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Integrated marketing strategy for Ubi Interactive


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This is an integrated marketing plan for a Seattle based software company. The strategy explores measures to increase social media engagement, organic search engine optimization and improve overall brand voice with the goal to increase sales.

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Integrated marketing strategy for Ubi Interactive

  1. 1. UBI-INTERACTIVE A software that can turn any surface into a touch screen
  2. 2. ISSUES • Lack of Brand Awareness • Stagnant Sales • Complicated Pricing Structure • No Marketing Strategy • Organization Goal: Increase Brand Awareness • Marketing Goal – Deliver a cost effective Marketing Strategy with recommendations on  Pricing Structure  Target Segments  Brand Voice and Messaging  Social Media Strategy GOALS
  3. 3. Competitive and Comparative Analysis
  4. 4. Potential Target – Retail Stores THE WHY • Mix the ease of online shopping with real- time shopping gratification • Engage Shoppers with interactive content • Demand - Record breaking 1.3 million sales in 2013 for interactive whiteboards and flat panel displays THE HOW • Car dealership waiting areas to raise product awareness • Social media tag boards during big sale events • Interactive games in toy stores/departments • Feature videos of top designer trends
  5. 5. THE WORLD IS YOUR TOUCH SCREEN Mix of Rational & Emotional Appeal NEW TAGLINE
  6. 6. Brand Voice Spectrum • Keep it Simple – Fun – Inspiring • Talk human to human, NOT business to business • Develop a style guideline that is followed across all platforms and campaigns
  7. 7. Proposed Distribution Plan Current Distribution Ubi Website Proposed Dynamic Distribution Ubi Website Microsoft Stores Direct Sales Social Media Events and Trade Shows
  8. 8. Messaging & Positioning Framework Message 1 SIMPLE Message 2 VALUE • Hassle-free set- up. • Cutting-edge technology and simple enough for a child. • High experiential quality for user and spectator. • Unique product at a great price. • It is not a hardware, but a lifelong software with great customer service. • Microsoft vouched for it! Target Audience  Consumers: Digital Natives and Millennial  Buyer: Educators, Innovation Head at Government Agencies, Small & medium scale Enterprisers, Retail Managers (25- 39 years) Positioning  Digital: Creating brand awareness, unique product with a promising future in the touch-screen market  Positioning the product as one with endless possibilities: Desired Takeaways  An larger than life experience for everyone  Great product at affordable price
  9. 9. At-a-Glance What is the most differentiating idea that will attract the customer? Ubi-interactive gives a unique experience by empowering the user to transform any surface into an interactive touch screen. Tension What is the psychological pain point(s) in the buyer’s mind? Cutting edge technology is either too expensive or too complicated Question What can we do to change this mindset? • Show the buyer how simple it to use the software – even a child can use it. • Price comparison advertising Talk-Value What about the product or the brand can help us start a conversation with the buyer? • Potential player in the future of ubiquitous interactive displays • Approved by Microsoft • Hassle-free technology (no cables/wires etc.) • Easy portable and minimum liability (of damages) in comparison to display screen Proposed Creative Brief
  10. 10. Integrated Marketing Strategy INBOUND • Content Marketing  Blog on Kinect  Video blogs with customer testimonials • Social Media  Facebook (Engaging current and potential customers)  LinkedIn (Finding new leads)  Twitter – Daily deals (Limited offers) • Website SEO & Content Strategy  Keywords  Content layout OUTBOUND • Google AdWords • Email marketing • Sales Kit - Skype sales • YouTube advertising • PR strategy  Tech blogs  News blogs  Networking events • Show up – Tech fests, Trade shows, Conferences
  11. 11. SEO & SEM Plan • Optimize the website with keywords to create a higher conversion rate • Run small test AdWords campaign. Continue AdWords campaign on a larger scale if results are positive • Seek PR opportunity and work on social marketing Low Competition High Volume High Relevance
  12. 12. Social Media Strategy •Engage - Leverage existing community • Identify and incentivize Brand ambassadors • Cross promote blogs and videos •Provide customer service Facebook •Increase Twitter interactions •Target tech enthusiasts and influencers •Identify relevant hashtags to optimize reach •Promotions – Limited period offers Twitter •Target Brands and Retailers •Publish press coverage •Engage with CTO’s of small, mid size companies •Push product demo videos •Hiring LinkedIn •Create stories using customer feedback •Publish rich content on relevant topics •Follow style guide •Yearly content audit Blogs Series of 30 to 60 sec videos •Product Demo •Stories around each consumer persona Targeting customers through YouTube Ad Manager •Hobbyists •Tech Enthusiasts Budget: $2000 to reach 20,000 target customers •CPCs/CPVs (cost per click, view) $0.10
  13. 13. Integrated Implementation Plan IN-HOUSE • SEO and Content Strategy • Social Media • Webinars • YouTube Advertising • Google AdWords Hire a PR Agency Phase 1 Brand Awareness IN-HOUSE • Email Marketing • Skype Sales • Events, Trade Shows and Conferences Hire Sales Recruiting Agency Phase 2 Direct Sales Phase 3 Collaborations • Students and Universities • Museums • Local Retailers • Public Services Plan Next 3 Phases
  14. 14. ROI ROE 20% sales increase in next 9-months • Website  15% increase in inbound traffic  10% increase in outbound traffic • Facebook  5% monthly increase in fans  5% monthly increase in reach  3% monthly increase in likes/sharing/ posts.  2% monthly increase in comments/posts. • Twitter  5% monthly increase in followers.  3% monthly increase in @replies.  3% monthly increase in retweets. • YouTube  8% monthly increase in channel views. Success Scoreboard
  15. 15. THANK YOU