Cisco WebEx Global Relaunch with Open Source CMS TYPO3


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AOE media completed its contract for TYPO3 Enterprise Web CMS as a global solution for the maintenance of all the Cisco WebEx portals in just four months. According to WebEx, the ROI of the entire TYPO3 installation has rsurpassed every previous experience made by Cisco WebEx.

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Cisco WebEx Global Relaunch with Open Source CMS TYPO3

  1. 1. Case study: Webex tyPO3 RelaunCh and lOCalIZatIOn A global solution for 13 countries and languages Cisco Webex is worldwide market leader for online meetings, video and web conferences. Via Webex, approx. 28,000 clients and 3.5 Million monthly users share presentations, applications, documents or complete desktops across the World Wide Web. aOe media implemented a tyPO3 enterprise Web CMs for the global maintenance of all of their web portals in just 4 months. With the new localization and fallback functionalities, aOe media has implemented in just 4 weeks, a Return of Investment was achieved that overshadowed every previous investment at Cisco. Aldo Bermudez, Challenge Website Globalization Webex maintains 13 web portals in nine different languages all over the world. Manager, Cisco WebEx Previous localizations of these sites had proved very cumbersome: the different languages had to be translated and “hard coded” by hand into static web pages. It was decided to take a new route this time, taking tyPO3 as the new global enterprise web platform. aOe media was commissioned to realize the project. Special Functions: • direct connection with translation agencies • unlimited Multi-level language fallbacks • the advanced template Wizard provides editors a fast and easy survey of almost 100 different FCes, Grids and extensions • a/b/C/d tracking and testing lets editors test the effectiveness of different content on-the-fly • Fully static publishing to the akamai streaming network 2009 Copyright by aOe media Gmbh.
  2. 2. Solution CIsCO Webex: tRaVel less. With the migration to tyPO3, not only was a completely new architecture cre- ated, but in addition, and for the first time ever at WebEx, extensive localization and fallback functionalities were included to help administer their numerous portals. the new system provides a direct xMl connection to the most com- Meet OnlIne. monly used translation tools, such as trados, via a tyPO3 localization Man- ager. This workflow enables the user to share documents directly with external translation agencies. Final translations can be edited directly in the workspace after import into tyPO3. a side by side preview of the different web pages is also About WebEx: integrated into the new system. With “a/b/C/d tracking and testing” editors are Cisco Webex is the worldwide able to compare language versions and test their online performance. With the market leader for online meet- new system the time needed for the localization process dropped dramatically ings, web and video conferences. from somewhere between two and four weeks to approximately … 15 minutes! In March of 2007 Webex, with its another highlight of the solution are the so-called “language fallbacks”, which 3500 employees, was taken over automatically access another web page with the nearest suitable language if the by Cisco systems Inc. With 34.9 original language page is not available. this is even possible over several lan- billion usd in total revenue Cisco guage levels! Furthermore, a newly developed FCe concept with an advanced systems is the second largest template Wizard offers full freedom for designing web pages or even entire It company in the world. Webex sites using Flash or aJax. an elaborate hosting concept through akamai pro- operates web portals in 13 coun- vides for maximum performance and accessibility. tries around the world. Result Besides a clearly improved workflow for employees and editors at WebEx, the ROI of the Open Source solution overshadowed every previous investment at Cisco Systems. According to WebEx’s website globalization manager, Aldo Ber- mudez, a comparable commercial system coupled with its license fees would have cost around 3,000,000 US Dollars. With TYPO3 the project was realized for just a fraction of that. aOe media is worldwide market leader for tyPO3 enterprise Web CMs solutions. With hundreds of references – among them bertels- mann, Cisco systems, congstar/telekom or VMware – and 300 custom- developed extensions for tyPO3, aOe media comes with an impressive list of successfully realized projects. Read more at aOe media Gmbh tel.: +49 (0) 6122 70 70 7-0 borsigstr. 3 Fax: +49 (0) 6122 70 70 7-199 65205 Wiesbaden Web: Germany e-mail: