ApartmentADDA - Management tools for Residential Complexes in India


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ApartmentAdda is the leading online software for Management, Accounting and Communication in Residential complexes in India.

It includes features
• Manage Users
• Admin Forum
• Admin Files
• HelpDesk Tracker
• Projects, Meetings & Tasks
• Assets & Inventory Tracker
• Secret Ballot
• Admin Reports
• Maintenance Contacts
• Move In/Out Tracker
• Setup ADDA Profile
• Domestic Staff Manager
• Visitor & Staff Attendance Tracker
• Parking Manager

Presenting here the Management tools of ApartmentAdda.
Check the link here

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ApartmentADDA - Management tools for Residential Complexes in India

  1. 1. Web-based software for Communication, Management and Accounting in Residential Communities MANAGEMENT TOOLS Copyright © 2010 apartmentadda.com. All Rights Reserved. 3Five8 Technologies Private Limited
  2. 2. Optimal set of Management tools Day-to-day Operations Long-Running Projects & Issues Preventive Maintenance Premium Applications, for advanced Associations
  3. 3. Administrating the Residents Database - EASY! Add / Approve / Deactivate Resident Accounts Selective Admin Access to Management Committee Add Office Staff, unlimited View Usage Statistics – Number of Logins, Invalid Email-Ids etc. For more features, go to www.apartmentadda.com/features
  4. 4. Smooth Tracking & Handover of Long-Running Projects Track Long running Projects such as Rain Water Harvesting etc. Assign Responsibility and Status Update Work-in-progress notes. Notes saved with the author and date automatically For more features, go to www.apartmentadda.com/features
  5. 5. Bring visibility to Assets, reduce the Breakdowns! Virtual Asset Book - Asset name, Tag number, Purchase Price & Date, scanned documents etc. AMC / Spare Part providers assigned to each Asset Set up Preventive Maintenance schedule, Email/SMS Reminders. View all Complaints raised against each Asset (e.g., all A-Block Lift disruptions) For more features, go to www.apartmentadda.com/features
  6. 6. Happy Residents, Happy Staff! Online Complaint Register – raise complaints related to Individual Flat or Common Area. Automatic Job-sheets generated Collect single-click Feedback on Closed Complaints Mine Intelligence from Complaint Reports. For more features, go to www.apartmentadda.com/features
  7. 7. Tracking the Eco-system within your complex Directory of all Domestic Staff – Maids, Drivers, Cooks etc. Details such as Badge Number, Phone number, Email, Address, Photograph can be stored for each staff member N-to-N Assignment Easy and efficient Search Facility For more features, go to www.apartmentadda.com/features
  8. 8. Intelligence. Reports from all Management and Accounting Applications. Examples: Residents List, Vehicle Report, Maintenance Fee defaulters, Invalid E-Mail Ids, Cash Flow report, Expense report, Domestic Staff Report Any report can be published to the Notice Board with single click, so they can be shared with all residents. For more features, go to www.apartmentadda.com/features
  9. 9. Other Management Apps: To know about the above, please go to www.apartmentadda.com>Features
  10. 10. Register your Apartment Complex / Villa Complex on www.apartmentadda.com Start utilizing the Basic Package right away!