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Takestock ENG

  1. 1. Stock research service associated with bookstores Takestock SpinningWorks Inc.
  2. 2. SpinningWorks Inc.SpinningWorks Inc. is a company which creats various encounters with books and new encounters through books.Corporate outlineIn a highly digitized market environment, the purchase place of books is shifting from bookstores in the street to e-commerce services centering on Amazon,Its true that these services have made our lives more convenient, but our original ways to enconter one book at abookstore is losing ground. SpinningWorks Inc. Corporate nameSpinningWorks restore the bookstores and its original merits through Web and creat the discover of new merits. Headquarter 〒 153-0042, Meguro 4-7-27, Aobadai, Tokyo, Japan Foundation In February 2010 Capital fund 29,100,000 yen Representative Yoichi Shirakata director Stockholders Yoichi Shirakata NISSAY CAPITAL Co.,ltd. Sansei Capital Investment Co., Ltd. Digital Garage, Inc. © SpinningWorks Inc. 2 netprice.com, Ltd.
  3. 3. Outlines of our service 1/2 ■Takestock is a service which enables users to realize a batch search of books in Net cafes and libraries based on the location- based information and to find a book they want. We cover the needs difficult to resolve in online bookstores like "I want to buy it immedidately","I want to buy it after reading the content", "I want to buy something that fit me". We receive official autorization to access to stock data bookstores Visit of some leading bookstore chains. The collection of stock informations opened on the Web also enables users to search the stocks of over 1,400 bookstores at the moment. Take stock enables users to realize batch search of nearby bookstores based on location-based information. Stock Our website Stock search Service search For Use Search General bookstor History Search result result Users e owners Search Statistical data of History Advertisement users delivery Attract customers to Cross-search of the bookstores Advertisement stockUtilization of statistical spot © Improve convenience3 SpinningWorks Inc.
  4. 4. The outlines of service 2/2■ Searchable stores Supported Book stores about 1,400 stores(about 10% of all the store throughout the country,About 40% of all the amount of sales of the country) We are going to deal with about 6,200 libraries(almost 100% of libraries throughtout the country includinguniversity libraries) Net cafes About 1,300 stores (about 50% of all the stores throughout the country)■ Method of delivery Website (https://takestock.jp) The smartphone apps(https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id564739538)■Start of the service It was opened to the public in November 2012. © SpinningWorks Inc. 4
  5. 5. Take stock service screen ( for general users) smartphone apps WebsiteDisplay on a map the nearby book Along with our apps for smartphones,our website enables users to search thestores which have stocks book stores which have stocks from location-based informationsYou can find easily book store and realize a batch search easily.location, stock status by locationsand types of pins. © SpinningWorks Inc. 5
  6. 6. The value in the offering( for book store owners and publishers)■Attract customers to brick-and-mortar shopsThe wide spread of smartphone provides a means to approach to users in theneighborhood,and enables us to realize a new methodto attract customers different from existing methods. ・Appeal to users who navigate on the Internet around book stores ・Approach to potencial customers who visit book stores ・Ensure a lead track from off-line sales to on-line sales■ Need analysis by areas and customer attributesFrom attribute, hobbies and diversions of users and research history based on thelocation information, we will be able toobtain following data. We will be able to use these data to establish customerssatisfactory progress and marketing. © SpinningWorks Inc. 6
  7. 7. Reference:■O to O service means the service which exert an influence on purchase behavior and purchase experiences in the wake of the reach and information on the Internet■Forecast of the smartphone penetration rate 40% in 2012 → 70% in 2016 The real-time location-based services are becoming more popular. ( The line between on-line and off-line is getting fuzzier)■Domestic book market 1.9 trillion yen (books 821,300,000yen, magazines 1,053,500,000yen) e-books80,000,000,000yen)(*)■About the purchase Rate of BtoC-EC(e-commerce) © SpinningWorks Inc. 7
  8. 8. Document Request■ContactSpinningWorks Inc.Representative director:Yoichi ShirakataPhone number:03-6804-9947e-mail :yoichi.shirakata@spinningworks.com © SpinningWorks Inc. 8