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Social Media Toastmasters


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Slides from January 12

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Social Media Toastmasters

  1. 1. Social Media & Toastmasters Presented by Andrew Pallant CC / CL
  2. 2. Agenda1. What is Social Media2. How to use Social Media for Toastmasters3. Tools for Social Media4. Getting your club involved
  3. 3. What is Social MediaCommunication Electronic MarketingSharing Pictures and Stories Daily Time Waster?
  4. 4. How to Use Social Media Recruiting  Advertise your weekly meetings  Share learning experiences  Talk about upcoming events ( open houses )  Share benefits of the club – engage in conversations
  5. 5. How to Use Social Media Community Building  Engage in conversations  Share speaking tips  Share evaluation tips  Ask questions  Learn about other clubs  Invite other clubs to join the conversations
  6. 6. How to Use Social Media Sharing Ideas  Find/share ideas for Table Topics  Find/share ideas for speeches  Share ideas for club growth  Share experiences
  7. 7. Social Media Tools Twitter  URL:  Each message has a limit of 140 characters  Follow other Toastmasters Clubs  Categorize your tweets (message) by using hashtags(#) example: #toastmasters  Share links and engage in conversations  Keep It Simple!  Toastmasters International:
  8. 8. Social Media Tools Facebook  URL:  Build Facebook group/page for your club  Share your club news  Share your club agenda  Photos and Video easily shared  Engage your club on a social level
  9. 9. Social Media Tools LinkedIn  URL:  Business and Professional Networks  Less Social, more business  Create a club group ( LinkedIn Group )  Toastmasters International:
  10. 10. Involve Your Club Write articles for a club blog Share ideas and experiences Volunteer to have speeches recorded Advertise club events Research ideas to grow the club Follow news from Toastmasters International
  11. 11. Pros & ConsPros Cons Helps with search  Need some writing engine optimization skills Builds a community  Takes time Free Advertising  Takes time Helps keep everyone  Takes time informed  Age Gap
  12. 12. Take Aways Technology such as Social Media helps recruit younger generations Don’t have to be young to use it Easy and Free Lots of options, pick what is best for your club You do not have to do it all yourself, ask for help! Do not be afraid
  13. 13. Ask Me Any TimeAndrew Pallant