Manpower planning job analysis for restaurant hotel


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Manpower planning job analysis for restaurant hotel
Human resource planning

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Manpower planning job analysis for restaurant hotel

  1. 1. Human resource planning and Human resource management Presentation
  2. 2. Company Profile • Indian Palace was opened in 2000, independently by an Indian Business Man. • It owns and operates a chain of owned quick-service restaurants in two Area one in Andheri and one in Borivali • The members of management team are properly qualified for this sector, it has the adequate knowledge about renowned restaurant services all over the India. • Serving different types of food Chinese,Italian,Malwani,Mexican,Sea Food,Punjabi and south Indian dishes from all across the country.
  3. 3. Food & Beverages • Cosine based:  Starters  Appetizers  Deserts  Beverages • Menu type:  Set menu  Ingredients menu Chinese Italian Sub continental Cuisine
  4. 4. Human Resource Management • Human Resource Management field, including knowledge of job analysis, human resource planning, recruiting, employment selection, equal employment opportunity, performance appraisal, compensation, incentives, benefits, and labor relations.
  5. 5. Human Resource Management HR Planning strategic HR planning; job design Developing employees training & development; performance appraisal Retaining employees compensation; maintenance; labor relations; separation Attracting employees recruiting; selecting
  6. 6. Human Resource Planning • HR Planning is the process of examining an organizations’ future human resource need. • It is how organizations assess the future supply of and demand for human resources. • An effective HR plan also provides mechanisms to eliminate any gaps that may exist between supply and demand. Thus, HR planning determines the members and types of employees to be recruited into the organization or phased out of it.
  7. 7. Manpower Planning
  8. 8. Manpower Planning • Manpower Planning is a process by which an organization ensures that – the right number of people – And right kind of people – at the right place – at the right time – Doing the right things for which they are suited for the achievement of goals of the organization. • It involves two steps – Demand forecasting – Supply forecasting
  9. 9. SUPPLY FORECASTING Go to feasibility analysis stepsGo to feasibility analysis steps Choose human resource programs Choose human resource programs External programs • Recruiting • External selection •Executive exchange External programs • Recruiting • External selection •Executive exchange Internal programs •Promotion •Transfer •Career planning •Training •Turnover control Internal programs •Promotion •Transfer •Career planning •Training •Turnover control Internal supply forecastInternal supply forecast Aggregate supply forecast Aggregate supply forecast DEMAND FORECASTING Determine organizational objectives Determine organizational objectives Demand forecast for each objective Demand forecast for each objective Aggregate demand forecast Aggregate demand forecast No Yes External supply forecast External supply forecast Does aggregate supply meet aggregate demand? No Yes Forecasting as a part of HRPForecasting as a part of HRP
  10. 10. Job Description and Job Specification
  11. 11. Job Description • HR Head • Finance Head • Marketing / T&D dept Head • Chef