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Employee engagement activities

Most innovative Employee Engagement Initiatives, which an Orgnzation may Adopt...

Chandrakant Shukla

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Employee engagement activities

  1. 1.  1. Picnic at regular intervals 2. Movie at interval of 2 months 3. A daily column, written by CEO, on the intranet with company announcements / programs etc. 4. Update via an overhead paging system, which is used to recognize employees for significant business achievements.
  2. 2.  5. Employee suggestion systems / quick responses. 6. Replay on the intranet about the president’s / CEO’s press conference. 7. Live version of internal house magazine. 8. CEO spending time in face to face communication with staff. 9. CEO based FAQ questions on company business
  3. 3.  10. ONLINE “ask the CEO” mailbox. 11. Monthly staff awards 12. Annual staff awards 13. Weekly blog related to serious business issues and staff to read / comments. 14. Appointment of disaster management team 15. Appointment of emergency management team
  4. 4.  16. Problem solving committee. 17. Quality assurance committee. 18. Conducting soft skills training program as well as required training programs 19. Online real-time tracking of progress. Employees can view company progress towards targets / goals. 20. Provide long term strategic vision for business growth. 21. Indoor Games as well as Outdoor games, like Chess, Cricket, Badminton etc.. 22. Celebration of Employees Birthday