Val Morgan TYPO3 Relaunch


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For the leading provider of cinema advertizing in Australia, New Zealand and the UAE, AOE media implemented a complete new TYPO3-based web platform. The website offers wealth of functions, among which an integrated film databank.

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Val Morgan TYPO3 Relaunch

  1. 1. CASE STUDY: VAL MORGAN - TYPO3 ONLINE BUSINESS APPLICATION Cinema platform with integrated media tools In collaboration with MassMedia Studios, Sydney, Australia, a new Web Portal was developed for Val Morgan Cinema Network using TYPO3. The new plat- form incorporates three national sites under one “roof”. The solution offers diverse functions to support the work of media buyers and potential advertis- ers, among which are a film databank, an agenda and a calendar. This TYPO3 solution, a dual development from AOE media and MassMedia, is far more than just a classic web presence: it is a highly useful Online Business Application for media planners. Our client Val Morgan is extreme- ly happy with their new site. Elmar Platzer, Chief Operating Officer MassMedia Studios Pty Ltd. Challenge Val Morgan chose AOE media to manage the technical aspects of their new website, which in particular required the transfer and migration to TYPO3. To this end our developers produced no less than eight new TYPO3 custom exten- sions. In addition, the technical realization of the layout designed by MassMe- dia, coupled with the programming of new templates, involved the intensive use of TemplaVoilà. The Blockbuster Promotion Box: One of the site’s highlights, the Blockbuster Promotion Box, is directly on the Val Morgan splash page. Here current films are integrated as “teasers” in the form of Flash-driven animation content. Stand-out feature: not only can the user change the teaser ad, but it is automatically rendered into animation in real-time directly from the databank via .xml data import. Copyright by AOE media GmbH.
  2. 2. Solution VAL MORGAN Heart of the site, and foundation of the features created by AOE media, is the AUSTRALIA`S film databank. On the basis of material provided by Val Morgan, a TYPO3 MySQL databank was built, optimized and then loaded with all the films either previ- LEADING NATIONAL ously programmed, currently available, or about to be released in Australia and SUPPLIER OF SCREEN New Zealand. Then two extensions were specially adapted and a third custom ADVERTISING programmed to implement the so-called Film Planner. This enables the swift and easy display of all available films, either in the form a short résumé, or in detailed form with a wealth of information about the film and its intended target audience. The Film Planner is available in two versions: a basic version can call up films either according to key-word categories or program start month. The About Val Morgan extended version, called the “Advanced Movie Planner” can also be searched Val Morgan has been active in according to target audience, age certification, the film opening or closing or its the Australian cinema advertiz- genre. This makes the Film Planner a particularly useful tool if a quick projec- ing business ever since it was tion choice needs to be made, or information gathered for the appropriate ac- founded over a century ago. companying advertizing strategy. Val Morgan is the advertizing provider for over 2500 cinemas worldwide. Result For Val Morgan, the antipodean market leader in cinema advertizing, a concept was realized that not only meets all its business requirements, but also offers a central information and publicity platform for media buyers and cinema advertizing clients “down under”. AOE media is the world market leader for TYPO3 Enterprise Web CMS solutions. With several hundred client references, including Bertels- mann, Cisco Systems, congstar/Telekom and VMware and more than 200 custom-developed TYPO3 extensions to its credit, AOE media boasts an impressive list of completed projects. For further informa- tion: AOE media GmbH Tel.: +49 (0) 6122 70 70 7-0 Borsigstr. 3 Fax: +49 (0) 6122 70 70 7-199 65205 Wiesbaden Web: Germany E-mail: