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Defy Your Age


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10 Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Youthful

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Defy Your Age

  1. 1. DEFY YOUR AGE 10 TIPS TO KEEP YOUR SKIN HEALTHY AND YOUTHFUL Afreen Pappa, MD JAVĀNI Med Spa Let us help Discover A New You!June 2011 Defy Your Age
  2. 2. Defy your age and keep everyone guessing with these 10 Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy and YouthfulJune 2011 Defy Your Age
  3. 3. TIP #1 BE SUN SMART • Use a sunblock with a • Apply even on cloudy minimum SPF of 30 days and when • Apply generously to driving as UVA rays the face, neck, can penetrate clouds décolleté, ears and and windows hands. • Reapply liberally ever • Zinc oxide and 2 hours when at the Titanium dioxide – beach, pool or Colorescience engaged in outdoor Sunforgettable activitiesJune 2011 Defy Your Age
  4. 4. TIP #2 DRINK UP! Hydrate your body by drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of pure water. • No additives • Drink an additional glass of water for each cup of coffee, tea or caffeinated soda you drink daily • Spritz with D20 (heavy water) – Colorescience Be Still spritzerJune 2011 Defy Your Age
  5. 5. TIP #3 OPTIMIZE YOUR SKIN CARE Use medical grade skin care products specific for your skin type. • Get the best results by using products designed to work together synergistically to improve the health of your skin • Avoid products with harsh chemicals • Osmosis Pur Medical Skin Care – replenish, restore and repairJune 2011 Defy Your Age
  6. 6. TIP#4 FIND YOUR HAPPY PLACE Stress spikes levels of the hormone cortisol, leading to acne breakouts and exacerbating conditions like psoriasis and hives. • Yoga • Meditation • Massage • 10-15 minute time-outs dailyJune 2011 Defy Your Age
  7. 7. TIP #5 INCREASE YOUR CIRCULATION Exercise increases blood circulation, allowing for oxygen and nutrients to reach the skin • Clears cellular waste • Gives a lovely glow • Reduces inflammation and stressJune 2011 Defy Your Age
  8. 8. TIP # 6 GET YOUR VITAMIN A The Vitamin A derivative, Retin A is great for combating the signs of aging, but can be too harsh for sensitive skin. • Over the counter retinols • Medical grade skin care products with retinaldehydeJune 2011 Defy Your Age
  9. 9. TIP #7 EAT YOUR SKIN CARE The skin is our largest organ, all 22 square feet of it. • Requires vitamins, minerals and anti- oxidants • Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables • Low in processed foods and sugarsJune 2011 Defy Your Age
  10. 10. TIP # 8 STOP SMOKING Smokers tend to look at least 10-15 years older than non-smokers their age. • Harmful toxins that decrease blood flow, especially to the tiny capillaries in the skin • Reduces levels of oxygen and nutrients available for cellular functioning • This starvation leads to wrinkles and skin laxityJune 2011 Defy Your Age
  11. 11. TIP #9 WATCH THE SALT Eating foods high in sodium content causes puffiness, especially in the under eye area. Avoid • Potato chips • Canned vegetables • SodaJune 2011 Defy Your Age
  12. 12. TIP #10 SHUT EYE Get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Sleep is our bodies recharging and rejuvenating time. • Get rid of the “junk” we accumulate during the day • Repair and rejuvenate for the demands of the next day • Lack of sleep increases risk of medical problems and ages our body more rapidlyJune 2011 Defy Your Age
  13. 13. Afreen Pappa, MD JAVANI Med Spa 3527 Highway 6, Suite 250 Sugar Land, TX 77478 Ph: 281.491.1151 Email: Let us help Discover A New You!June 2011 Defy Your Age