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Ted presentation 1


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Ted presentation 1

  1. 1. Anzu Julia bacha : Pay attention to nonviolenceJulia : movie director 2003~2011 : documentary about demonstration or activity of Israelis and Palestinians →They didn’t use violence ←Q1. Do you know him? Image from Mahatma Gandhi Online Some European and American people asked her…..“Where is the Palestinian Gandhi?Why aren’t Palestinians using nonviolent resistance?” 1
  2. 2. AnzuThey haven’t seen such nonviolence movement directly or in the news etc.“…What’s mostly missing for nonviolence to grow is not for Palestinians to start adoptingnonviolence, but for us to start paying attention to those who already are. ”Actual conditionMany Palestinians try to defend their land and resources without usingviolence Gap Most of people in the world don’t know that 2
  3. 3. Anzu Success of their resistance is obstructed by this gap★What is need for success? →Julia thinks we should pay attention to those peopleEx. Budrus caseSeparation barrier will be built across the village→people try to stop it →they don’t stop resistance for 10 months→the government admit move line of barrier from Budrus to internationally recognized boundary 3
  4. 4. Anzu★But.. Media keeps silence about this case. →Julia thinks if this cases taken up in big scale, peaceful activity will expand and make success. 4
  5. 5. AnzuQ2. Have you heard the word "functional behavior"?Nonviolence movement → functional behavior 5
  6. 6. AnzuEx.WallajehFor 2 years,people in Wallajeh had carried out peaceful resistance,but no onepay attention to them.→Julia showed the documentary about Budrus ↓after 1 weekMany people joined the demonstrationQ3, Do you know Solidariot? →means being together to achieve something. The movement that held in Israel・In solidariot, documentary about Budrus is used to encourage participants of movement. 6
  7. 7. Anzu★A small film can change peaceful movement to functional behavior. ↓・If big media takes up this issue,it is very effective・Internationally support and evaluation to leaders will be betterJulia’s opinion・“…if we don’t pay attention to those efforts,they are invisible, and it’s as if they never happened. ” →Don’t hide those movement・pay attention → expand・Peaceful movement has a power 7
  8. 8. Anzu・Pay more attention → they could make success everywhere in the world,not only Middle EastQ4. What is the effect of nonviolent movement? ★If nonviolence movement becomes a main way to stop a conflict or war... →It prevents people from conflict or war , so it helps to prevent people being injured.Source“Julia bacha : Pay attention to nonviolence”, Filmed Jul 2011 • Posted Aug 2011 • TEDGlobal 2011About 11 minutes 8