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2014 New Jersey Planning Conference Final Program


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2014 New Jersey Planning Conference Final Program

  1. 1. ! ! ! ! January!2014! ! ! Welcome'to'New'Jersey’s'premiere'planning'conference!'' ! I’m!always!excited!about!our!conference!because!it!affords!us!all!the!opportunity!to!reconnect!with!old!friends.! Notwithstanding!the!nostalgia!of!it!all,!this!year!Creigh!Rahenkamp!has!delivered!another!outstanding!program.!! ! Leadership!is!something!that!planners!reveal!inherently!through!the!nature!of!our!work.!While!this!past!year!has! been!filled!with!ups!and!downs!in!a!post!Sandy!world,!it!underscored!the!value!that!you!all!bring!to!the!table!as! advocates!for!sensible!solutions.!We!hope!this!conference!provides!you!with!the!firepower!you!seek!to!continue!to! influence!sound!policy!decisions!that!enable!Great&Communities&to&Happen.! ! Our!conference!always!seeks!to!build!on!and!leverage!the!work!we!do!throughout!the!year.!This!past!year!APALNJ! has!been!able!to!set!the!bar!for!planning!in!New!Jersey!higher!than!it’s!been!in!a!long!time.!This!was!in!large!part! thanks!to!the!generous!support!in!time!from!our!volunteers!and!the!generous!donations!from!our!sponsors.!Thank! you!L!especially!to!our!returning!Title!Sponsor,!Mr.!Todd!Poole!and!4Ward!Planning!! ! From!sessions!that!will!discuss!embedding!resiliency!and!hazard!mitigation!into!our!zoning!codes!and!planning! policies,!to!the!needs!of!an!everLevolving!marketplace!inclusive!of!the!unstable!ground!that!has!been!thrust!upon! us!on!the!affordable!housing!front,!this!conference!has!something!for!everyone.!We!hope!to!leave!you!inspired!at! its!conclusion.!! ! On!top!of!continuing!the!support!we!provide!our!members!and!our!already!ambitious!agenda!for!Great!Places,!our! Professional!Exchange!Program,!Community!Planning!Assistance!Program,!and!a!host!of!educational!workshops,! this!next!year,!APALNJ!will!be!tackling!legislation!surrounding!the!Fair!Housing!Act,!the!State!Plan,!as!well!as!looking! at!how!institutions!of!higher!learning!can!better!partner!with!their!host!communities!–!public!and!private.!Don’t! just!read!about!it,!be!about!it…!come!find!us!during!the!conference,!we!can!always!use!your!expertise!! ! On!behalf!of!the!entire!Executive!Committee,!we!are!truly!excited!to!provide!you!with!not!only!sessions!to!meet! your!continuing!education!requirements!but!true!knowledge!to!bring!back!to!your!work!and!a!great!networking! opportunity!with!land!use!professionals!around!the!state.! ! We!still!have!a!long!way!to!go!but!APALNJ!continues!to!work!toward!elevating!planning!within!New!Jersey!policy! making.!Thank!you!all!for!your!continued!support!and!enjoy!the!conference!! ! ! ! ! ! Charles!Latini!Jr.,!PP,!AICP! President,!American!Planning!Association!–!NJ!Chapter! !
  2. 2. Office of the Dean Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 33 Livingston Avenue, Suite 300 New Brunswick, NJ 08901 848-932-5475 Fax: 732-932-1771 On behalf of the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy and Rutgers University, I would like to welcome you to the American Planning Association’s 2014 New Jersey Planning Conference. Now more than a year past one of the most challenging natural disasters facing our state, our profession has embraced the inclusion of stronger mitigation and resiliency policies into all aspects of the planning process. Adaptation to climate change, shoreline protection, stormwater management strategies and case studies of recovery are just a few of the post-Sandy topics of interest being presented. The focus of the conference, however, is more than just recovery and resiliency post-Sandy. From understanding shifting budgetary trends at the local and state levels to promoting sustainable development through the use of regulation and incentives, from understanding how the use of form-based codes can improve architectural and community design to considering how religious tolerance can be achieved while preserving a community’s character, you’ll find outstanding program offerings focused on APA’s mission to support and develop planning professionals who are dedicated to facing these challenges head-on. On Thursday, The Honorable Peter Buchsbaum, Superior Court (retired) will present a lunchtime keynote on the need for advocacy in planning. Jeffrey Otteau of The Otteau Valuation Group will present the Friday keynote speech on his analysis of the changed demographics, household incomes and housing finance realities that will drive the nature of housing needs in our future. The conference has continued to build upon the success of its predecessors, with two full days packed with a diverse range of topics and activities. Together, the Bloustein School and the APA-New Jersey chapter are committed to providing opportunities for both professionals and students to examine pertinent issues that come with continued urbanization in an increasingly difficult global economy and to become agents of positive change. I would also like to take the time to thank the many volunteers and sponsors, without whose assistance this event would not have been possible. James W. Hughes, Dean Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy
  3. 3. THURSDAY, JANUARY 23, 2014THURSDAY, JANUARY 23, 2014THURSDAY, JANUARY 23, 2014 7:00  AM  -­‐  8:00  AM EXHIBIT  SETUP Atrium 8:00  AM  -­‐  7:00  PM EXHIBIT  HALL  OPEN Atrium 8:00  AM  -­‐  4:00  PM SPEAKER  READY  ROOM Conference  JK 8:00  AM  -­‐  9:00  AM REGISTRATION  &  BREAKFAST  BAR Atrium 8:30  AM  -­‐  8:45  AM WELCOME  &  CONFERENCE  OVERVIEW Regency  DEF 9:00  AM  -­‐  10:30  AM TB1:    Preparing  for  Climate  Trends Salon  AB TC1:    WQMP:    County  Plans  Nearing  Adop=on…and  then  what?     Regency  A TD1:    Issues  in  Fiscal  Impact  Assessment  in  NJ Garden  State  A TE1/2:    What  was  Mount  Laurel  supposed  to  fix?    How  did  we  do?    Why  is   COAH  so  hard  to  reform?  (9:00am-­‐12:15pm) Regency  BC TH1:    Sustainable  Master  Planning:  A  Resilient,  Carbon  Neutral,  &   Economically  Viable  Path  Forward Garden  State  BC 10:45  PM  -­‐  12:15  PM TB2:    A  Regional  Approach  to  Suppor=ng  Community  Ra=ng  System  (CRS)   Communi=es Salon  AB TC2:    Par=cular  Suitability Regency  A TH2:    Achieving  Sustainability  Locally  Through  Incen=ves  &  Regula=ons   Garden  State  BC 12:30  PM  -­‐  2:00  PM LUNCH  &  KEYNOTE Regency  DEF 2:15  PM  -­‐  4:15  PM TB4:    Integra=ng  Hazard  Mi=ga=on  into  Planning Salon  AB TC4:    Redevelopment  2014:    New  Tools  to  Achieve  Results Regency  A TD4:    Using  Planning  Tools  to  Promote  Energy  Efficiency Garden  State  A TE4:    Reforming  or  Replacing  COAH:    So  What  do  We  Do  About  It? Regency  BC TH4:    Building  Healthy  Communi=es Garden  State  BC 4:15  PM  -­‐  6:00  PM TA5:    Professional  Ethics  in  Planning  &  Design Regency  DEF 4:00  PM  -­‐  6:30  PM THURSDAY  RECEPTION Conference At-A-Glance
  4. 4. FRIDAY, January 24, 2014FRIDAY, January 24, 2014FRIDAY, January 24, 2014 7:00  AM  -­‐  8:00  AM EXHIBIT  SETUP Atrium 8:00  AM  -­‐  6:30  PM EXHIBIT  HALL  OPEN Atrium 8:00  AM  -­‐  3:15  PM SPEAKER  READY  ROOM Conference  JK 8:00  AM  -­‐  9:00  AM REGISTRATION  &  BREAKFAST  BAR Atrium 8:30  AM  -­‐  9:15  AM WELCOME    &  INTRODUCTION Annual  Challenge  to  the  Profession Regency  DEF 9:30  AM  -­‐  11:00  AM FB1:    Suburban  Transforma=on  with  Transit,  Mixed-­‐Use  &  Density,  Lessons   from  Beyond  the  Delaware Regency  A FC1:    Planning  for  God,  Managing  Religious  Uses Regency  B FD1:    Engagement Garden  State  C FE1:    Best  Prac=ces  in  Affordable  Housing Garden  State  A FF1:    Exploring  Applica=ons  of  the  New  and  Improved  Cluster  Tools Regency  C FG1:    Tools  &  Strategies  to  Achieve  Resiliency Brunswick  B FH1:    Opportunity  Cost Garden  State  B FI1:    Innovate  to  Mi=gate:    Improving  Our  Waterfront  Communi=es Brunswick  C 11:15  AM  -­‐  12:45  PM FB2:    Can  Form-­‐Based  Codes  Get  Beber  Buildings?  Beber  Communi=es? Regency  A FC2:    Sustainability  &  Economic  Compe==veness:    Global  Ini=a=ves  &  Local   Implementa=on Regency  B FD2:    Web-­‐based  Geospa=al  Tools  for  Sustainable  Planning Garden  State  C FE2:    Prac=cal  Redevelopment Garden  State  A FF2:    Planning  for  Emerging  Centers Regency  C FG2:    Big  Ideas  for  a  Small  City:    Building  a  Resilient  &  Sustainable  Hoboken Brunswick  B FH2:    Retail  Planning  101:    How  to  turn  planning  concepts  into  signed  leases Garden  State  B FI2:    Visualizing  Responses  to  Sandy:    Case  Studies Brunswick  C 1:00  PM  -­‐  3:00  PM LUNCH  &  KEYNOTE Regency  DEF 3:15  PM  -­‐  5:15  PM FE4:    New  Brunswick  Bus  Tour  –  Successful  Housing  Redevelopment HOTEL  LOBBY FB4:    Operator's  Manual  for  Form-­‐Based  Codes Regency  A FC4:    Scenario  Planning:    Buzzword  or  Tool  for  Planners  &  Decision-­‐makers? Regency  B FD4:    Pueng  the  Public  Interest  Back  Into  Planning:  Stories  from  Prac=cing   Professionals Garden  State  C FF4:    Regional  Planning  on  a  Local  Scale:  Early  Returns  from  the   Demonstra=on  Project  Ac=vi=es  of  the  Together  North  Jersey  Sustainable   Communi=es  Consor=um Regency  C FG4:    Innova=ve  Design  in  a  Complex,  Post-­‐Sandy  Environment Brunswick  B 5:15  PM  to  6:30  PM FRIDAY  RECEPTION Conference At-A-Glance
  5. 5. In order to further connect our members with rising professionals in the field and engage with each other on cutting edge planning topics, APA-NJ is partnering with the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy to create a sustained network of practitioners and graduate planning students. The purpose of the exchange is to create pairs of practitioners and Master of City and Regional Planning students that share planning subject area interests. It is the goal of the program to create pairings that are beneficial to both practitioners and students, with the aim that the partnership be a true exchange that benefits the professional development and growth of each individual.  To learn more, visit: or visit the APA-NJ table during the conference! We hope you will sign up! All sessions have been approved for AICP CM credits which are provided per each credit hour for each session. All sessions that qualify for CLE credits also have been approved for AICP Planning Law credits. AICP Ethics Credits (1.5) are available during the TA5 session on Thursday. Please note, for AICP members on the 1/1/2012 to 12/31/2013 reporting period, the four-month grace period will end on April 30, 2014. Continuing education credits New Jersey Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits are being provided for eight sessions through the administration of the New Jersey Builders Association. Thursday morning sessions (TH1 and TH2) have been approved for Continuing Education (CE) credits courtesy of the U.S. Green Building Council - New Jersey Chapter. *New* Professional ExCHANGE PROGRAM
  6. 6. Community engagement tools that work. Shareabouts GATHERING PUBLIC INPUT WITH USER-FRIENDLY MAPS Plan In A Box EASY AND EFFECTIVE WEBSITES TO PROMOTE PROJECTS Contact us at or @OpenPlans. Learn More About Together North Jersey: Together North Jersey is a collaborative partnership of counties, cities, towns, non- profit organizations, private companies and educational institutions dedicated to strengthening the region’s economy and improving access to good jobs, quality schools, safe and stable neighborhoods, a healthy environment, fresh food, and civic and cultural resources. Engage with us and Share Your Opinions Online: LAND USE/ENVIRONMENTAL ATTORNEYS P R AC T I C E A R E A S 8 5 6 . 3 5 5 . 2 9 0 0 | . y l a n d l e n . m
  7. 7. TB1:  Preparing for Climate Trends Salon AB CM I 1.5 This  panel  will  provide  an  update  on  climate  trends  and  projec=ons  in  New  Jersey,  highlight  policy  gaps  that  have  been  iden=fied  as   part  of  the  NJ  Climate  Adapta=on  Alliance's  stakeholder  engagement  efforts,  and  report  on  percep=ons  of  climate  change  impacts   and  preparedness  including  those  of  planners  as  part  of  our  survey  with  APA-­‐NJ.    Panelists  will  explore  planning  responses  to  the   need  for  resiliency,  mi=ga=on  and  adapta=on. • Jeanne  Herb,  Associate  Director,  Environmental  Analysis  &  Communica=ons  Group,  Edward  J.  Bloustein  School  of  Planning   and  Public  Policy • Raimy  Cheyne,  MCRP  candidate,  Bloustein  School  of  Planning  and  Public  Policy • Wolfram  Hoefer,  Design  Professor,  School  of  Environmental  &  Biological  Sciences,  Rutgers • Mar^n  Johnson,  President  &  CEO,  Isles • David  Henry,  Health  Officer,  Monmouth  County  Regional  Health  Commission • Jennifer  Rovito,  GISP,  GIS  Manager,  Environmental  Analysis  &  Communica=ons  Group,  Edward  J.  Bloustein  School  of   Planning  and  Public  Policy TC1:  WQMP:  County Plans Nearing Adoption…and then what? Regency A CM I 1.5 I Law CLE Hear  an  update  from  DEP  on  the  status  of  the  plans  throughout  the  State  and  the  approach  that  the  Department  is  taking  on  such   issues  as  plan  amendments,  alterna=ve  treatment  technologies  and  capacity  reserva=ons.    You  will  also  hear  the  perspec=ve  of  a   county  planner  that  has  worked  through  the  process  and  aborneys  working  with  landowners. • Michael  J.  Gross,  Esq.,  Chair,  Environmental  Law  Prac=ce  Area,  Giordano  Halleran  &  Ciesla • Richard  M.  Hluchan,  Esq.,  Hyland  Levin  LLP • John  Peterson,  PP,  Deputy  Director,  Atlan=c  County  Department  of  Regional  Planning • Ray  Cantor,  Chief  Advisor,  Office  of  the  Commissioner • Liz  Semple,  Manager,  Coastal  &  Land  Use  Planning   TD1:  Issues in Fiscal Impact Assessment in NJ Garden State A CM I 1.5 Assessing  the  near  and  longer  term  effects  of  development  are  at  the  heart  of  many  planning  and  project-­‐level  decisions.    Part   science,  part  art  and  always  dependent  on  hard-­‐to-­‐find  data  and  shiking  budgetary  trends,  this  is  an  area  of  prac=ce  in  which  your   tools  and  skills  can  become  outdated  quickly.    This  panel  will  guide  you  to  the  best  sources  of  data  available,  and  alert  you  to  the   demographic  and  budgetary  trends  that  are  cri=cal  to  geeng  it  right. • Paul  Phillips,  AICP/PP,  Phillips  Preiss  Grygiel,  LLC • David  Listokin,  Professor  and  Co-­‐Director  of  the  Center  for  Urban  Policy  Research,  Edward  J.  Bloustein  School  of  Planning  &   Public  Policy • Dr.  Sen-­‐Yuan  Wu,  Research  Economist,  Division  of  Labor  Market  &  Demographic  Research,  NJ  Department  of  Labor  and   Workforce  Development THURSDAY 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
  8. 8. TE1/2:  What was Mount Laurel supposed to fix?  How did we do?  Why is COAH so hard to reform? (9:00am-12:15pm) Regency BC CM I 3.0 I Law CLE It  has  been  42  years  since  a  trial  court  concluded  that  municipal  zoning  tends  to  reflect  the  desires  of  those  already  in  place  to  the   disadvantage  of  the  regional  interest  and  basic  housing  needs  of  our  growing  popula=on.    Over  this  span,  our  Supreme  Court  created   a  doctrine  in  1975  and  an  implementa=on  framework  aimed  at  those  with  low  and  moderate  incomes  in  1983.    The  Legislature   adopted  the  Fair  Housing  Act  in  1985  and  COAH  administered  an  alloca=on-­‐based  system  for  12  years,  and  has  floundered   ineffec=vely  for  nearly  14  years.    In  2013,  a  temporarily  configured  Court  in  a  split  decision  begged  the  Legislature  to  find  a  fix.    And   those  conversa=ons  have  been  torture  –  there  seems  to  be  lible  consensus  over  what  exactly  was  broken,  what  was  the  point  of  the   whole  exercise,  has  =me  passed  the  need  for  this  doctrine  by,  and  what  –  if  anything  –  should  be  done  about  it.    Our  profession  owes   our  elected  leadership  an  answer.    Join  us  as  our  field’s  leading  academics  weigh  in  on  these  issues. • J.  Creigh  Rahenkamp,  PP • David  Dante  Troua,  Professor  of  Law  and  Jus=ce  John  J,  Francis  Scholar,  Rutgers  School  of  Law,  Newark • Alan  Mallach,  FAICP,  Senior  Fellow,  Center  for  Community  Progress • Stuart  Meck,  FAICP/PP,  Associate  Research  Professor  &  Director,  Center  for  Planning  Prac=ce,  Edward  J.  Bloustein  School  of   Planning  &  Public  Policy • Lawrence  S.  Lustberg,  Esq.,  Director,  John  J.  Gibbons  Fellowship  in  Public  Interest  &  Cons=tu=onal  Law • David  Kinsey,  FAICP/PP,  Kinsey  &  Hand,  Visi=ng  Lecturer,  Woodrow  Wilson  School,  Princeton  University • Marty  Bierbaum,  Ph.D.-­‐J.D.,  Associate  Director,  Na=onal  Center  for  Smart  Growth,  University  of  Maryland;  Director  of  N.J.   Municipal  Land  Use  Center  (re=red) • Jeffrey  Surenian,  Esq. • Elizabeth  McKenzie,  AICP/PP • Kevin  Walsh,  Esq.,  Associate  Director,  Fair  Share  Housing  Center TH1:  Sustainable Master Planning: A Resilient, Carbon Neutral, & Economically Viable Path Forward Garden State BC CM I 1.5 GBCI CE I 1.5 How  can  you  plan  for  growth  while  reducing  your  environmental  footprint?  As  we  seek  to   plan  for  growth,  prepare  for  a  changing  climate,  and  create  long-­‐term  economically  healthy   communi=es,  a  new  paradigm  in  planning  is  emerging.  The  Sustainable  Master  Plan  is  one   that  not  only  addresses  the  need  for  physical  space  oken  driven  by  programma=c   requirements  but  also  balances  this  growth  against  environmental,  social,  and  economic   goals.  Using  several  case  studies  from  various  en==es  in  New  Jersey  we  will  look  at  how   this  new  paradigm,  using  a  triple  bobom  line  approach  of  economics,  environment,   and  social  impact,  can  create  a  new  sustainable  vision  of  the  future. • Jason  Kliwinski,  AIA,  LEED  Fellow,  Director  of  Sustainable  Design  -­‐  Parebe   Somjen  Architects • Alan  Grant,  PE,  Principal,  Terra  Neutral THURSDAY 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
  9. 9. TB2:  A Regional Approach to Supporting Community Rating System (CRS) Communities Salon AB CM I 1.5 Integra=ng  planning  and  emergency  preparedness  has  been  at  the  heart  of  the  message  from  APA  and  others  for  moving  forward.     The  Monmouth  County  Division  of  Planning  and  the  Monmouth  County  Office  of  Emergency  Management  have  been  exploring   various  ways  of  leveraging  County  resources  to  encourage  municipal  par=cipa=on  in  the  Na=onal  Flood  Insurance  CRS  program  as   well  as  to  provide  baseline  data  and  informa=on  to  towns  already  involved  in  the  program.    The  County  has  ini=ated  a  CRS  users   group  for  par=cipa=ng  municipali=es  as  well  as  as  towns  new  to  the  program  to  provide  peer  support  and  access  to  professional   assistance  from  County,  state,  and  federal  agencies.    Hear  from  your  peers  involved  in  this  ini=a=ve,  what  has  worked  and  where  the   pitalls  lie. • Joe  Barris,  AICP/PP,  Assistant  Planning  Director,  Monmouth  County  Division  of  Planning • Amanda  Gowans,  CFM,  ISO/CRS  Specialist,  ISO  Community  Hazard  Mi=ga=on • James  Waa,  CFM,  Program  Development  Specialist,  NJDEP • John  Miller,  P.E.,  CFM,  CSM,  Cer=fied  Floodplain  and  Stormwater  Manager,  New  Jersey  Associa=on  of  Floodplain  Managers   Legisla=ve  Commibee  Chair • Margaret  Murnane  Brooks,  CEM,  Deputy  Coordinator,  Monmouth  County  Office  of  Emergency  Management • Meghan  Leavey,  AICP/PP,  Planner/CRS  Coordinator,  Monmouth  County  Division  of  Planning • Jason  Greenspan,  AICP/PP,  Director  of  Planning  and  Community  Development,  Middletown TC2:  Particular Suitability Regency A CM I 1.5 I Law CLE In  Advance  v.  Branchburg  and  Price  v.  Himeji,  the  courts  have  wrestled  with  use  variances  and  the  difficult  concept  of  "par=cular   suitability.”  Join  the  discussion  as  leading  prac==oners  explain  what  it  means  to  them  and  how  they  deal  with  this  issue  in  their  work. • Henry  Kent-­‐Smith,  Esq.,  Fox  Rothschild  &  Adjunct  Professor,  Edward  J.  Bloustein  School  of  Planning  &  Public  Policy • Richard  J.  Hoff,  Jr.,  Esq.,  Bisgaier  Hoff • Howard  D.  Geneslaw,  Esq.,  AICP/PP,  Gibbons • Chris^ne  Cofone,  AICP/PP,  Cofone  Consul=ng  Group   TH2:  Achieving Sustainability Locally Through Incentives & Regulations  Garden State BC CM I 1.5 GBCI CE I 1.5 The  panel  will  address  the  op=ons  for  promo=ng  sustainable  development  including  the  balance  between  mandates  and  incen=ves   with  op=ons  within  these  broad  categories.    The  APA-­‐NJ  Sustainability  Commibee  Chair  will  present  the  Chapter’s  policy  guide.    And   the  op=ons  and  the  pros  and  cons  of  these  regulatory  approaches  will  be  illustrated  by  a  project  in  Jersey  City  known  as  the  "Green   Guide".  This  project  involved  the  Jersey  City  Redevelopment  Agency  (JCRA)  seeng  out  to  promote  sustainable  development  in  its   redevelopment  areas.  To  do  so,  they  worked  with  a  consultant  team  to  review  best  prac=ces,  work  with  stakeholders  and  review   exis=ng  state,  county  and  local  sustainability  programs  to  determine  the  best  approach.  The  JCRA  ul=mately  decided  on  a  sustainable   development  cer=fica=on  program  similar  in  concept  to  the  LEED  cer=fica=on  program.  The  panel  will  not  only  address  sustainable   development  op=ons  but  will  explore  the  process  and  the  final  decision  made  by  the  JCRA. • Elizabeth  McManus,  AICP/PP,  LEED  AP,  Clarke  Caton  Hintz • Angela  Clerico,  AICP/PP,  LEED  AP,  Natural  System  U=li=es • Jeffrey  LeJava,  Professor  &  Managing  Director  of  Innova=on,  Pace  Law  School THURSDAY 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM
  10. 10. TA3:  LUNCH/KEYNOTE - - The Need for Advocacy in Planning:  Where is the next Paul Davidoff? Regency DEF CM I 1 HONORABLE  PETER  A.  BUCHSBAUM,  J.S.C.,  RET. Peter  A.  Buchsbaum,  J.S.C.,  re4red  as  Superior  Court  Judge  in  June  2013.    He  sat  in   Flemington,  New  Jersey.    Appointed  in  July,  2004,  he  had  been  assigned  to  the  Civil   Part  of  the  Law  Division  and  also  served  in  the  Family  Part.    While  on  the  bench,  he   served  on  commiKees  dealing  with  Children  in  Court  and  Minority  Concerns.    He   serves  on  the  Execu4ve  CommiKee  of  the  Na4onal  Conference  of  State  Trial  Judges,   a  part  of  the  American  Bar  Associa4on’s  Judicial  Division  and  is  a  Fellow  of  the   American  Bar  Founda4on.         Judge  Buchsbaum  was  formerly  a  Partner  in  Greenbaum,  Rowe,  Smith,  Ravin,  Davis,   and  Himmel,  LLP  in  Woodbridge,  New  Jersey  where  he  concentrated  in  zoning  and   land  use  planning,  municipal  law,  state  regulatory  processes  and  environmental   regula4on.    He  served  previously  as  the  Mayor  of  West  Amwell  Township  and  on  the   West  Amwell  Township  CommiKee  and  Planning  Board. Judge  Buchsbaum  is  Past  Chair  of  the  American  Bar  Associa4on  Land  Use,  Planning   and  Zoning  CommiKee,  and  a  three  4me  member  of  the  Council  of  the  State  and   Local  Government  Law  Sec4on.    He  is  Past  Chair  of  the  New  Jersey  State  Bar   Associa4on  Land  Use  Law  Sec4on  and  has  been  a  member  of  the  Hunterdon  County   Bar  Associa4on.  He  served  on  the  Ad  Hoc  CommiKee  on  State  Planning,  which   draVed  the  N.J  State  Planning  Act  and  Fair  Housing  Act.  He  has  lectured  in  ABA  and  American  Planning  Associa4on   programs  which  included  the  APA’s  pres4gious  BeKman  Lectures.     Judge  Buchsbaum  received  the  Media  Award  from  the  New  Jersey  State  Bar  Associa4on  in  1987.  His  extensive   publica4ons  include  co-­‐edi4ng  State  and  Regional  Comprehensive  Planning,  published  by  the  ABA,  contribu4ng  to  The   Trial  of  a  Land  Use  Case  and  other  ABA  publica4ons,  and  authorship  of  a  number  of  ar4cles  in  the  Urban  Lawyer.  He  has   also  been  an  Adjunct  Professor  of  Law  at  Rutgers  School  of  Law-­‐Camden.    For  ten  years,  he  served  on  the  New  Jersey   Law  Revision  Commission  as  an  appointee  of  the  President  of  the  Senate.   Judge  Buchsbaum  received  his  A.B.  from  Cornell  University  and  his  J.D.  from  Harvard  Law  School.    He  began  his  legal   career  as  Law  Secretary  to  Joseph  Weintraub,  Chief  Jus4ce  of  the  New  Jersey  Supreme  Court.    He  is  listed  in  Who’s  Who   in  America.     THURSDAY LUNCH 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
  11. 11. TB4:  Integrating Hazard Mitigation into Planning Salon AB CM I 2.0 A  hazard  mi=ga=on  planning  process  can  be  an  effec=ve  method  to  build  widespread  community  support  for  difficult  land  use   decisions  to  prepare  municipali=es  against  future  natural  disasters.  The  plan  that  evolves  through  the  process  can  also  be  an   indispensable  mechanism  to  coordinate  municipal,  county,  state  and  federal  strategies,  ac=ons  and  financial  investments  for  both   emergency  response  and  long-­‐term  development  alterna=ves.  Every  county  throughout  New  Jersey  is  or  will  soon  be  preparing  or   upda=ng  their  All  Hazards  Mi=ga=on  plans.  These  are  plans  that  simply  cannot  become  shelf-­‐bound  dust  collectors.  Learn  how  this   task  is  being  approached  through  the  lens  of  the  lessons  from  Superstorm  Sandy  and  how  these  plans  can  and  should  be  integrated   into  a  municipality’s  master  plans,  zoning  ordinances,  and  capital  improvement  plans  to  influence  day  to  day  as  well  as  long  term   lands  use  decision  making.   • David  M.  Kutner,  AICP/PP,  Recovery  Planning  Manager,  New  Jersey  Future • John  Miller,  P.E.,  CFM,  CSM,  Cer=fied  Floodplain  and  Stormwater  Manager,  New  Jersey  Associa=on  of  Floodplain  Managers   Legisla=ve  Commibee  Chair • David  J.  McKeon,  AICP/PP,  Planning  Director,  Ocean  County • Dan  Kennedy,  AICP/PP,  Deputy  Director,  Office  for  Planning  Advocacy,  NJ  Business  Ac=on  Center • Cathleen  M.  Carlisle,  MPA,  Senior  Mi=ga=on  Planner,  Risk  Analysis  Branch,  Mi=ga=on  Division,  DHS/FEMA  Region  II TC4:  Redevelopment 2014:  New Tools to Achieve Results Regency A CM I 2.0 I Law CLE The  dampening  of  the  use  of  redevelopment  as  a  tool  for  urban  revitaliza=on,  even  with  the  growing  popularity  of  an  urban  lifestyle,   has  been  a  result  of  the  associa=on  of  public  opinion  between  redevelopment  and  the  use  of  Eminent  Domain.  Recent  amendments   to  the  enabling  act  have  created  a  dis=nc=on  between  a  Condemna=on  Redevelopment  Area  and  a  Non-­‐Condemna=on   Redevelopment  Area;  changed  criterion  "E";  and  added  a  criterion  for  "brownfields".    This  panel  will  outline  poten=al  uses  of  the   changes  in  the  statute  and  discuss  the  integra=on  of  the  newly  enacted  financial  incen=ves  available  to  support  redevelopment. • David  Roberts,  AICP/PP,  RLA,  LEED  AP  ND,  Department  Manager,  Maser  Consul=ng  PA • Stanley  Slachetka,  AICP/PP,  Planning  Group  Manager,  T&M  Associates • Joseph  J.  Marazi^,  Jr.,  Esq.,  Marazi=,  Falcon  &  Healey,  LLP   • Robert  S.  Goldsmith,  Esq.,  Greenbaum  Rowe  Smith  &  Davis • George  Vallone,  President,  Hoboken  Brownstown  Company  and  Professor  of  Finance,  Graduate  School  of  Business,  Rutgers TD4:  Using Planning Tools to Promote Energy Efficiency Garden State A CM I 2.0 This  session  will  address  best  prac=ces  for  promo=ng  increased  energy  efficiency  and  resiliency  through  tradi=onal  planning  and   zoning  tools  that  were  tested  in  West  Windsor,  NJ  and  Upper  Merion,  PA.    Planners  will  learn  to  spot  opportuni=es,  overcome   barriers,  and  both  encourage  and  enable  retrofit  and  redevelopment  that  will  strengthen  the  energy  system  and  achieve  efficiency. • Clinton  Andrews,  AICP,  Ph.D.,  Professor  and  Associate  Dean  for  Planning  &  New  Ini=a=ves,  Edward  J.  Bloustein  School  of   Planning  &  Public  Policy • Jennifer  Senick,  Execu=ve  Director,  Rutgers  Center  for  Green  Building • Jennifer  Souder,  ASLA,  LEED  AP  BD+C,  Instructor,  Green  Building  Studio,  Edward  J.  Bloustein  School  of  Planning  &  Public   Policy • Daniel  Dobromilsky,  LLA,  PP,  LTE,  Landscape  Architect,  West  Windsor  Township • Eric  Goldstein,  LLA,  PP,  Execu=ve  Director,  King  of  Prussia  District   THURSDAY 2:15 PM - 4:15 PM
  12. 12. TE4:  Reforming or Replacing COAH:  So What do We Do About It? Regency BC CM I 2.0 I Law CLE A  number  of  alterna=ves  to  COAH  have  been  posited,  but  which  makes  the  most  sense  depends  on  what  goals  are  most  important  to   achieve  in  the  reform.    This  panel  will  present  the  array  of  alterna=ves  from  a  re-­‐boot  of  the  alloca=on  system,  to  modifica=ons  of   approaches  that  have  been  tried  by  other  states. • David  Dante  Troua,  Professor  of  Law  and  Jus=ce  John  J,  Francis  Scholar,  Rutgers  School  of  Law,  Newark • Art  Bernard,  AICP/PP • Robert  W.  Burchell,  Professor  &  Co-­‐Director  for  Urban  Policy  Research,  Urban  Planning  &  Policy  Development  Program,   Edward  J.  Bloustein  School  of  Planning  &  Public  Policy • Thomas  F.  Carroll,  III,  Esq.,  Hill  Wallack,  LLP • Stuart  Meck,  FAICP/PP,  Associate  Research  Professor  &  Director,  Center  for  Planning  Prac=ce,  Edward  J.  Bloustein  School  of   Planning  &  Public  Policy TH4:  Building Healthy Communities Garden State BC CM I 2.0 Health  professionals  are  turning  to  planners  to  help  implement  policies  and  programs  that  create  healthier  environments  to  live,   work  and  play  for  all  ages  and  abili=es.  Concern  for  the  health  effects  of  transporta=on  is  an  emerging  focus  of  research  and   planning.    Choices  made  by  decision  makers  at  the  state  and  local  levels  have  tangible  impacts  on  the  health  of  ci=zens,  and   educa=ng,  inspiring  and  empowering  decision  makers  to  adopt  and  consider  health  impacts  toward  decisions  about  transporta=on   planning  is  cri=cal.  Leaders  and  policymakers  at  the  local,  regional,  and  state  levels  are  beginning  to  integrate  considera=ons  of   health  and  well-­‐being  during  the  development,  evalua=on  and  implementa=on  of  transporta=on  and  land  use  policies,  services  and   planning.    This  session  will  address  how  health  data  and  chronic  disease  preven=on  goals  can  be  used  in  making  land  use  and   transporta=on  decisions.  Panelists  will  share  na=onal,  state  and  local  examples  of  how  health  outcomes  can  influence  community   health.  Panelists  will  discuss  the  health  case  for  good  planning  and  obesity-­‐preven=on  strategies  that  can  empower  planners  to   consider  the  health  impact  of  their  decisions. • Leigh  Ann  Von  Hagen,  ACIP/PP,  Senior  Research  Specialist,  Alan  M.  Voorhees  Transporta=on  Center,  Rutgers  University • Nora  Shepard,  AICP,  New  Jersey  State  Advocacy  Organizer,  Safe  Routes  to  School  Na=onal  Partnership • Laura  Torchio,  AICP,  Eat.  Play.  Live...  Beber,  Program  Coordinator,  Montclair  State  University • Janet  Heroux,  MHS,  MBA,  Preven=on  Consultant,  Partnering  for  a  Healthy  New  Jersey,  New  Jersey  Department  of  Health THURSDAY 2:15 PM - 4:15 PM THURSDAY 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM TA5:  Professional Ethics in Planning & Design Regency DEF CM I 1.5 I Ethics This  session  will  focus  on  the  AICP  Code  of  Ethics  and  Professional  Conduct  and  its  applica=on  in  the  day-­‐today  decision  making  of   prac=cing  planners  in  both  the  private  and  public  sectors.  Abendees  will  discuss  various  scenarios  planners  may  face  and  brainstorm   how  best  to  approach  these  situa=ons. • Stuart  Meck,  FAICP/PP,  Associate  Research  Professor  &  Director,  Center  for  Planning  Prac=ce,  Edward  J.  Bloustein  School  of   Planning  &  Public  Policy • Deborah  Alaimo  Lawlor,  FAICP/PP,  AICP  Commissioner,  Region  1 • David  Kinsey,  FAICP/PP,  Kinsey  &  Hand,  Visi=ng  Lecturer,  Woodrow  Wilson  School,  Princeton  University
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  19. 19. FB1:  Suburban Transformation with Transit, Mixed-Use & Density, Lessons from Beyond the Delaware Regency A CM I 1.5 What  can  suburban  communi=es  in  New  Jersey  learn  from  other  regions  that  have  implemented  bold  visions  that  drama=cally   increase  transit,  mixed-­‐use  and  density?    This  session  will  feature  presenters  highligh=ng  suburban  transforma=ons  in  the   Washington  DC  metro  area,  metropolitan  Boston  and  the  Greater  Toronto  Area.    Case  studies  from  each  region  will  be  related  to   similar  contexts  in  New  Jersey  to  help  demonstrate  the  applicability  for  session  abendees.    Presenta=ons  will  summarize  “lessons   learned”  including  how  support  and  opposi=on  from  elected  officials  and  the  public  was  addressed  in  order  to  build  consensus • Jim  Constan^ne,  PP,  Principal,  Looney  Ricks  Kiss • Russell  A.  Archambault,  Vice  President  &  Principal,  RKG  Associates,  Inc. • Wai  Ying  Di  Giorgio,  BLA,  OALA,  Partner,  The  Planning  Partnership FC1:  Planning for God, Managing Religious Uses Regency B CM I 1.5 I Law CLE As  recent  headlines  have  reminded  us,  building  churches  is  surprisingly  controversial  and   divisive.    What  are  the  planning  considera=ons  in  si=ng  various  types  of  religious  ins=tu=ons?     How  do  we  reconcile  pluralism  and  religious  tolerance  with  preserva=on  of  community   character?    How  do  we  plan  both  for  the  steibel  that  serves  a  walking  community  and  for  the   regional  church  that  serves  a  dispersed  popula=on?    What  are  the  legal  constraints  under  the   RLUIPA,  the  First  Amendment,  and  New  Jersey  land  use  law?    This  panel  will  report  on  recent   NJ  case  law  rela=ng  to  challenges  to  zoning  restric=ons  and  the  usefulness  of  the  use  variance   process.    Prac==oners  will  share  “best  prac=ces”  and  recommended  approaches  to   developing  planning  support  and  structure  for  effec=ve  and  fair  zoning  provisions. • Stephen  M.  Eisdorfer,  Esq.,  Hill  Wallack  LLP • Scarlea  Doyle,  PP,  John  Cilo,  Jr.  Associates • Peter  Steck,  PP • Carlos  Rodrigues,  AICP/PP,  Design  Solu=ons  for  a  Crowded  Planet FRIDAY 8:30 AM - 9:15 AM FRIDAY 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM Creigh Rahenkamp, APA-NJ Vice President for conference services: welcome and conference overview Charles latini, APA-NJ President: welcome and Introduction James W. Hughes, Dean of the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy: “Annual Challenge to the Profession”
  20. 20. FD1:  Engagement Garden State C CM I 1.5 Learn  how  to  integrate  new  tools  for  social  engagement  into  your  planning   process.    The  panel  will  present  recent  examples  of  how  they  have  used  these   tools  and  the  impacts  on  the  planning  process  and  the  plans  themselves.     Audience  engagement  encouraged! • Frank  Hebbert,  Director,  OpenPlans • Elaine  Clisham,  Director  of  Communica=ons,  New  Jersey  Future • Michelle  Lee,  Co-­‐founder  &  CEO,  Tex=zen • Alex  Gilliam,  Founder,  Public  Workshop FE1:  Best Practices in Affordable Housing Garden State A CM I 1.5 Learn  from  experienced  developers  how  to  plan  for,  finance,  construct,  and  market  affordable  housing  in  your  community.    Hear   about  challenges  and  opportuni=es  of  developing  various  housing  types,  including  rental,  for-­‐sale  and  special  needs  housing,   experiences  of  both  for-­‐profit  and  non-­‐profit  developers,  leveraging  of  mul=ple  funding  sources,  developing  public-­‐private   partnerships,  and  how  to  appropriately  integrate  affordable  housing  into  the  neighborhood  fabric.    Panelists  will  discuss  best   prac=ces  and  notable  achievements  of  four  (4)  diverse  projects,  such  as  green  and  LEED  features,  transit  access,  connec=vity  to  the   neighborhood,  and  most  importantly,  the  posi=ve  local  impacts  of  affordable  housing  done  The  Right  Way. • Anthony  L.  Marcheaa,  Execu=ve  Director,  NJHMFA • Ed  Martoglio,  Principal,  RPM  Development  Group • Sean  Closkey,  President,  The  Reinvestment  Fund  Development  Partners • Donna  Blaze,  CEO,  Affordable  Housing  Alliance   FF1:  Exploring Applications of the New and Improved Cluster Tools Regency C CM I 1.5 This  session  will  explore  the  new  provisions  for  noncon=guous  cluster  development  and  alterna=ve  uses  for  “preserved”  lands   authorized  by  amendments  to  the  Municipal  Land  Use  Law.  Experienced  prac==oners  will  use  hypothe=cal  case  studies  to  illustrate   how  to  structure  an  effec=ve  noncon=guous  cluster  program  to  implement  community  goals  while  simultaneously  crea=ng   development  opportuni=es  that  are  abrac=ve  to  landowners  and  developers.    The  panel  will  compare  the  advantages  and  limita=ons   of  cluster  compared  to  other  tools  including  TDR  and  GDP’s. • Philip  B.  Caton,  AICP/PP,  Principal,  Clarke  Caton  Hintz • William  F.  Harrison,  Esq.,  Genova  Burns  Giantomasi  Webster • James  E.  Hartling,  Partner,  Urban  Partners • Chris  Sturm,  Senior  Director  of  State  Policy,  New  Jersey  Future FRIDAY 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
  21. 21. FG1:  Tools & Strategies to Achieve Resiliency Brunswick B CM I 1.5 Roll  up  your  sleeves  and  join  this  hearty  discussion  about  new  tools,  strategies  and  best  management  prac=ces  to  build  and   strengthen  municipal  resilience  in  NJ.  A  panel  of  experts  will  present  over  a  dozen  resiliency  tools  and  ac=ons,  including  community   risk  assessments,  sea  level  rise  mapping  tools,  social  media  strategies,  rolling  easements,  model  ordinances,  eleva=ng  vernacular  and   historic  structures,  health  impact  assessments,  and  more.  Also,  learn  about  a  new  statewide  program  that  connects  communi=es  in   need  of  recovery  or  resiliency  assistance  with  resources  provided  by  government  and  non-­‐governmental  sources.     • Linda  Weber,  AICP/PP,  Resiliency  Program  Director,  Sustainability  Ins=tute,  The  College  of  New  Jersey   • Lisa  Auermuller,  Watershed  Coordinator,  Jacques  Cousteau  Na=onal  Estuarine  Research  Reserve • Stacy  Perrine,  AICP/PP,  Senior  Research  Associate,  Environmental  Analysis  &  Communica=on  Group,  Rutgers  University • Roderick  Scoa,  Flood  Hazard  Mi=ga=on  Specialist,  L  &  R  Resources,  LLC • Jus^n  Auciello,  AICP/PP,  Founder/Editor  of  Jersey  Shore  Hurricane  News FH1:  Opportunity Cost Garden State B CM I 1.5 Todd  Poole  will  use  a  combina=on  of  case  study  and  analy=c  methods  to  demonstrate  that  the  consequences  associated  with   indecision,  concerning  whether  or  not  to  commit  public  resources  to  a  prospec=ve  redevelopment  project,  can  be  far  more   expensive  than  the  investment  itself. • Todd  J.  Poole,  EDFP,  President  of  4ward  Planning,  Inc. FI1:  Innovate to Mitigate:  Improving Our Waterfront Communities Brunswick C CM I 1.5 This  session  illustrates  how  planning  responses  to  severe  storm  events  can  help  communi=es  fix  longstanding  deficiencies,  improve   public  access  to  open  space,  provide  for  the  restora=on  of  degraded  landscapes  and  habitats,  and  increase  overall  community   resiliency.  It  will  showcase  several  op=ons  for  the  highly-­‐vulnerable  Weber  Avenue  neighborhood  in  Sayreville:  State-­‐sponsored  "buy-­‐ out",  construc=on  of  a  USACE-­‐sponsored  levee  system,  poten=al  private  sector  redevelopment,  parkland  swaps  and  the  poten=al   crea=on  of  the  Central  Jersey  Nature  Preserve.     • Anton  Nelessen,  PP,  CNU,  Professor  &  Director  of  Undergraduate  Program,  Edward  J.  Bloustein  School  of  Planning  &  Public   Policy • Merisa  Gilman  –  MCRP  Candidate,  Edward  J.  Bloustein  School  of  Planning  &  Public  Policy • Bo  Kyung  Choi  –  MCRP  Candidate,  Edward  J.  Bloustein  School  of  Planning  &  Public  Policy • Sara  Yildirm  –  MLA  Candidate,  Department  of  Landscape  Architecture,  Rutgers  University • Rebecca  Cook  –  MLA  Candidate,  Department  of  Landscape  Architecture,  Rutgers  University FRIDAY 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
  22. 22. FB2:  Can Form-Based Codes Get Better Buildings? Better Communities? Regency A CM I 1.5 Planners  are  excited  about  Form-­‐Based  Codes,  but  the  use  of  design  regula=ons  too  oken  results  in  uninspiring  built  forms.    This   session  will  help  planners  understand  a  wide  spectrum  of  building  and  architectural  typologies  including  many  forms  that  are   prevalent  in  other  regions,  but  not  permibed  by  typical  New  Jersey  zoning  codes.    Typologies  will  range  from  =ny  cobages  and   accessory  apartments  at  one  end  of  the  spectrum  to  soaring  high-­‐rises  and  expansive  warehouses  at  the  other.    Case  studies  will   explore  how  planners  are  abemp=ng  to  guide  the  form  of  small  lot  single-­‐family  homes,  mul=-­‐family  and  mixed-­‐use  building  types  in   a  range  of  community  seengs.   • Jim  Constan^ne,  PP,  Principal,  Looney  Ricks  Kiss • Michael  DiGeronimo,  AICP/PP,  Senior  Planner/Town  Architect,  Looney  Ricks  Kiss • Gonzalo  Echeverria,  Senior  Urban  Designer,  Looney  Ricks  Kiss • Mark  Cannuli,  AICP/PP,  Vice  President  of  Development,  Sharbell  Development  Corpora=on FC2:  Sustainability & Economic Competitiveness:  Global Initiatives & Local Implementation Regency B CM I 1.5 Companies  and  governments  from  the  local  to  the  global  levels  have  come  to  realize  that  they  must  incorporate  the  principles  of   sustainability  in  their  understandings  of  economic  compe==veness.    New  policies  and  ini=a=ves  from  implemen=ng  "cradle  to   cradle"  produc=on  to  new  approaches  to  Comprehensive  Economic  Development  Strategies  (CEDS)  will  be  discussed. • Robin  L.  Murray,  FAIA,  PP,  LEED  BD+C,  RLM  Architecture  (Former  Research  Director,  Sustainability  Ins=tute) • Maahew  Polsky,  Senior  Fellow,  Ins=tute  of  Sustainable  Enterprise,  Farleigh  Dickenson  University • Robert  Bzik,  AICP/PP,  Director  of  Planning,  Somerset  County  Planning  Division FD2:  Web-based Geospatial Tools for Sustainable Planning Garden State C CM I 1.5 Browser-­‐based  Geospa=al  tools  are  allowing  GIS  and  other  data  to  be  easily  accessed  by  non-­‐GIS  experts  to  support  local  decision-­‐ making.      The  ease  of  use  and  real-­‐=me  accessibility  of  these  tools  allow  them  to  be  used  live  during  mee=ngs  or  in  the  field  via   mobile  compu=ng  devices.    These  free  and  open  GIS  tools  can  provide  local-­‐level  support  for  planners  including:  managing  land   development,  assessing  land  use  change  impacts,  risk  management,  climate  change  adapta=on,  demographic  change  analysis,   watershed  management,  and  farmland  preserva=on  among  others.    This  panel  of  leading  GIS  researchers  and  prac==oners  will  demo   a  number  of  recently  developed  geospa=al  applica=ons  developed  in  their  prospec=ve  shops,  which  have  the  poten=al  to   significantly  augment  the  local  planning  and  decision-­‐making  process. • John  Hasse,  Department  Chair,  Geography  &  Environment,  Rowan  University • John  Reiser,  Rowan  University  GeoLab • Rick  Lathrop,  Rutgers  University  CRSSA • Wansoo  Im,  Founder  &  President,  VERTICES,  LLC • Chris  Pollard,  Senior  GIS  Specialist,  Delaware  Valley  Regional  Planning  Commission FRIDAY 11:15 AM - 12:45 PM
  23. 23. FE2:  Practical Redevelopment Garden State A CM I 1.5 I Law CLE Geeng  posi=ve  and  =mely  results  from  redevelopment  takes  more  than  knowing  the  process.    Join  a  group  of  seasoned  prac==oners   to  review  what  worked  and  what  didn't,  and  what  new  possibili=es  can  be  harnessed  to  achieve  results. • M.  James  Maley,  Esq.,  Maley  &  Associates,  PC • Joe  Brigandi,  Jr.,  Administrator,  Borough  of  Glassboro • Phillip  Rowan,  President,  Economic  Development  Associates,  LLC • Angelo  Alberto,  AICP/PP,  AIA,  Alberto  &  Associates,  Inc. FF2:  Planning for Emerging Centers Regency C CM I 1.5 Morristown  became  NJTPA’s  partner  in  a  pilot  project  for  a  combined  Mobility  and  Community  Form  master  plan  element.  This   project  creates  a  Streets  Plan,  a  Community  Form  Plan,  and  a  Plan  for  Places  focusing  on  five  development  areas  and  roadway   corridors  to  manage  conges=on  and  create  walkable,  bikeable,  and  livable  urban  and  suburban  spaces.  Learn  how  resources  were   coordinated,  the  public  involvement  process,  and  the  outcome  of  this  pilot,  that  provides  many  lessons  for  integra=ng  transporta=on   and  land  use  in  local  planning. • Jeffrey  Perlman,  AICP/PP,  LEED-­‐AP,  North  Jersey  Transporta=on  Planning  Authority • Phil  Abramson,  AICP/PP,  Project  Manager,  Jonathan  Rose  Companies • Adam  Tecza,  Planner/Urban  Designer,  Group  Melvin  Design • Darius  Sollohub,  AIA,  Associate  Professor  of  Architecture,  College  of  Architecture  &  Design,  NJIT • Michael  J.  Viscardi,  AICP/PP,  LLA,  NJ  Transit FG2:  Big Ideas for a Small City:  Building a Resilient & Sustainable Hoboken Brunswick B CM I 1.5 Sandy  brought  500  million  gallons  of  water  from  the  Hudson  River  into  Hoboken,  flooding  nearly  80  percent  of  the  city  and  leaving   over  90  percent  of  Hoboken  without  power,  causing  more  than  $100  million  in  property  damages  to  residences  and  economic  losses   to  small  businesses,  as  well  as  severe  damage  to  cri=cal  community  facili=es  and  transit  infrastructure.  Hoboken  bounced  forward,   and  is  now  advancing  some  big  ideas  for  long  term  resiliency,  including  a  Strategic  Recovery  Planning  Report  with  a  roadmap  for   improving  power  supply  systems,  shoreline  protec=on,  stormwater  management,  hardening  of  cri=cal  facili=es  and  infrastructure,   and  more  resilient  building  codes.  A  key  component  is  the  Hoboken  Green  Infrastructure  Strategic  Plan,  which  recommends  cost-­‐ effec=ve  and  place-­‐based,  sustainable  stormwater  management  strategies  for  the  City.    Join  the  panel  to  hear  how  this  small  city  has   embraced  big  ideas  through  a  collabora=ve  process. • The  Honorable  Dawn  Zimmer,  Mayor,  City  of  Hoboken • Stephen  Marks,  AICP/PP,  CFM,  LEED  GA,  Assistant  Business  Administrator,  City  of  Hoboken • Niek  Veraart,  AICP,  ASLA,  Vice  President,  The  Louis  Berger  Group • Eric  C.  Y.  Fang,  AIA,  AICP,  LEED  AP,  Associate  Principal,  EE&K  a  Perkins  Eastman  Company FRIDAY 11:15 AM - 12:45 PM
  24. 24. FH2:  Retail Planning 101:  How to turn planning concepts into signed leases Garden State B CM I 1.5 Successful  retail  space  can  ac=vate  and  enliven  the  surrounding  streetscape  so  planners   oken  look  to  incorporate  ground  floor  retail  into  their  planning  efforts.  Oken=mes   however,  specific  spaces  are  designated  for  retail  uses  without  first  taking  into  account   market  demand,  area  demographics,  and  retail/restaurant  opera=onal  requirements.   This  panel  will  shed  light  on  what  today's  retailers  are  looking  for  when  it  comes  to   parking  requirements,  construc=on  costs,  store  layouts  and  other  key  criteria,  as  well  as     highligh=ng  how  retailers’  site  selec=on  criteria  varies  in  urban,  suburban  and  rural   markets.  The  panel,  which  includes  a  retail  developer,  town  planner  and  store  loca=on   specialist,  will  provide  the  tools  and  background  needed  to  plan  for  retailers'  needs,   resul=ng  in  successful  neighborhood  plans. • Kate  Coburn,  Partner,  HR&A  Advisors,  Inc. • George  H.  Jacobs,  President,  Jacobs  Enterprises • Janice  Talley,  AICP/PP,  Director  of  Planning  and  Community  Development,  Township  of  Montclair • Chase  Welles,  Execu=ve  Vice  President,  The  Shopping  Center  Group   FI2:  Visualizing Responses to Sandy:  Case Studies Brunswick C CM I 1.5 The  NJ  Sandy  Recovery  Fund  has  funded  researchers  at  the   Bloustein  School  to  probe  public  opinions  with  respect  to  a   number  of  possible  futures  that  may  come  about  in   response  to  the  new  condi=ons  and  regulatory   requirements  adopted  in  the  akermath  of  Sandy.     Engineered  flood  protec=on  systems,  public  sector  "buy-­‐ outs"  and  the  requirements  to  elevate  residen=al  and   commercial  structures  will  all  change  the  "look  and  feel"  of   the  affected  communi=es  significantly.  What  are  the  most   appropriate  responses?  How  will  each  type  of  response   look  and  feel  like?  What  trade-­‐offs  are  involved?  What  are   the  consequences  for  the  affected  property  owners  and   the  town?  Which  responses  are  most  consistent  with   sound  planning  principles?  The  panel  will  discuss  three   towns  with  different  condi=ons  (=dal  estuary,  bay  and   ocean)  to  explore  these  issues. • Carlos  Rodrigues,  AICP/PP,  Design  Solu=ons  for  a  Crowded  Planet • Anton  Nelessen,  PP,  CNU,  Professor  &  Director  of  Undergraduate  Program,  Edward  J.  Bloustein  School  of  Planning  &  Public   Policy • Clinton  Andrews,  AICP,  Ph.D.,  Professor  and  Associate  Dean  for  Planning  &  New  Ini=a=ves,  Edward  J.  Bloustein  School  of   Planning  &  Public  Policy FRIDAY 11:15 AM - 12:45 PM
  25. 25. Charles latini, APA-NJ President: Introduction and Remarks FA3: KEYNOTE - - Planning for Who?  The Financial, Demographic and Economic Trends That Will Drive Housing Needs and Demand Regency DEF CM I 1 JEFFREY  G.  OTTEAU,  PRESIDENT,  THE  OTTEAU  VALUATION  GROUP  INC. Mr.  OKeau  manages  all  facets  of  The  OKeau  Valua4on  Group  and  has  been  ac4vely   engaged  in  real  estate  consulta4on  and  valua4on  since  1974.  He  holds  the  State  Cer4fied   General  Real  Estate  Appraiser  cer4fica4on  which  is  the  highest  level  offered.  Frequently   quoted  in  the  New  York  Times  and  Wall  Street  Journal,  and  having  made  television   appearances  on  CNBC,  Bloomberg  and  NBC  News,  Mr.  OKeau  is  widely  respected  for  his   knowledge  and  insight  into  real  estate  trends.  His  aKen4on  to  detail  and  comprehensive   fact  finding  has  made  him  the  go-­‐to  person  for  industry  professionals  seeking  to  enhance   their  compe44ve  posi4on  in  the  marketplace.  Jeffrey  has  provided  tes4mony  as  an  expert   witness  at  the  municipal,  county  and  state  levels,  authored  several  texts  on  property   valua4on  techniques  and  has  lectured  throughout  the  United  States  and  in  Canada.  He   served  on  the  Appraisal  Standards  Advisory  Council,  which  consulted  with  the  Appraisal   Founda4on  in  Washington,  D.C.  on  its  agenda  of  projects  and  major  technical  issues.  Mr.   OKeau  served  as  a  past  Chairman  of  the  Employee  Reloca4on  Council's  Appraisal   Standards  Council  and  was  inducted  into  their  dis4nguished  Hall  of  Leaders  in  1995. FRIDAY LUNCH 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  26. 26. FE4:  New Brunswick Bus Tour – Successful Housing Redevelopment Meet in the Hotel Lobby CM I 2.0 Urban  redevelopment  has  long  been  lauded  for  bringing  prosperity  to  struggling  areas,  while   simultaneously  cri=cized  for  leaving  behind  the  most  vulnerable  popula=ons.    The  City  of  New   Brunswick  has  gone  through  a  redevelopment  renaissance  and  has  addressed  this  issue  head   on.    Tour  the  City’s  premier  luxury  and  affordable  housing  developments  with  experienced   development  professionals  and  learn  about  unique  opportuni=es  and  challenges  to  successful   development.    The  panel  will  also  discuss  various  funding  sources  including  federal  Low   Income  Housing  Tax  Credits,  Fund  for  Restora=on  of  Mul=family  Housing,  and  the  Urban   Transit  Hub  Tax  Credit  Program,  among  others,  as  well  as  innova=ve  techniques  to  build   housing  that  meets  your  community’s  needs.     • Anthony  L.  Marcheaa,  Execu=ve  Director,  New  Jersey  Housing  and  Mortgage  Finance  Agency   • John  H.  Clarke,  Execu=ve  Director,  New  Brunswick  Housing  and  Redevelopment  Authority • Wasseem  Boraie,  Vice  President,  Boraie  Development,  LLC • Timothy  I.  Henkel,  Senior  Vice  President,  Pennrose  Proper=es,  LLC FRIDAY 3:15PM - 5:15 PM New Brunswick Bus Tour – Successful Housing Redevelopment Sponsored by NJHMFA
  27. 27. FB4:  Operator's Manual for Form-Based Codes Regency A CM I 1.5 I Law CLE The  Form-­‐Based  Code  Guidebook  -­‐  An  Operator's  Manual  for  New  Jersey  Planners,  Administrators  and  Boards,  funded  by  NJDOT's   Mobility  and  Community  Form  program  is  about  to  be  released.    This  nuts  and  bolts  publica=on  provides  a  comprehensive  and   authorita=ve  overview  of  the  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  in  form-­‐based  zoning  in  NJ,  the  experience  with  this  technique  to  date,  reasons  why   towns  are  adop=ng  form-­‐based  codes,  the  mechanics  of  embedding  form-­‐based  elements  within  a  conven=onal  code,  emerging   issues  with  code  administra=on,  and  poten=al  legal  issues,  including  the  key  dis=nc=on  between  regula=ng  "uses"  and  "structures"   and  whether  devia=ons  should  be  treated  as  "waivers"  or  "variances."  Join  our  panel  in  a  discussion  of  the  manual  and  the  many   prac=cal  issues  in  using  form-­‐based  requirements  in  our  communi=es. • Andrew  Swords,  AICP/  PP,  Director,  Division  of  Statewide  Planning,  NJDOT • Mark  Keener,  AIA,  AICP/PP,  Director  of  Urban  Design,  The  RBA  Group • Carlos  Rodrigues,  AICP/PP,  Design  Solu=ons  for  a  Crowded  Planet • Steven  Tripp,  Esq.,  Wilentz,  Goldman  &  Spitzer FC4:  Scenario Planning:   Buzzword or Tool for Planners & Decision-makers? Regency B CM I 2.0 Join  leading  scenario  planning  prac==oners  to  beber  understand  the  best  uses  for  these  powerful  tools  in  crea=ng  robust  plans  that   can  stand  the  test  of  =me  and  respond  to  mul=ple  uncertain=es.    The  panelists  will  address  the  role  of  scale  (region  or  local),   different  types  of  planning  scenarios,  involving  the  public  in  using  online  tools,  and  the  limita=ons  of  scenario  planning. • David  Heller,  AICP/PP,  Team  Leader,  Regional  &  Systems  Planning,  South  Jersey  Transporta=on  Planning  Organiza=on • Andrew  Tracy,  Transporta=on  Planner,  South  Jersey  Transporta=on  Planning  Organiza=on • Brea  Fusco,  Senior  Transporta=on  Planner,  Delaware  Valley  Regional  Planning  Commission • Zenobia  Fields,  Department  Director  of  Planning,  North  Jersey  Transporta=on  Planning  Authority FD4:  Putting the Public Interest Back Into Planning:   Stories from Practicing Professionals Garden State C CM I 2.0 Planning  is  unique  among  professions  with  its  goal  of  serving  the  public  interest  and  placing  the  public  good  above  client,  corporate,   and  even  financial  considera=ons.    Both  the  AICP  exam  applica=on  and  the  professional  code  of  ethics  explicitly  call  out  the  cri=cal   role  of  the  public  interest  in  professional  ac=on  and  efforts.    This  session  spotlights  a  group  of  New  Jersey  planning  professionals  who   have  taken  the  ini=a=ve  to  do  exactly  that‚  put  the  public  interest  back  into  planning. • Peter  Kremer,  AICP/PP,  Senior  Supervising  Planner,  Parsons  Brinckerhoff • Dan  Faaon,  Trenton  Recycling  Revolu=on • Tiffany  R.  Robinson,  Senior  Planner,  The  RBA  Group • Laura  Torchio,  AICP,  Eat.  Play.  Live...  Beber,  Program  Coordinator,  Montclair  State  University • Akram  Abed,  Manager,  Camden  Metro  Area,  Rails-­‐to-­‐Trails  Conservancy   FRIDAY 3:15 PM - 5:15 PM
  28. 28. FF4:  Regional Planning on a Local Scale: Early Returns from the Demonstration Project Activities of the Together North Jersey Sustainable Communities Consortium Regency C CM I 2.0 A  US  HUD  Sustainable  Communi=es  planning  grant  is  suppor=ng  a  planning  effort  that  charts  a  (hopefully)  enlightened  and  agreed   upon  future  course  with  the  region's  residents,  employers,  advocates,  watchdogs  and,  yes,  even  the  skep=cs  that  -­‐  at  its  core  -­‐  is   about  fostering  equitable  TOD  across  the  region  linked  directly  to  the  region's  robust  transit  network.    Panelists  will  report  on  early   successes,  ac=ons  and  direc=ons  from  the  first  tranche  of  local  demonstra=on  projects  that  have  been  COMPLETED.    Come  learn   about  the  work  of  Together  North  Jersey. • Vivian  Baker,  Assistant  Director,  Transit  Friendly  Land  Use  &  Development,  NJ  Transit • Eric  C.  Y.  Fang,  AIA,  AICP,  LEED  AP,  Associate  Principal,  EE&K  a  Perkins  Eastman  Company • Leigh  Ann  Hindenlang,  AICP/PP,  Senior  Planner,  City  of  Perth  Amboy,  Office  of  Economic  and  Community  Development • Patrick  Morrissy,  Execu=ve  Director  of  HANDS  Inc. • Chris  Phelan,  President  &  CEO,  Hunterdon  County  Chamber  of  Commerce FG4:  Innovative Design in a Complex, Post-Sandy Environment  Brunswick B CM I 2.0 From  the  catastrophic  event  of  Sandy  emerged  spirited  new  discussions  and  ini=a=ves  to  increase  resiliency  in  the  built  environment.   The  Rebuild  By  Design  compe==on,  commissioned  by  the  US  Department  of  Housing  and  Urban  Development  (HUD),  invited  the   world’s  most  talented  design  professionals  to  envision  solu=ons  that  would  increase  resilience  across  the  Sandy-­‐affected  region.     View  some  of  the  designer’s  concepts  that  address  the  complexity  of  systems  and  environments  to  produce  innova=ve,  resilient   designs.  Learn  about  the  work  of  the  New  Jersey  Ins=tute  of  Technology  and  its  proto-­‐typologies  that  were  developed  from  applied   research  and  field-­‐tes=ng  in  post-­‐Sandy  New  Jersey.  Experience  their  2-­‐,  3-­‐  and  4-­‐D  designs  that  consider  strategic  and  long-­‐term   interven=ons  to  be  smarter  than  the  storm. • Linda  Weber,  AICP/PP,  Resiliency  Program  Director,  Sustainability  Ins=tute,  The  College  of  New  Jersey • Jamie  Torres  Springer,  MPP,  Partner,  HR&A  Advisors,  Inc. • Jason  Hellendrung,  ASLA,  Principal,  Sasaki  Associates • Thomas  G.  Dallessio  AICP/PP,  Director,  Center  for  Resilient  Design,  New  Jersey  Ins=tute  of  Technology FRIDAY 3:15 PM - 5:15 PM RECEPTION 5:15 PM - 6:30 PM SPONSORED BY NJHMFA
  29. 29. Architecture • Planning • Urban Redevelopment Haddonfield, NJ Tel. (856) 354-1223
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