green Heroes https:// •Article in Digital magazine Better India issue dated June 1, 2018 kg-waste-develop-community-garden/story-ZVEBx3mpbxC53gUKfouwFO.html •Featured in Zee Tv 24 Taas Marathi News on 5th May 2018 16 RUR GREENLIFE PVT. LTD RuR & Matoshree’s Pearl in the News ! own-organic-food
  13. 13. Green Champions of Matoshree’s Pearl RUR works closely with the housekeeping staff and the Green Champions of the Society/School/Corporate to ensure the smooth running of the process, and for Motivating residents for sustained segregation at source The Green Champions 22 RUR GREENLIFE PVT. LTD
  14. 14. A cleaner greener Matoshree’s Pearl 24 RUR GREENLIFE PVT. LTD
  15. 15. 25 RUR GREENLIFE PVT. LTD A cleaner greener Matoshree Pearl
  16. 16. Matoshree’s Pearl Driveways 26 RUR GREENLIFE PVT. LTD
  22. 22. • Thank you Q & A 32 Awareness workshop by RuR ‘s experts Looking forward …