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Question 1


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How does my media product use, develop or change forms and conventions of real media products?

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Question 1

  1. 1. How does my media product use, develop or change forms and conventions of real media products? Anya Wagstaff
  2. 2. Comparison of Cover Main Image Like the piece I have used to re-create I have two models showing the main parts of the ‘band’ which is shown at the bottom. I have placed my lead singer slightly in front of the other to show their dominance. There is just a plain white backing to show the main feature. I have also copied the professional magazine in overlapping the left models hair on the logo. I chose my main model (Marcus) very carefully because I wanted someone with the ‘short back and sides’ look with long hair on top that is once again coming back into fashion. I wanted two males to re-create the professional magazine shown. The second model (Will) I chose because he reminded me of a member from a well known ‘indie’ band; ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ and I thought this was appropriate the genre. Mast Head The ‘NME’ title stands out a lot because of the colours and bold font. To Re-create this I have used similar colours and again a bold font. However I wanted a font with a ‘twist’ to represent the indie genre, and to reinforce the arrowed centre I placed a red line behind it. On the NME font it has an ‘inner-shadow’ on the stroke, however I have put an effect on the outer block to separate in from the top band where NME has the black stroke to do this. Like the NME magazine I have used a circular black and yellow sell line/offer. Using these colours I have moved away from the repeated colours to give it another look and widen what I can use throughout the magazine, not restricting myself to much but still keeping house colours. Sell Lines I have shown the sell lines as they are on the professional magazine with alternation between black and red with lines to separate them. I would like to have done more as the area around the models looks bare and boring. I have also used boxes to show some more important features of the magazine, this I have taken from other magazines such as this NME one. If I were to re-do it I would like to include a text across the middle like the professional one to fill more space and make it more interesting. I would also use brighter colours but due to the colour of my models jumper that I wanted I could not contrast the different shades to much. It would be useful to, to include a bar code, however this might interrupt the other texts and blocks. Other Images The other images I have used are the ‘full band’ and a female model by herself, she is later featured on the double page spread. She is smoking in this image and I got this idea from another magazine and I feel it shows the independence of the genre and how indie people don’t always play by the rules. Both images are against a brick wall this is because for both I wanted a plain back ground but not a white, studio, I also wanted them to be the same because photos from both shoots are then featured on the double page, and blend into the back ground of each other.
  3. 3. Contents Page Main Image I have used the main image similar to the one of a professional magazine because it is outside and relaxed and as if the group are not working. I have also used a banner along the top of a view which backs up the outside feel. I chose this model (Beth) because I thought her fringe was appropriate to the genre, and the dark colour didn’t contrast with the house colours. Having this model in front and another behind in a different colour shows their statues and that she is the lead singer. I also had her smoking again to show how ‘indie’ people are independent and don’t always play by the rules. Through doing audience research I found that people of this genre often wear label clothes, this is why I chose to have her Vans/shoes in more focus and front than her face. Other Image I wanted to show the ‘new album’ mentioned on the front page but I could not re-create the Arctic Monkeys band or the album cover so I took a picture od the album logo t-shirt. Here I have included a grey box with an offer in like on this professional magazine. I have also included a logo type block the start the box, copying the stamp on the cover promoting this offer. Like the professional magazine I have separated and headed each list with a line however I have not split my pages into categories. However instead of using bigger blocks rather than lines to split them I have used a backing block on the number. I have also used a bold font for the main title of the pages then a small summary or caption in the ‘light’ font. The page numbers are also in the ‘blacklisted’ font just add diversity and change but it is my house font and hadn’t been used much on this page. To improve this I would add a small article on this page like the one on the professional page. It would also have to be about the main image on this page, so I would either have to take a new image for this story or write about the story on my double page spread and find another for that, because currently it is advertising the double page spread.
  4. 4. Double Page Spread Main Image and Layout This is the professional double page spread that I have tried to re-create. Like this I have used one main image that take just over half the two pages with a block with the story in. The image I have used was against a brick wall because I didn’t want any action behind but I wanted a pattern or something consistent behind. I chose to have my models hood up because I thought it would represent the genre through having her hiding herself and being independent. She needed to be smiling because the quote in bold and blue stuck out from the rest of the story is ‘Best experience of my life’. I added in the shapes because I liked the effect it had on the professional page, however I don’t think the mainly house colours I used had the same effect. Although the blocks on the brick wall are effective because they look as if they belong with it. I have also separated the columns with a line and begun the text with a larger, blue capital letter. The title of my page does not standout as much as the professional one, however I think starting each word with the ‘Blacklisted’ font was effective. Using black for the title was effective against the red backing and the white main text colour. Using the blue and the white bolder text was effective in catching the readers eye, as it does on the professional page. Using two small images was effective because it showed the other bands that would be featured in the story and showed that there wouldn’t just be one. Using the one with the same brick backing was effective because it blended with the other. The studio photo is from the same shoot as the cover image so this shows where it is relevant. The models in the studio image are pointing and in a draft I placed a text next to it saying ‘We Need You’. This was to promote ticket sales or band entries, however it did not fit with the layout and in trying to re-create the professional one it meant there was to much on the page. Although this album may not be considered ‘indie’ I felt the wall background was very effective and inspired my main image.