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Definitions of personnel management


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All about the Personnel Management in the Industry

Chandrakant Shukla

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Definitions of personnel management

  1. 1. Personnel Management Concept Role Function H.R. I.R./E.R. Welfare AdministrationManpower Planning Canteen Transport Statutory Structure Compliance Establishment Hospital/First Aid Compensation Relationship with Union/Employees/ Housing Package Transport Govt./Local Bodies Colony/School Scheme Training Negotiation Security Appraisal Schools etc. Labour Law Implementation Miscellaneous O.D. Functions in Court Proceeds Organisation Personal Records Discipline Management Time Officer Worker Anything HR Solutions
  2. 2. Definitions of Personnel Management Edwin Flippo: Concerned with procurement, development, compensation, integration and maintenance of personnel of organization for the purpose of contributing towards the accomplishments of the organizational objectives Paul Pigore & Charles Myres: Is the line responsibility & staff functions, assisting managers in providing advise, counsel, service and various types of controls to secure uniform administrations of personnel policies designed to achieve organization’s objective. Anything HR Solutions
  3. 3. Definitions of Personnel Management Prof. Michael Jueins: Is that field of management which has to do with planning, organizing and controlling various operative functions of procuring, developing, maintaining and utilizing a labor force in such a way that  Objectives of company are attained economically and effectively.  Objectives of all levels of personnel are served to the highest possible degree.  Objectives of the community are duly considered and served Anything HR Solutions
  4. 4. Role and Objectives of Personnel Management Build – up Culture, Philosophy & Leadership Style. Approach, Openness & Participation. Deal with human relations at work. Understand and resolve Inter-Personal problems. Identify job hazards and evolve conducive working conditions. Design organization structure and personnel policies. Evolve compensation package. Plan Recruit, Retain, Separation of employee. Maintain co-ordial & productive industrial relations vis-à-vis public relations. Anything HR Solutions
  5. 5. Role and Objectives of Personnel Management Appraisal, Needs Analysis – Training & Counseling. Develop & respect human being at work (process of HRD). Develop system of evaluation – reward – suggestion to improve production – productivity and gain employee commitment. Discipline, Welfare and Administration. Career and growth planning of employee. Ensure service to community, shareholders, customers, public and creditors creating best image to organizations. Handling of 3P’s (People, Productivity & Profitability) is an art which decides survival and growth of company in competitive world. Anything HR Solutions
  6. 6. Structure of Organization Depends on:  Culture of Organization  Size of Organization ~ Units, Branches, Overall Strength of Workforce.  Activities  Responsibility ~ Job Analysis of Positions.  Minimize the size ~ Enrich the Job & Satisfaction Anything HR Solutions
  7. 7. Influencing Factors On The Role Environment Culture Size Nature of Business Anything HR Solutions
  8. 8. His Faces(no gender bias please !)  H.R. Manager [HRD]  Fire Fighter [IR]  Care Taker [Welfare]  Administrator [Admin.] Anything HR Solutions
  9. 9. Changing Role of Personnel Manager Anything HR Solutions
  10. 10. After This Presentation You Will Be Able To:- Understand historical background, the Concept and the Role of the Personnel Manager. Appreciate the influence of socio – political developments on the role and growth of Personnel Management. Understand the impact of the Western and Eastern management philosophies and theories on Personnel Management. Understand the complexities of the role in the light of IR-HRD interface. Identify challenges of 21st century as a ‘Change Agent’. Anything HR Solutions
  11. 11. The Voyage A Leaf In History  Upto 1920 Turbulent Period  1920 – 1960 East Meets West  1960 – 1980 The Transition  1980 – 1998 The Next Millenium  2000AD….. Anything HR Solutions
  12. 12. A Leaf In History Upto 1920 Industrialization And Profit Motive Exploitation Social Vs Political Revolution Birth Of Trade Unions Gandhiji Steps In Impact Of Russian Revolution The Mediator Anything HR Solutions
  13. 13. Turbulent Period 1920 - 1960 Multiplicity Of Trade Unions Awareness Of Rights Evolution Of Labour Legislations Enlarged Role To Implement The Legislations Anything HR Solutions
  14. 14. East Meets West 1960 - 1980 Advent Of Professional Management Thoughts Intra And Inter Union Rivalry M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) Transition Towards A Proactive And Pivotal Role Anything HR Solutions
  15. 15. The Transition 1980 - 1998 Crucial Period In The History Of Personnel Management Impact Of Textile Strike  Bleeding Trading Unions  Change In Management’s Outlook Paradigm Shift Due To HRD Movement Pathbreaking Step OF Globalization  Volatile Environment  Quality Consciousness & Competition  Customer Delight  Technology Dynamics  Employee As Chief Differentiating Factor Enriched Role Of Personnel Manager  Trainer  Developer  Motivator  Business Leader  Catalyst Anything HR Solutions
  16. 16. The Next Millenium 2000 AD…. Challenges of New Global Order  Technological…… [Automation, Internertworking, AI]  Intellectual……[Knowledge Worker]  Cultural Integration  Self Development  Socio-Economic Importance Of The Human Touch – Soft Corner In An Organization Anything HR Solutions
  17. 17. Enterprise Management Capital CustomerSupplier Resource Conversion Labour Community Resources : Inputs Needs : Satisfaction Output Anything HR Solutions