Open Source Web Content Management in the Enterprise


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Aldo Bermudez, Website Globalization Manager at Cisco WebEx speaks about Enterprise Open Source Web Content Management with TYPO3 at Cisco WebEx.

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Open Source Web Content Management in the Enterprise

  1. 1. Aldo X. BermudezSenior Manager, Web PublishingOpen Source ContentManagement in the Enterprise
  2. 2. 22Open Source Content Management in the Enterprise Introduction Background of Cisco WebEx Our problems The challengesAgenda The game changer Our business requirements Why Open Source Q&A
  3. 3. 33Cisco & WebEx Market leader in on-demand collaboration technologies 7 million users 35,000 customers Subscription based services strategy has been key to success Acquired by Cisco Systems Inc. in May 2007 for $3.2 billion Worldwide leader in networking 63,000+ employees (Q4 2009) Revenue of $36.1 billion for (Q4 2009)Background of Cisco WebEx
  4. 4. 4Meet Aldo Bermudez 16 years of Web Marketing 10+ years in CMS/TMS implementation My expertise are: Web Globalization Localization Content Creation Strategy Implementation of global systems My specialty:Optimizing the business value of web sites and global web operationsA few words about myself
  5. 5. 55Enterprise Web Content ManagementDoes your job feel like this often?
  6. 6. 66Do your web operations look like this?Too many people with too many opinions?
  7. 7. 77 Decentralized approach to web operations Silos between regions Corporate branding and messaging not aligned Resources not well aligned to business priorities Infrastructure not set globally Missing localization strategyWhere we came from…Problems in our organization
  8. 8. 88The game changing solutionMeeting the business requirements
  9. 9. 99Global Centralized infrastructureStop adding satellites, find a tool that meets your needs!
  10. 10. 1010Faster Time-to-MarketDon’t let anyone slow you down
  11. 11. 1111Align to Corporate branding and messagingWe are one company, aren’t we?
  12. 12. 1212Reduction of Total Cost of OwnershipSaving money never got anyone fired…
  13. 13. 1313Total Cost of Ownership0100200300400500600TYPO3 CMS Proprietary CMSBase Cost USBase Cost IntlSLAProf. ServicesLicensingTYPO3 CMS vs. Proprietary CMSTCO over a 3 yearperiod(14 global sitewith 9 languages)TCO: $442,000 US TCO: $1,398,000 US
  14. 14. 14Our SolutionChoosing the right Open Source Enterprise CMS
  15. 15. 15Our business requirementsMust-have vs. nice-to-have
  16. 16. 16Our business requirementsMulti-Domain and Multi-Tier infrastructures
  17. 17. 17Our business requirementsMulti-Domain and Multi-Tier infrastructuresTier1Tier2
  18. 18. 1818Our business requirementsA Web Development Framework
  19. 19. 19Our business requirements360° Translation Workflows
  20. 20. 2020Our choice: TYPO3 Advanced Multi-language features Workspaces (Accurate publishing preview) Multi-Domain and Multi-Tier infrastructures 360° Translation Workflows Multi-Variant Testing & Tracking Fully flexible Templating Engine Flash-driven Content Static & Dynamic PublishingMature, Scalable, Community-driven Enterprise Web CMS
  21. 21. 2121The importance of adoption 500,000+ websites 100,000 developers 2,000 TYPO3 agencies 4,000+ modules 100% communityOpen SourceWho uses TYPO3 apart from us?
  22. 22. 22Why Open Source?What are the driving factors?
  23. 23. 23Global communityInspiring people to share (Community Open Source)
  24. 24. 24The hungry vendors problemWhen will your CMS be bought-out/discontinued?
  25. 25. hasbecomethedominatingforce on the
  26. 26. 26Why TYPO3 is a game changer for Cisco WebEx Our biggest wins with TYPO3: Open Source – no license costs = more budget forcustomization, integration & support TYPO3 is a web development framework =Unlimited extendibility and flexibility Extremely powerful globalization features More functionality, faster and at lower costs Independence – free choice of support vendors© 2009 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.Presentation_ID © 2009 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.Presentation_ID
  27. 27. 27Open Source Content Management in the Enterprise Thank you!Contact information:Aldo X. BermudezSenior Manager, Web PublishingCisco WebEx Technology Groupalbermud@cisco.com2727Images: Cisco Systems, Fotolia, iStockPhoto, Flickr
  28. 28. 2828