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Simpleia is a UX Consultancy,
As you may expect we got asked often, so what do you really do ??
Here is the answer :)

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What we do @ Simpleia UX

  1. 1. What We Do ? @
  2. 2. simpleia.com
  3. 3. We do User experience Design (UX) simpleia.com
  4. 4. So what does that mean ??! simpleia.com
  5. 5. We design everything humans interacts with simpleia.com
  6. 6. Web applications simpleia.com
  7. 7. Web applications simpleia.com
  8. 8. Web applications simpleia.com
  9. 9. Web sites simpleia.com
  10. 10. Web sites simpleia.com
  11. 11. Web sites simpleia.com
  12. 12. Mobile apps simpleia.com
  13. 13. Even Devices and Retailing experiences Which we are not lucky enough to have any project in this 2 sectors yet. Just an example, Not Simpleia Design simpleia.com
  14. 14. Now you understand what we do ? simpleia.com
  15. 15. That’s nice but actually that’s not the point of UX simpleia.com
  16. 16. This is a mobile app And this is the face of the user using it simpleia.com
  17. 17. This is another app That’s been designed by a UX agency such as Simpleia And this is the face of the user using it simpleia.com
  18. 18. So how do we get a happy user simpleia.com
  19. 19. This is the point of User eXperience Design (UX) simpleia.com
  20. 20. The problem is alot of people don’t realize that it takes much researching, brainstorming, architecting & testing to get the users face to smile. simpleia.com
  21. 21. It’s not something made by luck or by guessing. it needs alot of experience in the fields of Cognitive sciences, human Psychology, Usability & Ergonomics, Information Architecture, Interaction Design and visual design (Typography, Iconography, Grid systems & Whitespaces). simpleia.com
  22. 22. What is the process we go through to achieve the smile simpleia.com
  23. 23. Business Objectives 1 User Info User Research UX Strategy Branding Information Architecture Interaction Design We start by doing our research about who are the users, what are there backgrounds, What are there needs, what’s the context the user to feel question What do you want they will be using the app through,here. so many other is answered and questions. We start by the observing phase where we observe users using similar products and track there actions, there breakpoints etc... Then we run some interviews, and we may run some tests. Visual User Interface simpleia.com
  24. 24. Business Objectives User Info User Research 2 Elegant UX Strategy Branding According to want the research wequestion What do you our user user to feel decide what will be the user experience strategy is answered here. which will be directing us for the next phases, we answer our main question here which is what’s the feeling needed to be delivered, professional, trustworthy, cool, futuristic, luxurious/classy ... Information Architecture Interaction Design Luxurious Visual User Interface simpleia.com
  25. 25. Business Objectives User Info User Research UX Strategy 3 Branding Information Architecture Interaction Design Branding mistakenly understood by many that’s it’s the logo design actually a brand What do you want the user to feel question is much more than that, it’s the culture is answered here. around a name, it’s what people say about you while you’re not in the room. Think of Mercedes think of classy, Think of Pepsi think of pop culture and youth, those are personalities cultures that drives a brand soul. We are not an advertising or graphics company but we think a brand should be hugely fed by the UX strategy. Visual User Interface simpleia.com
  26. 26. Business Objectives User Info User Research UX Strategy Branding 4 Information Architecture Interaction Design Visual User Interface Architecting systems information flow What do youawant the user to feel question and user flow through the navigation is answered here. considered to be one of the core aspects of a well designed system, it’s vital for insuring a smooth, guiding flow of the user between different section with no confusions and question marks popping around, each click, each title, each icon is important in it’s place, is guiding the user his way all through the system easily. It’s important to understand from where the user stands now, what will be his intention to do next, and place it right there in front of him. simpleia.com
  27. 27. Business Objectives User Info User Research UX Strategy Branding Information Architecture 5 Interaction Design Visual User Interface Is the phase where we start wireframing what the product, or screens would look like according to the architecture we’ve made, at the Information Architecture we decided the grouping of the screens the the features/data/controls on eachquestion What do you want the user to feel screen etc.. in this phase we start actually is answered here. sketching this up to get an idea of how it should look like, where stuff will take positions. what layout the pages will be, and where the call of action will take place, how the navigation will look like, what gestures/controls will be more suitable to the situation etc... Interaction Design phase is the most phase we need to care for usability issues along with Architecture and Visual design but specially interaction, as it’s the phase where we choose the structure of a layout, the place of the call of actions the type and size of controls etc... simpleia.com
  28. 28. Business Objectives User Info User Research UX Strategy Branding Information Architecture Interaction Design 6 Visual User Interface Visual User Interface design is the last phase of product design, but it’s the first layer shown on the surface to the users. UI Design is want the user eye candy What do younot only about to feel question and wow visuals, the colors are used to is answered here. grab attention to call of actions and to guide the user mentally through his way. Good Typography and well structured visual hierarchy is important for readability and usability. A huge deal of the emotional user engagement starts here from the UI layer, color theme choice and whitespaces distribution along with good typography hugely affect the feeling delivered to a user towards a product. simpleia.com
  29. 29. Abdelrahman Osama Founder & UX Director - simpleia simpleia.com simpleia Thanks