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The African Orphaned and Abandoned Children's Fund work in Africa. Serving Africa's Children.

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African Orphan Fund 050409

  1. 1. The African Orphaned and Abandoned Children’s Fund An Opportunity to serve! AOAACF You can help!
  2. 2. Why Help? It is the right thing to do AOAACF
  3. 3. Why Help? • There are over 43 Million abandoned and orphaned children in Africa as a direct result of AID’s, war and famine – There are over 1.5 Million in Kenya alone • You can help to relieve some of the pain and suffering that these children are going through AOAACF
  4. 4. What You and Your Church Can Do AOAACF
  5. 5. What You and Your Church Can Do • Help by praying for the children of Africa • Help with sending financial aid to missionaries and organizations in Africa • You can help by being a sponsor for an orphanage or other program • I recommend that you and your church be a partner in this opportunity to be a blessing AOAACF
  6. 6. Action Steps Faith without works is Death. AOAACF
  7. 7. Be a Sponsor Action Steps  Sponsor a project  For a feeding project each project will cost about $35.00 a day  for cooks, equipment, food and delivery AOAACF  Individuals and churches can sponsor a day, week or month  We are looking for 1000 individuals, churches, groups etc. who will give on a regular basis, $30 or more a month  We are praying for 100 individuals, churches, groups, etc. who will give on a one time seed of $1000 to help launch these programs AOAACF  Funds received will go directly to orphanages and outreaches to street children in Africa
  8. 8. Action Steps You can participate in: Africa Projects 2009 • Assist in providing funds for reaching these children – Individuals can give monthly towards feeding destitute, orphaned and abandoned street children – Children helping children. » Youth groups can give, do a fund raising project to help these children. – Churches can give $1.00 per adult – Be one of 100 to seed $1000.00 – Be one of 1000 to give $30 or more monthly Help us to provide AOAACF food, water, clothes, toys, cloth diapers, bottles etc. but most of all the love
  9. 9. Action Steps You can participate in: Africa Projects 2009 • Assist in providing funds for the purchase of equipment – We are raising funds to purchase a block building machine – The cost of this project is $12,000. » $9,600 for the machine » $2,400 for training and shipping – Churches can give $1.00 per adult – Individuals can seed $100.00 to $1000.00 – Give $10, $20, $30 or more Help us to provide housing, schools, medical clinics for these children. AOAACF
  10. 10. The Street Children of Africa Homeless not Hopeless AOAACF
  11. 11. You can HELP! • You can help by being a sponsor for an orphanage, missionary or organization in Africa • For as little as the price of a cup of coffee or soda you can help to relieve the suffering of a child in Africa • Your support will literally save the life of a child • For as little as $1.00 you can help. • Won’t you please consider being a supporter of The African Orphaned and Abandoned Children’s Fund AOAACF
  12. 12. Kitui X Kenya AOAACF
  13. 13. James and Rose Directors AOAACF
  14. 14. Michael and Kay Johnson • Kay and her husband, Michael, have served with WGM in Kenya since 1990. • Michael and Kay serve in Nairobi Kenya. Kenya has a population of 37 million people, and approximately 2 million of those people AOAACF also live in the slums of Nairobi. supports the efforts of • Furthermore, half of Kenya’s population is Dr. Michael and Kay under the age of 25, and half of those people Johnson in Nairobi live in poverty. The Johnsons provide free Kenya. health care, food, and clothing to the approximately 50,000 street children in Nairobi, the Johnsons share the love of Christ with these lost souls. • They also visit local orphanages throughout Kenya to play with the kids and provide food, clothing and free medical care, books, and AOAACF school supplies.
  15. 15. You are the most important part of these projects – Pray for the children – Sponsor an orphanage – Sponsor a missionary, pastor, church – Fund food, shelter, water and clothing Are they not worthy? Worthy The African Orphaned and Abandoned Children’s Fund 287 Lewis Scott Rd NE AOAACF Ludowici GA 31316 (912) 654-4864
  16. 16. Accountable We will be held accountable For our faith and works in this world AOAACF
  17. 17. Thank You The African Orphaned and You Abandoned Children’s Fund can 287 Lewis Scott Rd NE Ludowici GA 31316 help! (912) 654-4864 Email: AOAACF