Open Source Enterprise Web Applications


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Open Source Enterprise Web Applications

  1. 1. T3CON 2009 in Frankfurt<br />Kian T. Gould, CEO at AOE media GmbH<br />
  2. 2. Online Enterprise Applications<br />The differencebetweenwebsitesand online applications<br />Websites<br />Consistmainly of frontenddevelopmentlikemarkup &templates<br />Typicallyincludesomeextensions<br />Focus mainly on top-down contentmanagement<br />Are usually a presentationlayer, ratherthan an interactionlayer<br />Online Enterprise Applications<br />Consistmainly of backend development, webservices andconnectors<br />Are fullyintegratedinto the IT infrastructure<br />Generate real businessvalue on the web<br />Replicatebusinessprocesses, reducestaffinvolvementandgeneratedirectprofit<br />
  3. 3. Online Enterprise Applications<br />Benefits of Online Applications?<br />Bringing business processes from the offline world to the online world<br />Creating real business value<br />Integrating the client directly<br />Integrating complex offline interactions into one online experience <br />Increasing customer satisfaction<br />Delivering an additional point of contact<br />Simplifying the customer interaction<br />Streamlining processes and cutting costs<br />Reducing Call-Center Personal<br />Lowering Complaint Rates<br />Automation of business processes<br />Freeing capacity for business development<br />
  4. 4. TYPO3 for Online Business Applications<br />Why TYPO3 as an Application Framework<br />Content Management Features<br />Pages, Records, Digital Assets<br />Content Workflows and Processes<br />Templatingand Rendering Engine<br />Full Design Flexibility<br />User Management<br />Registration & Management<br />Granular Permission Management<br />User Abstraction (LDAP, ActiveDirectory)<br />Extension Framework<br />API-baseddevelopment<br />Caching Framework<br />Database Abstraction Layer<br />MVC Architecture (Extension)<br />
  5. 5. Case Study<br />Deutsche Qualitätssicherung<br /><ul><li>Leading QA certifierworldwide
  6. 6. 2,400 employeesand 1,850 auditors
  7. 7. Integration of Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system
  8. 8. Integration of various DMS incl. Scanviewand EASY with different sources(Europe, North America, Asia etc.)
  9. 9. TYPO3 basedauditorengineforintegratedworkflowprocesses</li></li></ul><li>Case Study - DQS<br />Business Needs & Problems<br />Forclients<br />Easy accessto all certificatesandaudits (existingandupcoming)<br />List andchange all companydata<br />Forconsultants<br />Manage theirclients<br />Organisenewaudits<br />Forstaff<br />List all data in a coherentway<br />Clients<br />Auditors andconsultants<br />Certificatesanddocuments<br />Audits <br />Forauditors<br />Workflow toolforaudits<br />All together in onebrowser-based web platform<br />
  10. 10. System architecture<br />DMS 1<br />EASY DE<br />DMS 2<br />SV DE<br />DMS 3<br />SV US<br />DMS 4<br />EASY Asia<br />WEB<br />TYPO3 +<br />MyDQS Services<br />Metadataimportanddocumentupload<br />DMS CacheWorkflow Engine<br />Import client<br />Data change<br />ERP 1<br />Axapta3 DE<br />ERP Cache<br />Import <br />and<br />datavalidation<br />Performance issues<br />Asynchronous ERP datachanges<br />Caching ofdocumentmetadata<br />ERP 2<br />Dynamics US<br />ERP 3<br />Access Asia<br />ERP 4<br />Access Asia 2<br />
  11. 11. Case Study - DQS<br />Client overviewpage<br /><ul><li>List ofnewestdocuments
  12. 12. Searchfor all documents
  13. 13. List of all audits
  14. 14. Last
  15. 15. Upcoming
  16. 16. Planned
  17. 17. Consultants contact
  18. 18. Restrictedheirarchicalview
  19. 19. Certificates check</li></li></ul><li>Case Study - DQS<br />List of certificates<br /><ul><li>List all currentcertificates
  20. 20. Certificatesaredownloadabledepending on
  21. 21. The availablelanguage
  22. 22. The accessrestrictionsoftheuser</li></li></ul><li>Case Study - DQS<br />Audits view<br /><ul><li>List of all audits
  23. 23. Download eitherauditreportsoraudit order confirmation
  24. 24. Upload documentsinto DMS</li></li></ul><li>Case Study - DQS<br />Customer contact<br /><ul><li>Display customercontact in two different views
  25. 25. List view (overview)
  26. 26. Table view (details)
  27. 27. Table viewofferstheoptionto
  28. 28. Update contactdata
  29. 29. Request orrevokeaccesstoMyDQS
  30. 30. Delete contact
  31. 31. Add newcontact</li></li></ul><li>Case Study - DQS<br />Someothernicefeatures ;-)<br /><ul><li>45 languages
  32. 32. 100 editors on all continents
  33. 33. Content push (Headquarters can push mastercontentdirectlyinto all international BUs)</li></li></ul><li>Case Study<br />ZMG – Zeitungsmarketing Gesellschaft<br /><ul><li>Central marketing service provider for all German newspaper publishers
  34. 34. Media-Buyerplanningtoolformorethan 2,000 newspapers
  35. 35. 110 databasetableswithmorethan 600,000 tariffsand media dataareusedtocalculate all information
  36. 36. Newspaper finder
  37. 37. Extensive use of SIFR</li></li></ul><li>Case Study – ZMG<br />Business Needs & Problems<br />Offline planningtoolas a web application<br />Simple selection of desirednewspapers<br />Display of all availabletariffs in a structuredmanner<br />100% reliabletariffcalculations<br />Usabilityimprovements (entirely AJAX-based)<br />Easy tousesearchandfilters<br />Use of common web technologieslike a “Shopping Basket“ for the selection of newspapersandtariffs<br />Quick addoption<br />Significant time savingsfor media-planners<br />
  38. 38. Java baseddesktopclient<br />Case Study – ZMG<br />System architecture<br />MS SQL<br />Database<br />Synchronizeandconvert all databaseinformationtoMySQL<br />Identicalfunctionality<br />MySQL<br />Database<br />WEB<br />TYPO3<br />+ AOE media MVC Framework<br />
  39. 39. Case Study – ZMG<br />Newspaper selection<br /><ul><li>Searchfornewspaperby
  40. 40. Fulltextsearch
  41. 41. Tariffsearchwithautocompletion
  42. 42. Newspaper ID (ZIS-Number)
  43. 43. Distribution area</li></li></ul><li>Case Study – ZMG<br />Tarifflist<br /><ul><li>Display all calculatedtariffs in tableview
  44. 44. Tariffsareheirarchicallysorted – upto 4 levels
  45. 45. High usabilitythroughtab-baseddisplayand AJAX features</li></li></ul><li>Case Study – ZMG<br />Quick addoption<br /><ul><li>Add a newspapertoyourselectionduringyourresearch
  46. 46. Jump to the newlyselectednewspaperwithoneclick</li></li></ul><li>Case Study – ZMG<br />Newspaper finder<br /><ul><li>List of all German newspapers
  47. 47. Fulltextsearchwithautocompletionandhighlighting
  48. 48. Searchbased on “Nielsen“ areas</li></li></ul><li>Case Study<br />News DirectAustralia (NDD)<br /><ul><li>Nation-wideAustraliandistributorforprintmagazines
  49. 49. Over 1,200 titlesfrom 250 publishers
  50. 50. Over 10,000 retailers
  51. 51. Fully-featured web-based ERP functionality</li></li></ul><li>Case Study<br />Business Needs & Problems<br />Improvinginternal order andreturnshandling<br />All communicationswereby fax orphone<br />Manuallyfilledformsforordersandreturns<br />Form datahadtoberecordedmanually<br />Returns handlingandcrediting was offline<br />Improvingsales<br />Improveddistributionofmarketing material andpromotions (Newsletter)<br />Option to order extra deliveriesofsold-out magazines online<br />Searchfortitlesandretailers<br />Improvingoverviewforpublishers (vendors) andretailers (customers)<br />Sales overview<br />Supplyoverviewandhistory<br />Online returns<br />Online invoices<br />
  52. 52. Case Study - NDD<br />Improvingprocesses<br />User input:<br /><ul><li> Online Returns
  53. 53. Extras ordering</li></ul>Redmine<br />DMS<br />Data sync<br />ERP System<br />TYPO3<br />DB<br />Extranet<br />Data sync<br />Data display:<br /><ul><li>Invoicehistory
  54. 54. Supplyoverview
  55. 55. Sales overview</li></ul>ChrystalReports<br />
  56. 56. Case Study - NDD<br />Retailer Extranet<br /><ul><li>View andeditstandingorders
  57. 57. Order andsaleshistory
  58. 58. Returns andcreditmanagement
  59. 59. Online shortageclaims (in caseofwrong/damagedsupply)
  60. 60. Online invoicehistory</li></li></ul><li>Case Study - NDD<br />Publisher Extranet<br /><ul><li>Publisher informationportal
  61. 61. Online sales reports for sales and returns by State and publication
  62. 62. Retailersurveys
  63. 63. Marketing andpromotion</li></li></ul><li>Case Study - NDD<br />Title search<br /><ul><li>Searchforavailablemagazines
  64. 64. Search by magazine name and/or category
  65. 65. Direct link toretailersearchwith Google Maps API connector</li></li></ul><li>Case Study - NDD<br />Retailersearch<br /><ul><li>Google Mapssearchforretailers
  66. 66. Search by state, postcode and suburb
  67. 67. Display of retailer addresses
  68. 68. Retailers are only shown if desired magazine is in stock</li></li></ul><li>Online Enterprise Applications<br />Some last words: how do we do it?<br />Methodologies<br />Agile Development & Project Management (SCRUM asopposedtowaterfall model)<br />Test-Driven-Development (Unit-Testing)<br />Domain-Driven-Development<br />Technologies<br />TYPO3 Extension Framework<br />AOE media MVC Framework<br />Object-Oriented-Programming<br />
  69. 69. AOE media – the TYPO3 company<br />Who weare!<br />Founded 1999<br />70 developers and consultants in 6 countries (30 in Germany)<br />AOE media Germany was the fastest growing internet agency in 2008 <br />More than 400 TYPO3 projects and 300 extensions<br />Core markets are Europe, USA & Australia<br />Close co-operation and sponsoring of TYPO3 Association, Core Teams and Core Development<br />Head of Marketing & Fundraising<br />