SONY on TYPO3 - Rapid Global CMS Deployment


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Global Relaunch of Sony Entertainment Network with TYPO3 in only 6 weeks for 57 countries and 14 languages. Impressive figures for TYPO3 generating massive ROI for Sony. Talk was given first at T3CON12 in Stuttgart, Germany.

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SONY on TYPO3 - Rapid Global CMS Deployment

  1. 1. CEO / Founder
  2. 2. First, A Little Background…
  3. 3. Sony Corporation of America• SCA is the U.S. subsidiary of Sony Corporation (Headquartered in Tokyo)• Based in New York, NY• Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. – Its motion picture, television, computer entertainment, music and online businesses make Sony one of the most comprehensive entertainment and technology companies in the world.
  4. 4. Sony Network Entertainment (SNEI)• Drives vision, strategy and execution for network services across the entire Sony Group• Offers consumers compelling, connected entertainment experiences across a variety of consumer electronics devices• A division of the Networked Products and Services Group• Based in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego• Brands Include: – PlayStation® Network, Sony Entertainment Network, Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited
  5. 5. The Challenge
  6. 6. “We’re getting more requests than we can manage.Do you think we need a CMS?”
  7. 7. The SEN Legacy System The painpoints “CMS” Publishing System • Not a true CMS. Never designed to support required number of locales/pages Static Publishing • Systems environments could only support static files • Frequent releases (2-3 times/week) Workflow Bottleneck • 30 Stakeholders, 1 Developer/Agency High Complexity • Rate of complexity increasing exponentially as new locales are being added • High probability of errors with compounding logic
  8. 8. The Requirements
  9. 9. The Requirements Getting it right from the start 14 languages 57 countries (Expanding to 75+ countries) Need support for web, mobile, device sites 2,000+ pages of content Thousands of products (music, video, games) Thousands of redirects to support • Geo-IP, A to B, Device-based etc. 15+ Planned Releases per month Legal pages, press releases, marketing promotions… A/B Testing Analytics
  10. 10. Weighing the options…Commercial CMS, Open Source CMS, TYP-03 Huh?”
  11. 11. Commercial CMS Always the first on the tableAdvantages: Disadvantages: Brand Recognition  Higher Costs • Easier corporate sponsorship • Exorbitant licensing & support costs “Less Liability” • If something goes wrong,  New Feature Requests there’s someone to hold • Proprietary code base accountable • Extended features costly “Better” Support  Corporate Changes • “If I pay for commercial • Mergers, acquisitions, software, then there must be shutdowns someone I can call”
  12. 12. Open-Source CMS The smarter alternative?Advantages: Disadvantages: Lower Costs  Less Support • No licensing fees. Support • Segmented support costs are generally lower than communities commercial  Less Documentation Community Support • Generally the case for OS – not • Organic/viral development in the case of TYPO3  stability  A Perception Challenge Vendor Transitions • “We don’t value what we don’t • Easier to transition to new pay for” implementation vendor if necessary
  13. 13. TYPO3 CMS The system of choiceAdvantages: Disadvantages: Enterprise Class  U.S. Based Support • Multi-site administration, top- • Less prominent in U.S. vs. down publishing, security, etc. Europe Internationalization  Complexity • Language localization and • Typoscript, extension backend interface localization development, content integration, steep learning Extensibility curve, etc • Framework approach, plug- ins, add-on modules,  Systems Integration configurability • Systems configuration, Continuous Integration, PHP, etc
  14. 14. The solutionRapid Development & Deployment
  15. 15. Getting it done … on a very tight schedule Feb 17, 2012: Awarded as TYPO3 Implementation Vendor 6 weeks development & migration • 15 developers & project managers • Synchronized content during 15 static releases • Redirect management of over 2,000 redirects • Scraper functionality to index legal content • 50+ locales (single/multi page tree) • Localized product listings (music, video, games) • Web and mobile versions 2 weeks coordination with IT team • High security setup • Loadbalancing • Continuous Deployment April 17, 2012: Full Relaunch
  16. 16. +
  17. 17. Today Productive, stable platform Collaborative workflow with multiple agencies using TYPO3 • 50+ content editors/producers; integrated workspaces/workflow • Working on integration with other Sony group properties 2 weekly releases & real-time publishing • TYPO3 in production on live servers Country expansion and localization Content editing and scheduling Funding innovation • Automated product feeds module • Redirect management module • Dynamic imaging module
  18. 18. 100 7 12 2700%CLIENTS TYPO3
  19. 19. Want to know more? Global Headquarter: AOE media GmbH Borsigstr. 3. 65205 Wiesbaden Tel.: +49 6122 70707-0 Fax: +49 6122 70707-199 E-Mail: Web: http://www.aoemediacom