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Integrating Health Informatics and Technology into University Curriculum


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Presentation by Adam Papendieck for the Rwanda Health Sciences Innovation Network (HSI-Net).

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Integrating Health Informatics and Technology into University Curriculum

  1. 1. Integrating Health Informatics and Technology Adam Papendieck 4 June 2012 Kigali
  2. 2. E-Health/Health Informatics Relevant in Rwanda • Electronic health records • Telemedicine • Consumer health informatics • Health knowledge management • Virtual healthcare teams • mHealth or m-Health • Healthcare Information Systems • Public Health Information Systems • Community-based Information Systems
  3. 3. Electronic health records
  4. 4. Telemedicine
  5. 5. Consumer health informatics Source: Vince Kuraitis
  6. 6. Health knowledge management e.g. Medscape, MDLinx
  7. 7. mHealth
  8. 8. Virtual healthcare teams “healthcare professionals who collaborate and share information on patients through digital equipment” Source: Smeenk et al. 1997
  9. 9. Healthcare Information Systems
  10. 10. Public Health Information Systems
  11. 11. Community-based Information Systems
  12. 12. Statistical Software and Research packages • Statistical Packages – SPSS, SASS, STATA, EpiInfo, Excel • GIS/Thematic mapping – ArcGIS, QGIS (open source), WebMapping • Research Packages – Network Analysis (e.g. UCINET etc.) – Qualitative Research (ATLAS.ti etc.) – Crowdsourcing • Productivity tools
  13. 13. Discussion 1. What are the most important Health Informatics topics or technologies for students in your field to know about? 2. What steps could be taken to improve their integration into curriculum? 3. What topics or technologies would you most like to learn more about?