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Creating a digital media archive of irish health information


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Presentation given at the 2005 Health Informatics and Society

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Creating a digital media archive of irish health information

  1. 1. Shared Services Eastern Region Creating a digital media archive of Irish Health Information Aoife Lawton Systems Librarian Regional Library HSE Eastern Region, Dr. Steevens Hospital Dublin 8.
  2. 2. Project BackgroundShared Services Eastern Region • Increasing demand for e-access to publications • No central access point of Irish health info • End of 2004 Health boards dissolved, danger of documentation being lost Health Reform – changing organisational structures • Need for the preservation of publications • Best way to do this is digitally • KM Challenge: accumulate, preserve, make available electronically
  3. 3. 2004 document management workflow (replicated by 5 agencies) D ocum ent p u b lis h e d L ib r a r y s ta ff A n n u a l R e p o rt c a ta lo g u e lo a d e d to lo c a l M in u t e s c ir c u la te d m in u te s , p r in t a re a b o a rd b y e m a il c o p y h e ld in In tra n e t lib r a r y A n n u a l re p o rt n o t  M in u t e s n o t h e ld a v a ila b le o u t s id e n e t w o r k c e n t r a lly N o t f u ll- t e x t s e a r c h a b le  N o t a v a ila b le o n lin e N o lin k to lib r a r y
  4. 4. 2005- DMA solution proposed workflow D o c is s a v e d to L ib r a r y s ta ff c a t a lo g u e D ocum ent s h a r e d d r iv e o r d o c , s c a n a n d s a v e to p u b lis h e d e m a il/ p o s t e d t o s e r v e r m a k e a v a ila b le L ib r a r y o n lin e A v a ila b le o n I n t e r n e t O n e a c c e s s p o in t F u ll- t e x t s e a r c h a b le
  5. 5. Solution = DMA “Hyperion”Shared Services Eastern Region • Hyperion System was purchased 2004 • Funding secured • Technical infrastructure in place (Web facing host server residing within a DMZ ) • Expertise in the area of indexing and cataloguing available within the current skills mix of library staff
  6. 6. Benefits of a DMA• Digital media storage system fully compatible with Library Management System• Full-text searchable (searches content within PDFs not just title/author)• Provides one central location for the storage of e-docs stored once, accessed many times• Scalable host up to 100,000 documents• National Knowledge Centre• Preserving knowledge for future generations
  7. 7. Project Overview 2005• Objective: Core pilot collection of public domain documents from ERHA, ECAHB, SWAHB, NAHB and EHSS 2000 -2004• Q1: 3 day workshop held, hierarchy designed, system installed, project team set up, standards agreed• Q2: Management buy-in sought, identification & collection of docs, scanner acquired, testing• Q3: Functional training, scanning & cataloguing, legal advice re: copyright• Q4: Beyond pilot, quest for web home for archive
  8. 8. Posteradvertisingarchive
  9. 9. Digitisation Workflow STAR T S e le c t D o c u m e n t NoS c a n a n d s a v e a s T IF F D o e s e le c t r o n ic c o p y e x is t ? Yes S a v e f ile to s h a r e d d r iv e o r g a n is e d b yC o n v e rt to P D F & O C R B o a r d & y e a r o f p u b lic a tio n C r e a t e b ib r e c o r d o r m o d if y e x is t in g t o in c lu d e 8 5 6 lin k C r e a t e r e s o u r c e w it h H y p e r io n w it h m e t a d a t a r e c o r d in c lu d in g r e s o u r c e I D I m p o r t P D F , r e n a m e f ile o n s h a r e d d r iv e w it h z p r e f ix Q A lin k in o n lin e c a t a lo g u e R ESTAR T
  10. 10. Cataloguing staff client BibliographicRecord using MARC
  11. 11. Result displayedTo public user in catalogue
  12. 12. Hyperion staff client
  13. 13. Metadata recordlinking resource id
  14. 14. Metadata descriptive record
  15. 15. Pilot hierarchy for archive
  16. 16. Archive browsable by Author ofpublication and by year
  17. 17. A key collection of health documents from1970 to today are included as part of asubject based browseable collection.
  18. 18. Documents by the HSE in 2005may be added as they arepublished
  19. 19. Publications by the Department of Health& Children by year
  20. 20. 1. Content searching:search for wordsmentioned in adocument e.g. Hanly
  21. 21. 15 hits are foundfor the word‘Hanly’ within adocument
  22. 22. In the ‘Primary Progress’Bulletin ‘Hanly’ ismentioned 7 times
  23. 23. 2. Attributesearching:Search within themetadata ordescriptiveinformation for thesame term
  24. 24. ‘Hanly’ is found 3times in themetadata record
  25. 25. Multiple file formats accessiblee.g. Word docs, Powerpoint,PDFs,JPEGs, WAV, MPEGetc.
  26. 26. This is a an example of apowerpoint presentation
  27. 27. This is an example of aPDF document
  28. 28. What next?• IMMEDIATE: pilot launch January 2005, secure website & copyright clearance• ONGOING: establish library as central repository for documents within HSE• FUTURE: seek funding to extend archive to become national repository of Irish health information, content enrichment, new SE 2006
  29. 29. All encompassing health information point: include agency publications/links