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Hungry for porn


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Why advertise on Adult websites? Because it's cheap, because it delivers amazing results. The guys at Eat24 gave TrafficJunky a try and we both liked the result.

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Hungry for porn

  1. 1. Hungry for porn. Eat24 case study
  2. 2. Intro TrafficJunky is an online advertising network that provides a versatile, intelligent CPM-based advertising platform. Our self-serve, CPM-bidding ad network is designed to help advertisers and publishers alike achieve their most ambitious web marketing goals by serving cost-effective, large volumes of targeted web, mobile and tablet traffic and providing content monetizing solutions. We advertise to over 92 million daily visitors and serve over 2 billion daily ads. Our inventory is 100% adult entertainment; it sometimes scares advertisers. One thing is certain however: it did not scare the guys at Eat24! They gave us a try and we both loved it! @Eat24 If you ever read these lines, we love you guys!
  3. 3. Why them? Why us? Eat24 are famous for their « out of the box » approach of online marketing (and great food delivery application!). After having tried out numerous networks and several social networks for their online strategy, they tried to find a new, accessible channel for their communications. Porn was the answer. They created an account on TrafficJunky to set up their campaigns. After a few clicks and a monkey incident they were ready to go!
  4. 4. The ads Eat24 created a set of ads that were dedicated to our placements. By mixing sexual innuendo, food pictures and a great sense of humor, they reached very high click rates. In the words of Eat24: Perhaps it’s not too surprising that “Fuck Pants” was the most popular banner overall. People couldn’t seem to stop clicking it. We think they were just trying to get a closer look at the panties. Next in line was “BLT,” but it’s hard to say if it was the bacon or the “BDSM” that made this ad so clickable. “Wash Your Hands” saw decent clicks, but almost no conversions. A quick analysis of our customer support chat logs revealed that most people who came to Eat24 after clicking this ad were expecting to find a blow-up doll delivery service. So… FYI Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, if you’re looking for a new startup idea, the market for 24-hour online sex toy ordering is wide open.
  5. 5. Home page placement This placement, due to its high exposure, does very well for most of our clients in terms of CTR. Unfortunately, it did not perform as well for Eat24. Thanks to our real time campaign management tool, they simply de-activated that ad spot to use up the budget on Video page ads. In the words of Eat24: Our test quickly revealed that five times as many people clicked our banner when it was placed next to the video itself. FIVE times! We assume this is due to the fact that people landing on the homepage of a porn site only have one thing on their minds, and it’s not double stuffed burritos.
  6. 6. Video page placement This is truly the winning placement for Eat24! While they still had a slightly lower CTR than industry advertisers, the CTR they achieved, coupled with the low CPM they paid for both geographical and time targeting, granted them a good amount of high quality traffic! In the words of Eat24: No matter what metric you want to use to define success, our campaign kicked ass all the way across the board. Impressions? Our porn banner ads saw three times the impressions of ads we ran on Google, Twitter and Facebook combined. Click through? Tens of thousands of horngry Americans clicked our ads. Yeah, but did they convert? Psshhh, please. We saw a huge spike in orders and app downloads during the time our ads were live, especially late at night when that insatiable desire for DP (double pepperoni) is at its most intense.
  7. 7. Great Return On Investment Why advertise on adult websites? Because it’s cheap! And because it drives results! At TrafficJunky, we reach out to millions of visitors on a daily basis. These visitors are regular people that dress themselves, eat, drink, travel and live a life. Would there be any reason why your regular customers would not watch adult clips from time to time? We do not think so. In the words of Eat24: The general consensus is that it’s more expensive to acquire new customers than retain existing ones, but of course, that’s just another convention flipped right on its ass by porn. Of the total traffic generated by our ads, over 90% were first-time visitors to We were reaching an almost entirely new market. Our porn banners were generating new customers cheaply. And guess what? They were coming back too (they always come back). New customer retention on porn banners was four times higher than that of our Facebook ads.
  8. 8. About TrafficJunky
  9. 9. TrafficJunky: the leader of adult entertainment advertising
  10. 10. TrafficJunky: our inventory TrafficJunky is a multi-device, multi-platform advertisement network. With more than 92 million worldwide visitors each day and over 2 billion daily ad impressions, TrafficJunky is one of the largest advertisement networks in the world. Our rapidly growing publishers network consists of some of the world's largest web sites in terms of traffic. Engage your audience across desktop, mobile and tablet devices to provide a consistent and impactful message.
  11. 11. Banner size & targeting options Banner sizes (Because it DOES matter)) Geo targeting (Choose your hunting ground)) Time targeting (Rock around the clock)) TrafficJunky also offers keyword and channel targeting. This allows our advertisers to choose what sections of the website they will advertise on. This can also be used to restrict the campaign to the mainstream content sections.
  12. 12. Contact us World +1.514.359.3545 +1.855.585.8659 (+1.855.5.TJunky) USA/Canada Toll-free Asia +852.2607.4301 (Japanese, Chinese, English) +852.2607.4302 (Korean, Chinese)