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Observational lab presentation


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Observational lab presentation

  2. 2. INSIGHTS & OPPORTUNITIESThrough out this presentation I will only provide suggestions which I believe areunique, creative and would help those brand Stand out from their competitor.And since this course is a course of Creativity – I will not talk things which are obviousand sensible and is also ubiquitous.I chose The Body Shop (Cosmetic Retailor), Subway (Food Retail Franchise), MerleNorman (Cosmetic Retailor), Hyper Star (Cosmetic Retailor), Naheed Super Market(Retailor) and Debenhams (Retail)
  3. 3. CREATIVITY BANGS -Let the Sun shine in your store: Since they cried out about being natural, Why don’t they get a chimneys or window or corridors to allow the sunlight and reduce their energy consumption.AC – Where is the natural air?You are nature’s way to beautiful and I cant find any real plant inside the store to symbolized your promises and claims?
  4. 4. CREATIVITY BANG Digital calorie meterI have seen subway calorie calculatorat their website, but I believe that toolshould be used at retail level to attractcustomer. A Screen right beside cashcounter telling informing customerabout the calories they are takingaway.It will be a day in heaven if beforeeating a burger counter reminds methat I am consuming only 400something calories as mylunch/dinner.
  5. 5. CREATIVITY BANG -Variety of Colors – This store has so many lip shades I cant believe myself, but for consumer its really get tough to try all shades out.Virtual Makeover Session: wont it be fun if they get some digital booth/screen something where I could get my photo clicked and the could try all their shades virtually!!!
  6. 6. CREATIVITY BANG -The most crowded super market of Karachi Pakistan.Very Well Organized, but Entrance was not quieting welcoming.No one greets the entering customers, there should be a digital welcoming voice.“Whats New” screen: not all the time we roam and scan through each and every product. A board or screen at the main entrance telling whats new in store for today would help many customer gauge new products and purchase them.