Making the most out of corporate social responsibility


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  • 1.Energy and water conservation
  • Making the most out of corporate social responsibility

    1. 1. Making the most out ofCorporate Social Responsibility A birds eye view on current Trend and suggesting Future outlook for consulting firms Presented By :- Aneesh Suresh 9769748305
    2. 2. Corporate Social Responsibility An Overview (1/2) The Aim:- Capacity building Environmental protection – leading to development of skills, living standards. Both internal and - Help in conserving, protecting and external business environment replenish resources. Sustainability- Company image Activities which cab be Continuous and – Boosting company’smultiplied and long term CSR image.
    3. 3. Corporate Social Responsibility An Overview (2/2) – Market Facts• Indian companies have majorly classified corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes in areas like education, health, livelihood creation, skill development, and empowerment of weaker sections of the society.• KMPG Indian Corporate Survey 2011 points to 16% of the top-listed firms which have a CSR policy as compared to 73% of their global counterparts. An estimated 100 corporate foundations and 25 foreign firms are involved in CSR activities in India.• India currently is home to approximately 2million NGOs, employing approximately 25 million people.• CSR in todays world means “Sustainability” taking care of the long-term economic, social, and environmental health of our company and the communities in which we operate.
    4. 4. Employee Participation in CSR Activities • Widely increasing phenomenaRaise Awareness of social Issues across the country which increases a scene of• Public Participation ownership.Giving back to society - Donation• Blood, Books, Goods, funds, clothing etc • In todays era of rising recognition and the imperativeVoluntary works need for increasing employee• Community cleanup, plantation, natural disaster engagement, CSR initiatives services etc are not any different. The company may chart out aSharing Internal Job skills and expertise policy, draw up a plan, and• Spreading Career oriented programs etc invest funds, but it needs complete endorsement and active participation by employees to carry it forward and implement it as perceived.
    5. 5. Current Trends in Consulting Firms- leading practices in CSR initiativesInternal Practices within External Practicesorganisation • Community development• Energy and water conservation • Capacity building• Employee welfare – training, • Environmental protection healthcare • Healthcare• Employment of protection Group • Creating awareness - education,• Corporate governance and Healthy health, social issues Business Practices • E-initiatives – Online Information, education, etc.
    6. 6. Do companies undertake CSR initiatives in select few areas which are common across different consulting organizations? Firms do undertake CSR activities Common Areas are Community in a diverse structure and come development, Environment up with their own innovative CSR initiatives and priority does Friendly approach, Client and approach but yes there is a change/modify with respect to partner focus, Employee welfare commonalty in the Area of work the location of business and participation, Education, and when it comes to selection of relative Philanthropy field. Differentiating Factor is reflected on the brand equity and the policy framework of the firms. Following are the 3 type of policy framework followed by firms for CSR initiatives Integrated Approach Selective Approach Invisible Approach Brand Brand Brand CSRBusiness CSR Business Business CSR Reference :- 1. Websites and CSR initiatives comparison for Capgemini and Mckinsey 2. ‘Three strategies for integrating CSR with brand marketing’. by KRISTIANE HANSTED BLOMQVIST AND STEVEN POSNER,
    7. 7. Suggestion for Promoting Models for Self Sustaining CSR. Creating a Self Sustaining Economic facility and Infrastructure which not only promotes growth but also meets the requirement of funds to sustain its operations A. Inspiring and B. Providing Facilities, Promoting C. Reinvesting Training and economic Entrepreneurship Infrastructure. Margins of the profit Programs. into the operation Urban and Rural (employee participation ( External CSR) and training promoting of infrastructure and Internal CSR) development of the• Selecting the right set of people and expertise region. from the community • Infrastructures and the region to including Space and promote rural, urban facilitating ways in and young acquiring capital funds. entrepreneurs for • Bring in private bodies promoting a business.(even for to facilitate products other companies) technology and Knowhow.
    8. 8. Thank You