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Apago Pdfx Nyc Seminar Fs Presentation

  1. 1. PDF/X - An Overview Frank Scott Digital Workflow Specialist
  2. 2. Background Independent consultant - over 25 years in the publishing and printing industry VP & Director Research - GATF Director Digital Development - Time Inc. VP Technology - AGT / Washington DC
  3. 3. Involvement Executive Committee - Digital Distribution of Advertising for Publication (DDAP) Executive Committee - Digital Ad Lab (DAL) Executive Committee - Committee for Graphic Arts Technologies Standards (CGATS) Board Member - Specifications for Web Offset Publications (SWOP)
  4. 4. PDF and PDF/X PDF - Adobe Portable Document Format Adobe Acrobat 5 PDF/X - International Accredited Standards
  5. 5. De-facto Vs. Accredited De-facto standards One vendor Quick to market Often private - not documented Accredited standards Developed through consensus process Involvement of vendors and users Independent testing User demand drives process
  6. 6. Standards Background DDAP User Requirements - 1990 ANSI CGATS ANSI IT8.8:1993 (TIFF/IT) ISO 12639:1998 (TIFF/IT-P1) ANSI CGATS12.1:1999 (PDF/X-1) ISO 15930-1:2001 (PDF/X-1a)
  7. 7. Flavors of PDF/X PDF/X-1 & 1a ISO 15930-1 Part 1: Complete exchange using CMYK data PDF/X -2 ISO 15930-2 Part 2: Guidelines for partial exchange of printing data - in development PDF/X -3 ISO 15930-3 Part 3: Blind exchange suitable for color managed workflows
  8. 8. Features of PDF/X Based on Adobe Portable Document Format Device & resolution independent Structured for efficiency Widely used in documentation and the internet Designed for print production All fonts have to be embedded and used All images have to be included
  9. 9. Features of PDF/X All print elements properly prepared for a single intended printing condition Trapping status has to be set Includes bounding boxes Media box Art box Bleed box Trim box Crop box
  10. 10. Two Types of PDF/X Raster/raster based TIFF/IT > PDF/X Vector/raster based Native Applications saved as Postscript or PDF and converted PDF/X
  11. 11. Beyond the Standard “PDF/X plus” workflow Resolutions for images - CT & Linework Font restrictions - no TrueType, MultiMaster Spot color - allowed or not Hairline rules Others...
  12. 12. Advantages of PDF/X TIFF/IT Requires expensive hardware/ software Large files Not searchable Native Application Font issues Image issues Text re-flows Others...
  13. 13. Advantages of PDF/X PDF/X /X for Exchange Designed to be predictable and reliable Cost effective solutions are available Multi-platform support Smaller files Searchable Ideal for archiving & re-purposing
  14. 14. Disadvantages of PDF/X Requires Postscript level 3 Supports Device N Supports Smooth shading Potential Overprint issues More difficult with “separated” workflows Legacy DCS files Does your system or printer support PDF/X or Postscript level 3?
  15. 15. Resources DDAP Universal PPD project DDAP PDF/X-1 Verifier 2.0 DDAP ”Digital Delivers" NEW INTERACTIVE CD ROM DDAP Annual Conference March 12 - 15, 2003 Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans http://www.ddap.org