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As Flat UI Design is a trend in UI Design, Also Minimizing interactivity obstacles from the way of functionality is a much deeper trend.

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  • Good job, I like it . I think things in the past was too simple and elegant, but the unmanaged enhancement, adding features and options and by the time it become too complicated and complex, Now the challenge is reverting back with all of these feature to the simple original form or inventing new ones :).
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Less interaction

  1. Less Interaction Abdelrahman Osama Founder & UX Director - simpleia
  2. Every day we experience using different things 1
  3. While designing a product experience, the first question is, what do you want the user to feel about it ?? 2
  4. TerrifyingCool 3
  5. LuxuriousElegant 4
  6. 5 What do you want the user to feel question is answered here. Branding Business Objectives User Info User Research Information Architecture Interaction Design Visual User Interface UX StrategyUX Strategy
  7. 6 But
  8. 7 Unless it’s not a game, movie or super fancy car, products are meant to be used to do a specific function, not as an experience on it’s own.
  9. 8 Dieter Rams
  10. 9 Dieter Rams 10th Principle of good design: Good Design Is as Little Design as Possible
  11. 10 Apple iPad 2 Ad - We believe (2011)
  12. 11 This is what we believe, Technology alone is not enough, Faster, Thinner, Lighter, Those are all good things, But when technology get's out of the way, Every thing becomes more delightful, Even magical, That's when you leap forward. That's when you end up with something, Like this...
  13. 12 iPad 3 introduction video (2012)
  14. 13 We believe technology is at it's very best, when it's invisible, when your conscious only of what you're doing, not the device you're doing it with… An iPad is the perfect expression of that idea, it's just this magical plane of glass, that could be anything you want it to be.
  15. 14 Invisible Design = Less Interaction
  16. 15 Interactivity is the way to do a function not a goal on it's own
  17. 16 As little interactivity as possible to reach the function
  18. 17 Google Glass
  19. 18 You don’t even need to use your hands anymore
  20. 19 The more technology get complex the more we need invisible designs
  21. 20 Reminders Clear
  22. 21 • Less steps • Less time • Less visual processing (Flat UI)
  23. 22 Too much Hard Corners are visually painful as it needs much visual processing
  24. 23 Soft corners are more comfortable Less visual processing
  25. 24 Why Not ?
  26. 25 Learning Curve
  27. 26 How users will understand how to use your interface ?
  28. 27 First run wizard
  29. 28 First run wizard
  30. 29 Good UI’s should be visually guiding
  31. 30 It shouldn’t need a guide to explain it
  32. 31 But how ?
  33. 32 Reduce Features No. of features / Complexity UserHappiness
  34. 33 Remove any option if not often used by the majority of the users
  35. 34 Focus on 1, 2 or 3 functions, put the rest behind the magical 3 lines !!!
  36. 35
  37. 36
  38. 37
  39. 38 LayerVault
  40. 39 Progressive Reduction
  41. 40 Dynamic UI http://minimalpoint.com/blog/?166
  42. 41 Sometimes, some interaction goodies doesn’t hurt
  43. 42 Depends on the type of the product and how serious it is
  44. 43 For example social media apps could use some of that
  45. 44 Google+ feed effect Looks cool, doesn’t get in the way
  46. 45 Shown only while scrolling, and stay for a second before disappearing Removing the need of stating date on each post Removing the need of showing all options all the time
  47. Thanks Abdelrahman Osama Founder & UX Director - simpleia simpleia.com simpleia