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Genre Research


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Comparison of 'indie' genre with 'pop'

Published in: Education
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Genre Research

  1. 1. Genre Research
  2. 2. Indie Magazine The Indie covers often use one main colour theme which is shown in the background and there is often limited props or simple yet expressive props used. The 'Independent' style is shown through the use of props and the attitudes of those in the picture, there is often an element of misbehaviour put across. Any make-up used is sometimes naturally based or the other extreme of extravagance which again shows independence. The photos are mostly taken in studios but can be set in a more natural scene, for example a party, this shows the misbehaviour and independence of the genre.
  3. 3. Comparison Pop Magazine The Pop covers mostly use bright colours that stand out and capture the attention of readers along with bold fonts. The people shown often look happy or 'sexy', this is also shown by the use of bright and pattered props and clothing. These pictures are also taken in a studio with a plain back ground to exclamate the mood (colour) of the people shown.