"Simply Extraordinary" Magazine Proposal


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"Simply Extraordinary" Magazine Proposal

  1. 1. Magazine Title: Simply Extraordinary Rationale: The term “Extraordinary” by itself contains a strongly positive meaning, which can convey magical, supernatural, and delightful feelings about something. The word “Extraordinary” reminds us of something over-the-top; however, as we want to keep our magazine’s name exceptional and special yet classic and elegant, the word “Simply” then comes in to help tone down and smoothen the overall feeling. Moreover, the word “Simply” and “Extraordinary” rhymed, thus, makes it comfortable for the mouth as well as promoting recognition. “Simply Extraordinary” is then the ultimate name of the magazine, meaning that special things in life are not difficult to reach as there are miraculous things everywhere only if we choose to go about finding them, which all these magical places can be found easily as they are collected and offered here in our magazine. Genre: Travel & Lifestyle (domestic & international) Mood and Tone: Hip, Modern, Elegant Target: Male & Female • Age: 27-35 years old • Social Status: B to A Class • Income: 25,000 to 50,000 Baht Mr. Cullen and Ms. Swan enjoy living the big city life. They prefer hanging out with friends or families around the center of the city such as Thonglor, Sukhumvit, and Siam. They love shopping and continuously updating new brand products at Siam Paragon, Central Chidlom, or Emporium. They are the new generation that work hard and play hard at the same time. On their free times they love to spend them listening to good music and reading good books from Kinokuniya. They always have the new in-gadgets and knowledge about trends and lifestyle. Since they love to work hard, they often need to escape and get away to some places relaxing and luxurious to rejuvenate their minds. Moreover, they are always in search for new places and spots to have fun at.
  2. 2. Columns: Sneak Peek - Calendar showing monthly events, concerts, exhibitions, performances, festivals, etc. (Domestic) Joy to The World - World’s festivals and events: What’s happening in certain countries around the world ‘IT’ Spot - Must-go spot of the month (Domestic) Global Spot - Must-go spot of the month (International) The Perfect Journey - Recommended luxurious trip both domestic and international Travelling Partner - Suggestions of new items and gadgets for travelling Behind The Scene - Behind the scene of the fashion shoot feature including photos and a short interview from the model(s) and production team Beyond Imagination - On-budget trip with a monthly rotating famous celebrity who will be given a destination and the celebrity will have to come up with his/her own interesting travelling route. When Arts meets Arch - Introduction of arts and architecture around the world such as museum, art gallery, theme park, building, etc. What’s on the other side? - Monthly knowledge about intriguing cultures to inspire readers Tune Up Your Life - Updating new music albums from various music genres Pit Stop - Recommendations of 5 to 7 stars hotels and resorts Outing & Dining - Introduction of chic pubs and restaurants in Thailand
  3. 3. Celebrity’s A – Z - Celebrity’s beloved items from A to Z which readers can use the items as their recommendations while get to know more about certain celebrities Unforgettable Pleasure - A celebrity’s most impressive place or excursion that they most enjoyed and wished that they could make another visit when they have an opportunity. Index Horoscope
  4. 4. Features Pitch: Storyline Celebrity’s Inspiration – This feature will cover the story of famous people from various occupations such as designers, business people, musicians, actors, etc. The story will explore each famous guest’s ideas, lifestyle, philosophy, and his/her inspiration in life. An in-depth interview will be made to discover each celebrity’s personal way to success. Cover Story – This feature will cover both international and domestic destination. The destination will be selected according to a monthly sponsor and theme. For the international destination, the feature will highlight different locations in each interesting city. There will be thorough recommendations of tourist attractions, restaurants, and chic places in the city; so that readers have some rough ideas of where they should visit if they go to that city. The feature will offer in-depth information about each spot including tips about each place to ensure readers’ absolute pleasure. For the domestic location, the feature will focus on showing various interesting unknown districts, towns, or cities in different provinces in Thailand. There will be a map or route attached to the feature that readers can tear out for their convenience. Moreover, there will be descriptions about intriguing spots in the chosen area for each month, so that readers will find it easier to put in efforts to visit the places. Fashion Shoot – This feature will be an extension of the cover story feature. The fashion shoot will be done at each monthly chosen spot, domestically, or internationally. Each monthly location will be selected by each volume’s sponsor. The shoot will be made by famous photographers in Thailand, who are professionals in different photographic genre. This story will feature top models or celebrities in Thailand whose personalities match each monthly theme. Nonetheless, the beauty of each chosen spot will be emphasized as well as the models’.
  5. 5. Self-Pampering – A section that introduces health and wellness centers including spa, massage, aroma therapy, and other relaxing activities around the world. The feature will offer the best places to go for all year round; each monthly spot will be selected from the professionalism of its services and uniqueness. As each spot is selected, a detailed description about the place, price, methodology or treatment will be available for readers to make their own evaluation if the place suits their needs. The founder of each self-pampering place will be given an insightful interview about the health benefits that customers will receive from their treatment. Savory – This section offers recommendations of top restaurants in each visited country. For example, if the issue’s feature’s destination is New York, America, then the recommended restaurant is Le Bernardin, one of the most internationally accepted four star seafood restaurants. Moreover, the famous menus and dishes will be given in this feature with pictures included. The chef(s) will be talking about the origins and ideas behind their food creations. The story will dig deep into the founding of the restaurant and how it is run and operated. This section will feature the story about the background of the founder(s) of the restaurant also.
  6. 6. Introductory Paragraphs Cover Story If you are looking for a city that can give you a unique feeling that you have never experienced before, we have the answer for you. Venice or the ‘City of Water and Bridges’ is one of the most romantic cities that has been long known for its unique geography, culture, festivals, and attractions. Venice is located in northern Italy. It’s world-famous for its canals, and especially, gondola; the classic Venetian boat that allows people to ride on and absorb the city’s views and atmosphere. As for tourists, Venice provides you with various fascinating places that will surely guarantee your pleasure while visiting this memorable city including churches, museums, historical monuments, etc. Now, let’s discover Venice’s interesting spots! Self-Pampering Dating back a few decades, it is undeniable that life was much easier, purer, and less complicated. Life between work and home was well balanced, which was possibly a better way to live, one might say. Today, we rarely have time for ourselves, thus, time has become an essence of a healthy living. Therefore, occasionally, self-pampering in a deluxe and an exclusive hideaway is needed for both physical and mental well- being. Unlike any other typical spas in the country, the Six Senses Spa in Marrakech, Morocco, has amazingly beautiful outdoor landscapes with indoor treatment quarters covering an area of 1,500 square meters in total. Undoubtedly, this luxurious spa has been uniquely designed to be a rejuvenating cocoon for health and wellness concerned visitors. Its stunning facilities and scenery have made it an absolutely perfect spot for purification and detoxification in the incredible Morocco city.
  7. 7. Savory Nowadays, for those who love to enjoy pleasures in lives, sufficient and simple living seem to not be just enough. Luxurious lifestyle has become a new option for our generation where constant socialization deems necessary, and this makes us go about searching for better outing and dining spots all most all the time. In the sophisticated London city, great arrays of food and wine can create strong dilemmas to its visitors as there are numerous dazzling choices for them to make. Nonetheless, no one can hardly question the delightful taste of food given by the Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, which is founded and operated by one of the world’s best known food creators, Gordon Ramsay. With three Michelin Stars to justify the chef’s ability in delivering one of the greatest food and unparalleled services in London, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is certainly an irresistible spot to pay a visit.