Internet of Everything


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Internet of Everything at THINGS EXPO by Vasyl Mylko, R&D Director at SoftServe.
June 2014 New York City.

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Internet of Everything

  1. 1. Internet of Everything Vasyl Mylko, R&D Director at SoftServe
  2. 2. How many things are connected today? IoE connections counter
  3. 3. Location unflattens the world
  4. 4. Six levels of interaction or Six Webs of Bill Joy Hear Near Far Weird B2B D2D
  5. 5. How to design for those new webs? You should design for personal experience!
  6. 6. Conceptualization for new webs Six Graphs of Big Data Social Interest Intention Consumption Mobile Knowledge ... Five Sources of Big Data Transactional Crowdsourced Social Search Machine ...
  7. 7. Five Waves of IoT seen today 2000 2010 2020 RFID tagging. Logistics, inventory. Surveillance, healthcare, transport, docs. Locating people & everyday things. Teleops. Telepresence. Technologyreach Time Supply chain helpers Verticalization Ubiquitous identification Digitization of the world Control & tracking Cost reduction Identification out/in-doors Miniaturization & wireless all Augmentation of life by sw & hw Source: SRI Consulting Business Intelligence & Wikipedia ??
  8. 8. How it works today? How it could work tomorrow? Yesterday sensors + networks + actuators ___________ IoT Today sensors + networks + actuators + cloud + local + UX _______________ IoT Tomorrow sensors + networks + actuators + cloud + local + social + interest + intention + consumption + experience _______________ IoE
  9. 9. Industries with greatest potential Utilities (smart metering and distribution) Insurance (behavior tracking and biometrics for Auto&Life product lines) Capital Goods (factory automation, autonomous mining) Agriculture (yield improvement) Pharma (clinical trial monitoring) Healthcare (leveraging of human capital and clinical trials) Medtech (patient monitoring) Autos (autonomous driving) Source: Morgan Stanley Research, April 2014
  10. 10. the next 3000 days…
  11. 11. only One machine its OS is web it encodes trillions of things all screens look into One no bits live outside to share is to gain One reads it all One is us...
  12. 12. the next 6000 days…