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Digital Marketing Campaign Proposal for Massimo Dutti, New York

  1. • Established in 1985 in Spain • Owned by Inditex Group • Product Line - Women: Clothing, Accessories, Soft, Fragrances, Eyewear Men: Clothing, Accessories, Soft, Personal Tailoring, Fragrances, Eyewear Children : Boys & Girls clothing Baby • Financial information - The sales reached 1 billion euros ($1.3 billion) in 2012. The revenue growth > retail space expansion Inditex’s most profitable brand in 2011 Operating margin 24 19
  2. Stores 521 stores In 47 countries 2 US Stores : NYC (Fall 2012) , 689 5th Ave Washington DC (Fall 2012)
  3. European Style
  4. Target Audience Cosmopolitan, Urban Like to urban, elegant, classical and sophisticated clothing styles Between 20-35 years old Enjoy quality and good design at a price NYC locals and tourists Young professionals or office staffs Upper middle and upper social economic class
  5. SWOT Strengths • • • • • Strong European presence Classic European style Prime location on 5th Ave Visually appealing website Engaging video content Threats • Over saturated marketplace • Many European brands entering the US marketing in the past 5 years • Many well established competitors with large digital followings Weaknesses • Low US brand awareness • Low social presence (compared to competitors) • Not utilizing all appropriate social channels • Not using paid search, paid social, or display ads Opportunities • Growth in the US market, specifically NYC • Leveraging digital marketing practices to grow digital presence and increase US brand awareness • Use digitally tied local promotions to attract customers to the NYC store
  6. Competitors Type: Division of The Gap, Inc. Founded: 1978 Number of locations: 642, more than 500 in United States Headquarters: San Francisco Type: Private Founded: 1983 Number of locations: 333 Headquarters: 770 Broadway, NYC Annual Revenue: 1.7 billion, FY 2011 Type: Public company Founded: 1967 Number of locations: 631 Headquarters: 650 Madison Avenue. NYC Annual revenue: 4.98 billion , FY 2010 Type: Subsidiary of LVMH Founded: 1989 Number of location: 70 Headquarters: 550 Seventh Avenue, NYC Products:Fashion, leather goods and watches
  7. Competitors 6.7 M 438 K 40 K 4.5 M
  8. Current Digital Presence Digital Platform Detail 321K Website √ No social network links Facebook √ All the content is about photos featuring products and models; No interactivity; Less activity. 16K Twitter √ For customer service: Just answering questions 1K Pinterest √ Few people like or repin the pictures; not connect with its other social network; relatively fewer followers Instagram √ Not active Youtube √ High quality videos; Not organized Blog √ Good content; Hard to find the blog; Less active APP √ For E-commerce; No brand experience SEM X Display X Email √ There’s enews letter sunscription link, but I’ve never received any. 3K n/a
  9. Problems • Low Brand Awareness • Strong Competitors
  10. Problems • Lack of Customize Marketing Effort – Diversity in the marketplace • Average to Poor Reputation on Customer Service – Staff lacking product knowledge
  11. Objective • Increase awareness in US • Increase store traffic in NYC
  12. Recommendations • • • • • Utilizing paid digital media Editorial placements In store blogger events E-mail VIP shopper event Social media tie-ins
  13. Paid Media Banner ads video Facebook Ads Sponsored Posts Paid search
  14. Editorial Placements Online store Social Media Fashion Blogs
  15. NYC Fashion Blogger Event Fashion Fashion Blogs Event Social Media
  16. E-mail Invite Only VIP Shopping Event Email VIP Event Online Store Social Media Fashion Blogs
  17. Media Tactic User Generated Content User Generated Content Social and blog posts In Store Event Send out invitation Email Social Website Store Paid Social Call-to-action Invite people to join newsletter Inform of launch MD Blog Paid Search Banner Ad
  18. Media Schedule Pre-Launch April Launch May-Aug Eval. Sept Maintain Oct - Dec Website Update Improve Social Media Update Improve MD blog Launch End Jan Maintain Magazine Blast Email Digitallytied In store Event Banner Ad Launch Improve Mid Discount Push Improve Paid Search Launch Improve Paid Social Launch Improve Mid: Measure success and how to improve End: Measure success and how to improve End