The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Social Media


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The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Social Media

  1. 1. The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Social Media CT Business EXpo June 6, 2013
  2. 2. The Good • Enables with those with small budgets to reach millions • Builds credibility based on trust • Allows fans to do the marketing for you – More credibly than you can • Turbocharges your other marketing – Website – PR – Ads • Sets up a sticky relationship with your customers
  3. 3. The Bad “Marketers are doing the same thing and expecting to get different results. Social media is not driving this change, but just enabling marketers to do bad marketing easier.”* • Is being used badly – repurposed corporate materials • Focuses on the wrong metrics – Not followers – Reach, leads and sales should be some of the tangible metrics • Seen as “free” – Engagement takes time – Time isn’t free • Allows anyone to be a major influencer in the community… *7 Reasons Social Media Is Bad for Marketing” by Kipp Bodnar, Hubspot
  4. 4. The Ugly “The ugliest thing you can do is think of it as a social media campaign.” * • Building it outside the overall branding strategy • De-mooring it from any marketing objectives • Eliminating oversight from the keepers of the brand • Assuming any 20 year old can do it • Setting up the tools and not engaging • Taking down negative reactions *BJ Flagg, Nurenu Brand Marketing
  5. 5. When it’s good…it’s very, very good
  6. 6. Open Happiness History…. • January 2009 – Music video debut - American Idol. • January 2010 - "Open Happiness" vending machine appeared in the common room of St. John’s University in New York. – One status update on Facebook – One tweet – 1 million views in the first week • February 2011 – Happiness Truck travels the globe • February 2012 – Olympic sponsorship • February 2012 – Mobile app • January 2013 –Sharing Happiness app on its Facebook page – Fans can spread happiness and become part of a larger community behind a social innovation
  7. 7. When it is bad, it is very, very bad -- Amy’s Bistro FB “campaign” • British chef Gordon Ramsey quits in exasperation after being unable to reason with fiery couple • May 10, 2013 episode – slow service – restaurateurs shouting at customers – Couple have fired more than 100 employees in a year • Samy and Amy Bouzaglo launch furious exchanges on Facebook …..
  8. 8. Step away from the computer…
  9. 9. And finally this…..
  10. 10. ..and when it’s ugly, it’s UGLY
  11. 11. History of Ugly… • Monday, Oct. 29 – Eblast offering 20% off to customers for the next 36 hours "in case you're bored during the storm." • Only for places Sandy was expected to hit hardest – Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland, according to the email. • "Just Enter SANDYSALE at Checkout," targeting online shoppers who are staying indoors to seek refuge from the storm. • Online reaction to the ad has been overwhelmingly negative…
  12. 12. What Does This Say to Us? • It’s not a social media campaign – it’s a campaign – Branding – Integrated – Consistent message that goes through them all – No random acts of marketing Always remember to engage frequently • Be frequent • Deliver on your promises • Do not fight on social media – if you don’t agree it’s okay • Don’t take down negative comments unless they are offensive • Don’t react to tone – react to factual mistakes • Change your voice – not press release • Don’t post it till you know it – Notre Dame
  13. 13. …and now a word about Social Media and Crisis
  14. 14. Social Media Can Create More Problems Than It Solves
  15. 15. What Does This Mean for Crisis Management? •Any customer = hundreds or even thousands of followers •Any bad experience could be retold to the masses •Allows anyone to be a major influence in the community…
  16. 16. When the Major Influence Goes Wrong… • A phony tweet put out by hackers into the AP Twitter account April 2013 claimed explosions at the White House • The tweet claimed President Obama had been injured in the explosions • The Dow plunged more than 140 points from around 14,700 to 14,560 in less than two minutes.
  17. 17. Why is it Important in a Crisis? • Events that used to be able to ignore until they went away can become overblown • It creates a permanent record on Google • A trivial customer complaint is magnified & becomes an international embarrassment overnight
  18. 18. For Crisis Managers It’s About Talking & Listening
  19. 19. • Awareness – what’s happening now • Listening – Noticing – Responding – NOT deleting • Transparency – Real time updates – Link to newsroom – Respond to all inquiries Role of Social Media in a Crisis
  20. 20. The Good………. • Boston Police after the bombing • FedEx after the tossing • Lilly Pulitzer after the crashing • Carnival after the toasting….
  21. 21. How Carnival Cruise Line Fought the High Seas With Social Media What They Did Wrong • SM feeds took 2 days to kick in • Each feeds were repetitive • (@CarnivalCruise and @CarnivalPR What They Did Right • Used all on-line media • Already had 2 million followers • 20 FB updates • Useful info: “We've taken more than 7,000 calls from family & friends & have been in regular contact with our guests' designated on-shore contacts." • Supported all press releases • Used SM to update press on next releases • Monitored & responded • Posted thank yous @ the end
  22. 22. The Bad… • Dominos • Chrysler “driver tweet” • Progressive Insurance
  23. 23. The Ugly
  24. 24. And the “What-Were-You-Thinking?” Ugly
  25. 25. So, Class, What does this teach us?
  26. 26. The 10 Commandments of Social… 1. Thou shalt have the branding folks look over thy tweets before posting 2. Thou shalt thinkth before tweeting 3. Thou shalt not leave the tweeting to the interns 4. Thou shalt really interact on social media – remembering it is a CONVERSATION 5. Thou shalt not react to emotion
  27. 27. The 10 Commandments of Social Part II… 6. Thou shalt readith before tweeting 7. Thou shalt have someone else readth thy tweet before posting 8. Thou shalt know when it’s time to taketh it off-line 9. Thou shalt be wary of CEOs who catch the social media bug & superviseth them carefully 10. Thou shalt learn when it’s time to let it be!
  28. 28. And the bottom line is… Social Media = Tool for Good or Evil
  29. 29. Do You Have Any…
  30. 30. Andrea Obston Andrea Obston Marketing Communications, LLC 860-243-1447 Twitter: @aobston facebook/andreaobstonmarketingcommunications Google+: Andrea Obston