Summary secured governance for road development and secured township project delhi jaipur extension


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Summary secured governance for road development and secured township project delhi jaipur extension

  1. 1. Secured Transport Governance and SecuredTownship Project- Project SummaryFor Delhi – Jaipur Highway
  2. 2. Table of Content1. Introduction – Secured Governance.2. Secured Transport Governance3. Road Development and Secured Governance4. Secured Governance Transport – Project Plan5. Area and Infrastructure Plan6. Area Mapping for Secured Township on Delhi – Jaipur Highway7. Public Private Partnership8. Technological Innovation and Security Solutions9. Budgetary Estimation for Project Value10. Conclusion
  3. 3. 1. Introduction – Secured Governance. “Secured Governance is the process of implementation and standardization of an exchange format that develops, interdependency among various sectors and integrates external as well as intra departmental co-ordination , which will bring transparency by showcasing a clear understanding and keeping track of the system which are substantiated and governed with help of monitoring cum governing Systems, policy framework and event handling Parameters.” Secured Governance’ is the exercise of authority – economic, administrative or otherwise – to manage a countrys resources and affairs, which may comprises the mechanisms, processes and institutions through which citizens and groups articulate their interests, exercise their legal rights, meet their obligations and mediate their differences. ‘Secured governance’ means competent management of a country’s resources and affairs in a manner that is open, transparent, accountable, equitable and responsive to people’s needs. Secured Governance is a strategy that relates to the relationship between Sectors, institutions and Government that foster coordination and create an environment that improves the cluster as a whole through regional strategies, technology and interdependency. Secured Governance is a part of our effort to study and outline how a tighter integration of Economic Development, risk assessment, technical security measures, and incident response mechanisms can lead to more effective operation and Incident handling for various sectors of the economy.
  4. 4. Secured Governance for Transport encompasses the entire process of road developmentalong with establishing integrated townships adjacent to the proposed Greenfieldexpressway with planned funding, and building physical facilities with sectoral distribution,administrating and managing them, monitoring their effectiveness. Secured Governancehelp people’s security and social stability, improve productivity and income distribution,support peoples’ quality of life directly or indirectly, and enhance the opportunity forpeople to make use of their potential. Transport and ICT services could be only partiallysupplied by the market transactions. Figure 1 - Secured Governance Framework
  5. 5. 2. Secured Transport Governance This Project design is based on the transect model, wherein the development of the 250 Km of Delhi National Highway begins from a planned and organized populated town center. The manmade environment blends itself into the natural environs without disturbing the innate nature of the place. The Road development of projected is planned across five major clusters. Delhi – Jaipur Highway can be town center of has been planned not only to capture its own special charm but also to blend with Infrastructure development and holistic fusion of country and cosmopolitan life experiences. The plan ensures provisions for the upwardly mobile segment of society, as well as the ever- evolving needs and demands of the entire socio-economic strata. This cluster will consist of around 10 townships offering a choice of elegant housing, from state of art apartments to, Industries, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Government facilities, and various other facilities.3. Road Development and Secured Governance Master Plan for this project addresses the overall vision of Highway project along with development of various clusters of townships along the green fields adjacent to the highways. This project will retain a position as a city of the future through its cosmopolitan characteristics and global Presence, and to enable and empower growth opportunities to promote Innovation and economic prosperity A clean and Green Environment High quality Infrastructure State of art Transport Facility Security with state of art Technology. Better and quality Communication System Social upliftment and increase employability of local population. Conservation of Heritage and Diverse culture of local population And Responsive and efficient governance.
  6. 6. Figure 2 SG Transport FrameworkTransport Growth along with city growth tied together not only to enhance economic developmentbut also promote environment and energy conservation, people and well being, Art, Culture, etcform a strong translation of growth scenario and vision . Emerging from the vision are the followingsignificant features of the Project Plan.a. Transport or Highway development :- Transportation is a key for economic growth for a country like India. This project plan proposes development of a networked city through a sustainable transport system focused on development of a structured road network, organizing transportation facilities and developing a multi- modal public transportation system. This project is creating coherence between other sectors for mutual growth and contributing to economic growth.b. Urbanisation :- SG transport Project will facilitates Greenfield across the highway will be used for developing a complete and ideal township of international standard. These redevelopment opportunities will be developed based on economic potentials. Success of this project mainly
  7. 7. depends upon developing a strong public private partnership model(PPP).Neighborhoods in the area will be developed offering wide range of socio- economic infrastructurec. Housing and residential Infrastructure :- This project is aims to ensure effective and spacious housing and space for all citizen, an ideal location with creating congestion free budget housing infrastructure with all category of primary secondary and tertiary facilities in the Area. This city will encompass a population stating with 10,000 on lower side to accommodate up to 1, 00,000 over a period of time.d. Housing for the Local Population and the needy class:- Access to housing for local population and needy class of the society is dependent on land, financing, and regulation of the housing market. This project will strategically Plan and execute to promote norms and regulations that encourage a response from the private sector to this social demand.e. Industries and services: - The Project will promote industries in the region with a collective and planned focus on both Manufacturing and Service sector. Strengthening and extend employment along the clusters as discussed earlier. Apart from this project also proposes to initiate and develop a complete cluster only as a Industrial zone promoting new industries and creating numerous employment opportunities.f. Development of Parks, Lakes and amenities: - This project proposes to create a ideal master city/ township which includes recreation sports, fencing, Lakes, parks and Playgrounds, diversions for sewage, prevention of garbage dumping in the lakes and initiation of creating a green city. Various Parks and Playground would contribute major coverage of open space of the city development project.g. Water Supply : - Water supply is most critical and thus this project plan proposes a strategic outlook to facilitate public water supply ensuring that water is clean and accessible to all citizen and quality and quantity of water to citizen confirms to Public health and environmental organization standards.h. Energy and Power Supply: - The project also focuses on creating uninterrupted quality power supply to all the citizens and industrial area at affordable rates and also ensuring minimum power loss and provisions to calculate load forecast.i. Commercial and retail Sector: - These sector comprises of creating space for commercial vendors, registered hawkers, retailers and for creating shopping complexes.j. Government Facilities and infrastructure: - This will include various law enforcement agencies, police, judiciary, Emergency bodies along with Governing bodies for various sectors.
  8. 8. Apart from this Government will be able to make an effective usage of space having a stake(in the form of land and infrastructure) in the development and provision to trade the stakes at market rates for sustainability and development. k. Health and Education: -This city will facilitate education and healthcare accessible for all parts of the community with international quality standards in a secured and technological environment as a centre of excellence in education and also promoting basic medical facilities for the residents with allocating a special zone for Medical and provision for medical tourism and research. l. Art and Culture: - Last but not the least in order to showcase the culture and heritage and most importantly to preserve the monuments and attract tourist. The city will be planned with a strategic outlook for promoting and attracting tourist by preserving and securing its culture.4. Secured Governance Transport - Project Plan a. Highway development and development of Township
  9. 9. b. Ideal Township and Area wise distribution of land(Tentative not actual)
  10. 10. 5. Area and Infrastructure Plan a. Township Plan - Population - 10,000 (increasing upto 1lakh over years) Total Land Allocation for Township - 250 - 300 Acres or 100 hectares Total Usable area Per Person - 1000 Square feet LAND USE % OF LAND Residential 35 Commercial 10 Industrial 25 Green/ Recreational 10 Relocation and Local cultural development 10 Circulation 106. Area Mapping for Secured Township :- Delhi Jaipur Highway. Tentative Preferred area for the township could be major towns and developing regions over and across the highway as following:- 1. Gurgaon 2. Sohana 3. Dharunhera 4. Rewari 5. Shahajanpur 6. Behror 7. Kotputli 8. Pragpura 9. Bawadi 10. Shahpura 11. Chandwaji 12. Dhand 13. Amer
  11. 11. 7. Public Private Partnership Secured Governance for transport encourages the consideration of public-private partnerships (P3s) in the development of transportation improvements. Early involvement of the private sector can bring creativity, efficiency, and capital to address complex transportation problems facing State and local governments. Private Public Partnership will be called for financing, development Managing, contracting and Technical input will be sought from private consultants in project planning, technical and financial feasibility studies, surveys and detailed design. PPP model encourages a win-win situation for both the parties wherein along with the township development the project will be divided among various patches of highway project along with a cluster of Township development. Government will promote the parties for development of road and developing the township with state of art infrastructural facilities as discussed above in the cluster of Townships on the greenfields along highway and having major stake in the project, sharing stakes with the government. Private parties can sell the developed area at the decided market rate and trade in the project as mutually agreed over a period of time with a government regulatory body for monitoring and governing the Trade of the Properties/ infrastructures. Government will also benefit by trading and selling off the stakes owned by the Government for sustaining the developmental activities and this will also help reducing the tax burden among the public and the corporate in the township. The road development and township project would be implemented on Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) approach. The PPP model and its financial configurations as discussed above reflect the sustainability of the project. It is a win-win situation for all stakeholders Government, the BOT concessionaire, the city traffic, the transporters and above all the original land owners who consented to give away their lands. Total project can be either divided into patches or phases with a long-term subsidised concession by the government from a portion of value allocated for road or highway development. During which the concessionaire can recoup the large construction and on-going operation costs by selling off the properties/infrastructures and through collection of tolls.
  12. 12. 8. Technological Innovation and Security Solutions for Highway and Township for ensuring Secured Governance. Information technology and Security (IT&S) has transformed many industries, and is now in the early stages has contributed in transforming transportation systems. While many think improving a country’s transportation system solely means building new roads or repairing aging infrastructures, the future of transportation lies not only in concrete and steel, but also increasingly in using IT&S. IT&S enables elements within the transportation system—vehicles, roads, traffic lights, message signs, etc.—to become intelligent by embedding them with microchips and sensors and empowering them to communicate with each other through wireless technologies. IT & S not only limits to the development and automation of the Road and transport but also securing and creating a safe and secured climate for the townships along with well planned Disaster Management Mechanisms and Emergency Response Mechanism. ITS bring significant improvement in system performance, security and Governance. i. Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Intelligent transportation systems are projects that aim to integrate modern communication and information technology into existing transportation management systems in order to optimize vehicle life, fuel efficiency, safety, and traffic. The need for intelligent transportation systems stems from the fact that traffic congestion has been increasing all around the world because of increasing population, increasing amount of transportation vehicles and increasing urbanization.
  13. 13. Real-time Traffic Information Provision1. Advanced Traveler Information Systems Route Guidance/Navigation Systems (ATIS) Parking Information Roadside Weather Information Systems Road Health Monitoring Adaptive Traffic Signal Control 2. Advanced Transportation and Road Management Systems (ATRMS) Dynamic Message Signs (or “Variable” Message Signs) Ramp Metering Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Congestion Pricing/Electronic Road Pricing 3. ITS-Enabled Transportation Pricing (ERP) Systems Fee-Based Express (HOT) Lanes Variable Parking Fees Real-time Status Information for Public Transit 4. Advanced Public Transportation System (e.g. Bus,Highways,Subway,) Systems (APTS) Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Work Flow Diagram for Intelligent Transport System.
  14. 14. ii. Safe - City Surveillance System With an increasing need to protect the public, officials and facilities and for law enforcement agencies to be aware of and have access to footage of security and safety incidents and violations in Township in order to fight crime, prioritize events, improve city management, effectively allocate law enforcement personnel, and furnish evidence for forensic investigation purposes. We need a security system that can scale across your entire city; a system that helps you manage hundreds or thousands of edge devices, be they cameras, doors, or license plate cameras. Security is a comprehensive and concerted exercise that is aimed at maintaining the territorial integrity of a state and ensuring sustained Peace, Public order and rule of law. Safe City strategies are aimed at preparing, protecting, detecting and responding to any kind of aggression on a city and its citizen.
  15. 15. Safeguarding Socio – Economic Infrastructure: - Infrastructure is backbone of a city likethe township proposed, these not only result in physical loss but also hamper economy of a city.Once affected by Natural Disasters, Terrorism, Crime and others can bring down and bring cityto a standstill. Hence these infrastructures and resources are key areas to be considered whilesecuring a city.Surveillance: - To protect we should first detect, which is possible using high-end technology.Citizens can also become the eyes and ears of the police and law enforcement agencies. Citizensmust be aware of what should be noticed in the public places and how to communicate anysuspicious behavior and what action should be taken in an emergency.Intelligence: - Intelligence includes information gathered through technologies and humansources. This enables the Authorities to analyse, interpret, protect, detect and respond to anycrisis. Our Safe City Project aims to develop intelligence in the security system to help build asafer city.Policing: - Police force(and private agencies)and law enforcement agencies will be responsiblefor safety and devising security policy to ensure safety and mitigation mechanism.Security Technology for Safe City ProjectTechnology plays a vital role in building a safe cityand same goes for our township project as well. It isthe need of the hour that response time areimproved to meet these challenges. In ourpreliminary study we identified premium concern forthe project and incorporation of advancedtechnologies apparatus in the city’s security systemrequired to ensure its preparedness to prevent orcombat threats, its ability to detect these, processinformation related to security issues, and make atimely and efficient response to any untowardincident.
  16. 16. 9. Budgetary Estimation for Project Value. Highway Development Cost Officials of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) estimate the average cost of building fourlane highways at around INR 8 crore per km and six-lane highways at around INR 14 crore per km, inclusive of land costs. On an average, 45 labourers are employed for every km of road taken up for development, with each paid between INR 250 and INR 500 a day. Total Cost for Developing a National Highway for 280 Km would range around o 4 lane – 2,300 Crores INR o 6 Lane- 4,000 Crores INR Returns : - 1. Government or agencies can recover the return by rendering advertorials over the Highway. 2. An state of art Electronic Road Tolling system will boost the returns and a brings in secured governance into the Toll collection Process. Estimated Township Development Cost Total Project Cost for the Secured Township Development is Estimated Around INR 51,000 crore over period of time.(including land and Infrastructure development cost for 6 clusters) The city/Township is planned to cover 250 – 350 Acres of land and will be home to 10,000 and increasing. Per sq feet land acquisition and basic amenities development cost Rs 500. Therefore, Total cost of Developing entire Township for population of 10,000 with total 300 acres (1.30crores Sq.feet) = 650 Crores Estimated cost for Development of 1 cluster city is estimated to approx INR 8500 Crores (various sectors put together) calculation as discussed below. Note :- We have considered some of the basic facilities which our research showed important..
  17. 17. 10. Conclusion. Secured governance for transport has major characteristics like participation, rule of law, transparency, responsiveness, equity and inclusiveness, effectiveness, efficiency, accountability and strategic vision and consensus orientation. Challenge for us is to create a system of governance that promotes supports and sustains development. With improved resource allocation, enhanced governance, Interdependency among sectors and transparency in the system going hand in hand with Information Technology and Innovation can deliver a safer, cleaner and more accountable delivery of self sustaining transport infrastructure and services. A high degree of technical integration and economic interdependence in modern societies will also increase uncertainty regarding where risks begin and end, and help them judiciously plan and be prepared for even minor event and rings in society participation in nation building Process..