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Skills development


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Holiday homework

Published in: Education
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Skills development

  1. 1. A2 Fortnight Skills Development. Anya Wagstaff
  2. 2. Digital Technology/Post Production We used a moving image camera to capture the footage and a stills camera for evidence of our work and for the CD cover. Having never used a moving image camera it helped me to prepare for next year by getting to grips with it. We used lights for the studio parts however I had some experience of it from AS course work, this meant I could practise them and show other people in my group who may not have used it. Having already used Photoshop (which we used for the CD cover) it was more important that I learnt to use Final Cut. I learnt the importance of synchronising the lip movement with the music/lyrics, because that can be the difference between the video looking amatore and proffesional. It was also helpful being shown how to upload the video to the internet using WIX as I had little experience of doing this before.
  3. 3. Research and Planning After not making a detailed enough storyboard we learnt that it needed to be in much more in depth, including exactly how long each section lasts, and perhaps then filming for slightly longer so something doesn’t fit quite right then there is extra film to fall back on. Also putting more thought and effort into costume and props as we only had our main person in costume and didn’t think and the backing as much. I think it would also be worth making a timetable of things I need to do and when by. This will help me to be able to co-ordinate with any models I will be using and booking locations. A long with managing my time better and putting more thought and research into the costume (thinking more about genre), I will also have to put more thought into props as they were limited in this video and with this genre it might have been appropriate to have more. In the video I would like to make this year the genre will be very different so I will need to put a lot more research into the target audience, costume, instruments, settings...
  4. 4. Real Media Convention For my main production I need to put a lot of research into the genre (Folk) as it is not vastly listened to genre by younger people, there also are a lot less modern bands or artists than a lot of other genres and there are less magazines, radio channels and TV channels that cover it. This means I will have to follow artist’s directly and having already done some research I have found artists in this genre don’t make music videos as such, so I will have to look at other ‘overlapping’ genres so my research, however their ‘videos’ are mostly a collection of photos so this will make research for the album cover much easier. As I will be recording the music as well this means I can add more instruments that are appropriate to the genre and I will be changing the structure of the song to add in a chorus that will be sung by a ‘crowd’ which also goes well in this genre. I will also need to learn more about outdoor lighting as I like to do most of my filming outdoors, some at night time and some in a live performance scenario. This also sticks with the genre as after using youtube to watch fan video and performances these have come out as very popular and common in this genre. I will also need to consider costume ona larger scale as I would like a big crowd, and I will be required to think about who I will be using to do this, however as folk mostly appeals to older people I would like to show the communal side to it by having people of all ages and generations. For the CD cover I will also like to do some studio photos, I will be using a photo of the original singer of my chosen song as a template, but it will have four people in the photo, so I may have to use photoshop as they would not fit on because the studio is not big enough for all four to be stretched out.