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Sugar by any other name is still sugar


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Due to a loophole in the USDA food labeling laws, the sugar content of the product can be split into a number of names so that it appears to have less sugar in it. It's important to know some of the other names.

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Sugar by any other name is still sugar

  1. 1. Sugar By Any Other Name Is Still Sugar (and NOT Healthy) Alan E. Organ, M.D., Ph.D.
  2. 2. Agave Nectar Also known as Agave Syrup  Found in cereals, organic foods and ice cream 
  3. 3. Barley Malt  Found in malt beers like Samuel Adams, cereals and candy bars
  4. 4. Beet Sugar  Found in more than 20% of the world’s sugar
  5. 5. Blackstrap Molasses  Found in baked beans and gingerbread
  6. 6. Brown Rice Syrup  Found in rice milk, cereal bars and organic foods
  7. 7. Brown Sugar  Found in baked goods, beverages, sauces and baked beans
  8. 8. Buttered Sugar  Found in cookies, icing and frosting
  9. 9. Cane Juice Crystals  Found in yogurt, cakes, cookies and baked goods
  10. 10. Cane Juice  Found in liquors like cachaca and is used as a beverage
  11. 11. Cane Sugar  Found in 80% of the world’s sugar
  12. 12. Caramel  Found in sodas, desserts and candy
  13. 13. Carob Syrup  Found in cakes, cookies and is used as a substitute for chocolate
  14. 14. Caster Sugar Found in baking products and mixed drinks  Also known as superfine sugar 
  15. 15. Coconut Sugar  Found in diabetic sweeteners and diabetic alternative foods
  16. 16. Corn Sweetener  Found in liquid sweeteners, frozen foods, cough syrups and antacids
  17. 17. Corn Syrup  Found in sodas, fast food and cookies
  18. 18. Corn Syrup Solids  Found in coffee creamers and dry beverage mixes
  19. 19. Crystalline Fructose Found in ice cream, baked goods  Also used as a fruit flavoring 
  20. 20. Date Sugar  Found in baked goods and cookies
  21. 21. Demara Sugar Found in muffins and cakes  Used as a sweetener in coffee and tea 
  22. 22. Dextran  Used as a food additive
  23. 23. Diastatic Malt  Found in baked goods, milk shakes, ice cream and flavored syrups
  24. 24. Diatase  Found in barley, milk, plants and our saliva
  25. 25. Ethyl Maltol  Found in breads, cakes and confectionary goods
  26. 26. Evaporated Cane Juice  Found in baked goods, cereals and beverages
  27. 27. Fructose  Found in baked goods, soft drinks and naturally occurs in fruits and honey
  28. 28. Fruit Juice Concentrates  Found in fruit juices and fruit-flavored yogurts
  29. 29. Galactose  Found in fast foods, vegetable products and dairy products
  30. 30. Glucose  Found in fruits, honey, fast foods and baked goods
  31. 31. Golden Sugar  Found in cakes, biscuits and meringues
  32. 32. Golden Syrup Also known as refiner’s syrup  Found in tarts, pancake toppings and desserts 
  33. 33. High Fructose Corn Syrup  Found in fast foods, sodas, yogurts, canned foods, frozen pizzas, macaroni and cheese, cereal bars, breads, ketchup and mustards
  34. 34. Honey  Found in baked goods and teas
  35. 35. Invert Sugar  Found in candy, sodas, confectionary goods and baked goods
  36. 36. Lactose Also known as milk sugar  Found in milk, cheese and other dairy products  Used as a filler in some processed meats like “all beef” hotdogs 
  37. 37. Malt Syrup  Found in bread, pastries, and diabetic alternative foods
  38. 38. Maltodextrin Found in beer, sodas, candies and processed foods  Also used as a “filler” in the “nocalorie” sugar substitutes like Equal and Nutrasweet  Should not be used if you have Celiac disease (gluten-sensitivity) 
  39. 39. Maltose Also known as malt sugar  Found in barley malt, beer, beverages and corn syrup 
  40. 40. Maple Syrup  Found on pancakes, waffles and processed foods
  41. 41. Molasses Syrup  Found in ginger bread, cakes, cookies and confectionary goods
  42. 42. Muscovado Sugar  Used as a sweetener in in and coffee or as a brown sugar replacement
  43. 43. Organic Raw Sugar  Used as a white sugar alternative
  44. 44. Oat Syrup Also known as Avena sativa  Found in granola bars, cereals, cookies, baked goods and ice cream 
  45. 45. Panela Also known as Raspadura  Found in baked goods, sodas, wine and vinegars 
  46. 46. Panocha Also known as penuche or brown sugar fudge candy  Found in cookies, desserts and fudge 
  47. 47. Confectioners’ Sugar Also known as powered sugar or icing sugar  Found in cake decorations, icing, frosting and baked goods 
  48. 48. Rice Bran Syrup  Used as a dietary supplement
  49. 49. Rice Syrup  Found in pies, cookies, cakes and granola bars
  50. 50. Sorghum  Found in cereals, cakes, muffins, beer and alcoholic beverages
  51. 51. Sorghum Syrup Also known as sweet sorghum  Found as a topping for biscuits, grits, pancakes and other breakfast foods 
  52. 52. Sucrose Also known as table sugar or white sugar  Found in cookies, cakes, biscuits, pies and ice cream 
  53. 53. Sugar  Found in pretty much everything!
  54. 54. Syrup  Found in sodas, baked goods, breakfast foods and candy
  55. 55. Treacle  Found in tarts, merengue’s and desserts
  56. 56. Tapioca Syrup  Found in fruit drinks, health bars and cereals
  57. 57. Turbinado Sugar Also known as “raw sugar”  Found in baked goods and as a white or brown sugar substitute 
  58. 58. Yellow Sugar  Found in marshmallow peeps, cookies, baked goods and yellow frosting
  59. 59. Why is it important to know the various names of sugar? Increase in diabetes in the US  Heart disease  High cholesterol  Obesity  Sugar can be “hidden” on a food label due to a loophole in the new food labelling law 
  60. 60. Additional Health Info For Water Info  For Weight:  For Skincare:  For Nutritional Supplements: 