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ApartmentADDA: Everything About Apartment Elevators / Lifts - Safety, Servicing, Modernisation and Compliance


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Elevator, commonly known as Lift, has become an essential element in day to day Apartment living. In this extensive Slideshare we will cover in details the following topics:

• Various Do’s and Don’ts related to Elevators
• Precautions you should take during Monsoons
• Servicing Elevators in Apartments and Modernization
• Lift Accessories

This slideshare also explains in detail through the various aspects of Apartment Lift Usage, which will help to improve its operation performance, check the safety aspect of elevator and increase life of elevators, it covers in brief the common terms and acronyms used in relation to Lifts, types of lifts and safety systems present in Lifts.

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ApartmentADDA: Everything About Apartment Elevators / Lifts - Safety, Servicing, Modernisation and Compliance

  1. 1.  Safety  Servicing  Modernization  Compliance
  2. 2. Common Lift Terms • Shaft: RCC structure in which elevator moves up and down • Cabin/Car: Steel enclosure of elevator in which passengers travel • COP: Car operating panel, a panel inside car which is used to give command to elevator to move to particular panel • LOP / HOP: Landing operating panel or Hall operating panel, a push button in lobby which is provided to call elevator to particular floor • Landing: Any typical floor of building where passengers move in and out of the elevator • MPS: Meters per second, used for defining speed of the elevator.
  3. 3. Presently, most lifts in apartments are of the below two types: • Down collective:  Lift Moves up : Based on Landing call  Lift Moves down : Stops at multiple floors irrespective of the landing call • Full collective:  Lift Moves up : Up direction button is pressed  Lift Moves down : Down direction button is pressed Elevators Controller Types
  4. 4. Safety Systems in Elevators • Over speed governor • Over travel protection • Door & door lock • Overload sensor • Light curtain • Automatic Rescue device • Emergency Alarm • Intercom
  5. 5. Do’s • Keep a check on  Safety devices like intercom, emergency bell and light curtain on regular basis  Noise of levelling of lifts on floor  Operation of the fireman switch • Insist on maintenance report detailing • Insist on Annual health report checking the condition of  Sheave, machine, safety action, governor operation, over travel limit setting, condition of traveling cable, and all safety circuits • Visit the machine room once in few months Don’ts • Never allow kids to play near lift area • Never push extra water into lift shaft  While cleaning or washing the lift  At the time of testing the fire water system • Never try to force open or close the landing door • Don’t operate multiple elevators in group control • Don’t press multiple buttons if the lift is full collective type • In case of emergency do not try to take action yourself and its best to seek professional help Apartment Elevators Do’s and Don’ts
  6. 6. • Waterproof your elevator pit • Proper protection of machine room is essential • Ensure no water ingress in staircase from building terrace Note : If water is inside your elevator pit, it is essential to switch off your apartment elevator Monsoon Precautions
  7. 7. • Comprehensive maintenance contract • Semi comprehensive contract • Oiling and greasing contract. Types of apartment lift service contracts
  8. 8. Critical elements which are subject to more wear and tear • Machine (Including motor and gear in cased of geared) • Main sheave, deflector pulleys, car top pulley as applicable for system • Main ropes • Car and Landing doors • Door operating motor • Car guide shoes • Governor Sensitive components • Main controller • Door motor controller • Variable frequency drives • Door motor controller • Landing and car buttons • Landing and car display • ARD controller • Battery • Intercom Apartment Lift Components
  9. 9. • Routine maintenance  Call buttons, display, levelling of elevator, Intercom, ARD, Light, door operation • Preventive maintenance  Ropes, Breaks, Car guides shoes, Rails • Major repair and replacement  Mechanical components on visual inspection  Electronic Components on regular testing • Breakdown repairs  Replacement & repair of particular parts Aspects of Apartment Lift Maintenance
  10. 10. • Frequency of visit • Response time to breakdown • The activities which will be performed during annual inspection Clauses to check carefully in an AMC
  11. 11. • Track the number of Breakdowns • Notice the ride quality • Check the smooth function of the automatic doors opening and closing • Response time from service provider • Knowledge of Technician • Breakdown data and replacement of parts • Annual inspection certificate Tips to monitor service quality
  12. 12. Considerations • Increase in speed • Keep the civil work minimum • Ensure to choose the original company make for modernization • Keep the modernization period finalized (since it calls for shutdown of elevator) • Avoid monsoon for modernization Effects of Modernization • Increase in Annual Maintenance cost • Unsafe conditions for Residents • Difficulty in Material Storage and material movement • Noise • More electricity consumption • Proper Maintenance is essential Modernization
  13. 13. • Voice announcer • Braille Signage on Buttons • Intercom • GSM Intercom • Multimedia Display • Access Control System • CCTV inside Elevator • Air Conditioner Lift Accessories
  14. 14. Thank You. India’s #1 Apartment Management and Society Accounting Tool