Case Study NDD Distribution on TYPO3


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For the Australian marketing, distribution and sales organization for consumer magazines and professional reviews, News Direct Distribution (NDD), a complete ERP (enterprise resource planning) system was realized as a TYPO3 enterprise solution.

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Case Study NDD Distribution on TYPO3

  1. 1. Case study: News direCt-tyPO3 relauNCh with erP CONNeCiON TYPO3 for Australia’s leading magazine distributor together with MassMedia studios, aOe media has realized an enterprise solu- tion, which combines ordering, invoicing, reporting and a connection to the cur- rent erP system. thanks to the seamless blending of these two systems, the entire management and processing of the News direct distribution’s product distribution now runs on tyPO3. Our client, News direct distri- bution, is entirely satisfied with their new tyPO3 enterprise web Content Management system. in collaboration with the avail- able system, this aOe media- realized solution has resulted in a genuine,complete product Challenge management package under the News direct distribution re-launch project confronted the developers at tyPO3 operation. aOe media with some interesting challenges: a concept had to be technically implemented that could manage and organize the orders, returns, invoicing and Elmar Platzer, deliveries of a host of magazine titles to roughly 9.000 associated outlets with- Chief Operating Officer out a hitch. Ndd offers a choice of about 1,500 titles from 250 publishers to MassMedia Studios Pty Ltd. newsagents, shops and kiosks. Special functions for business use: • specially adapted Frontend for the clear display of all current and previous orders on an account; • return of defective or outdated product as well as re-ordering can all be automatically handled by the system; • Call-up of invoices and delivery notes from the “redmap” dMs via a custom-developed aP interface extension. 2009 Copyright by aOe media Gmbh.
  2. 2. Solution News Direct this intelligent enterprise solution, including website, was made possible thanks to a large number of custom-programmed tyPO3 extensions. No less MaGaziNes than 3 separate systems had to be seamlessly integrated with one another: the enterprise resource planning system “aPPX”, the document management are Our system, “redmap”, as well as the reporting solution “Crystal reports”. this means that the entire sales, marketing, ordering, storage record, disposition busiNess. and distribution of the many titles in stock now run through the aPPX-server. the erP server’s databank also synchronizes with the tyPO3 server’s MysQl About NDD: News direct distribution is australia’s leading marketing, databank. these databanks are connected with one another and accessed via distribution and sales organiza- specially adapted extensions. all data sets: magazine titles, client information, tion for the consumer magazine follow-up orders and new orders, as well as the display of defective stock; are sector. Ndd is a member of the available on both the tyPO3 databank and the erP. storage comparisons to Print Media Group (iPMG) and facilitate orders, re-orders or return of stock from customers are taken care works out of alexandria. of during overnight automatic synchronization of the data sets on both servers. Result All orders can now be independently activated by the relevant newsagent or shop. The previously unreliable business and contact model via tele- phone has been superseded by a fully automated, easy-to-use and secure TYPO3 system. This enables not only a vastly improved client service but also results in significant cost reductions. aOe media is the world market leader for tyPO3 enterprise web CMs solutions. with several hundred client references, including bertels- mann, Cisco systems, congstar/telekom and VMware and more than 200 custom-developed tyPO3 extensions to its credit, aOe media boasts an impressive list of completed projects. For further informa- tion: aOe media Gmbh tel.: +49 (0) 6122 70 70 7-0 borsigstr. 3 Fax: +49 (0) 6122 70 70 7-199 65205 wiesbaden web: Germany e-mail: