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Google glass seminar presentation


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Google Glass is the attempt to make wearable computing mainstream, and it's effectively a smart pair of glasses with an integrated heads-up display and a battery hidden inside the frame

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Google glass seminar presentation

  1. 1. By, Aparna.N.K Roll.No:1 S3 MCA
  2. 2.  Introduction  Components  Operating System  How Google Glass work?  What makes it work?  Applications  Advantages  Disadvantages
  3. 3.  Google Glass is the attempt to make wearable computing mainstream, and it's effectively a smart pair of glasses with an integrated heads- up display and a battery hidden inside the frame.
  4. 4.  Camera : The Glass camera seems to be of typical Smartphone-level size and format. It is not coaxially aligned with the wearer's eye. Photos - 5 MP, videos - 720p
  5. 5.  Display : Prism projector, 640×360 pixels (equivalent of a 25 in/64 cm screen from 8 ft/2.4 m away).
  6. 6.  Touchpad: A touchpad is located on the side of Google Glass, allowing users to control the device by swiping through a timeline-like interface displayed on the screen. Components….
  7. 7.  Sound: Google Glass use Bone conduction transducer. Bone conduction is the conduction of sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull.
  8. 8.  Input: Other than touchpad Google Glass use Voice command through microphone, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor… as input. Components…
  9. 9.  Android 4.1 Jelly Bean: The list of new features the android system is used for Google project glass. The new update of Android, version 4.4 kitkat is also known to be used.
  10. 10. Google Glass contains the fundamental bits of any computer, including a CPU, sensors such as GPS, speakers, microphone and battery, to which are added a tiny projector and a prism that redirects the light onto your retina. Generally it uses voice recognition technology to access the menu.
  11. 11.  THE MENU: It seems Google has managed to get Glass to listen you at all times.
  12. 12.  Google Glass menu overview: 1. Google... 2. take a picture 3. record a video 4. get directions to...
  13. 13. 1.Google… Google is the first and most diverse voice command. The ellipses (...) after the command indicate that you can follow it up with sub- commands.. 2. Take a picture: Snapping images with Glass should be an extremely rewarding and spontaneous experience – after all you can snap images everywhere almost instantly.
  14. 14. 3. Record a video Recording a video is another great examples where the hands-free nature of Google Glass shines. What makes Glass different from most head-mounted cameras though is its cellular connectivity and ability to instantly share the captured footage.
  15. 15. 4. Get directions to... With Google Maps in the corner of your eye at all times you can easily navigate yourself while driving, cycling, walking. Again, having your display head-mounted and your hands free is the greatest advantage to Glass.
  16. 16.  Start Tap: To start using Google Glass, you tap the frame of the glasses and you’re taken to the home screen.
  17. 17.  You can make calls via Glass From the demo videos that Google has uploaded on the Web, Google Glasses can be used to make calls by simply talking to the device. If you want to call a friend, simply say "OK, glass, call my friend, Shan" and it initiates a call.
  18. 18.  Take a picture After you issue the order ‘OK Glass’, you can instruct the glasses to do something specific by saying something like ‘take a picture’. That’s it.
  19. 19.  Record video Same goes with video. With Google Glass, you can record what you see without moving a finger.
  20. 20.  Share what you see Now this is what we call serious sharing – actually sharing what you see with your friends (it’s not clear at this early stage whether Google Glass will be able to feed them a live video stream, but this is inevitable).
  21. 21.  Find your way Lost? No problem, you have your very own super GPS navigating device to guide you along in the right direction
  22. 22.  Translate Google Glass will able to read and translate any text you see, which makes them an absolute boon for travelers. For travelers, Google Glass will be a revolution, going a long way to removing language barriers.
  23. 23.  Your info butler One of the key features of Google Glass is their awareness of where you are and what you’re looking at, at all times. It means they can anticipate your needs and flash up information that’s going to be relevant to you.
  24. 24.  Google Glass is strong and light for everyday use: Glass is so light and inconspicuous that nobody will be able to tell that you are interacting with a computer screen
  25. 25.  You can't make Google Glass like Google: If you like the sleek ornamental design of Glass and looking to create your own set to sell, too bad because Google has already patented the design and look. This will help protect the technology and discourage people faking Glass.
  26. 26.  Google Glass can let you know how fast you are driving Glass is amazing not only in identifying your current location but can also let you know how fast you are driving or biking without disconnecting or disengaging from the physical world.
  27. 27.  its really useful  a better option for a smart phone  you can use it while doing day to day activities  capturing video or image is more effective  sharing is easy  can use internet and social networking easily
  28. 28.  there may be obstacle while watching something  Due to pop up adds and notification regular obstacle during day to day life  As display is too near to the eyeball it may cause serious damage to eyeball .
  29. 29. Thus we have overlook a new upcoming device which is going to be released in market by the end of 2014 and which will be revolutionary device called as a Google project glass. This device will change the meaning of a technology, this device will change the medium of communication and will be popular within a few years.
  30. 30. … ???