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  1. 1. Link Juice (LJ) Consulting Anyarat Priyawat, Kenny Astrianti, Nan Wang, Putri Arinda SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION AUDIT ANTHROPOLOGIE.COM Instructor: Prof. Gracey Newman
  2. 2. SEO Audit for TABLE OF CONTENT Executive Summary 3 Top Five Most Pressing & Valuable Changes 4 302 Redirect 4 Page URL 4 Site Hierarchy 4 Keywords 5 Images 5 SEO Keywords Recommendations 6 Keywords Recommendation 6 Keyword Targeting Strategy 7 Competitor Analysis SWOT Analysis 9 10 Technical On-Page/ On-site Recommendations 12 URL 12 Title Tag 12 Meta Description 13 Meta Keywords 14 Server Response Code 14 Site Canonicalization 15 Sitemaps 16 Duplicate Content Issues 16 Links 16 Inbound Links 16 Nofollow Header Tags 16 16 Content Analysis and User Experience 18 Homepage 18 Fast Loading 18 Browser Compatibility 18 Multiplatform 18 Navigation 19 Site Search 19 Shopping Process 19 Checkout Process 21 Social Media 23 Conclusion 24 Source 25 Link Juice Consulting 2
  3. 3. SEO Audit for Executive Summary Anthropologie is a lifestyle brand specializing in women‟s clothing, accessories, home décor and gifts that reflect strong personal styles and passions. isAnthropologie‟s e-commerce website that offers a comprehensive product catalog with reviews from other customers. gives customers the option to shop online and have their purchased products delivered within a certain time limit. Optimizing the search engine performance of is crucial to increase the position of the website on the search engines result that eventually impact the overall sales of Anthropologie. Anthropologie is a brand that really knows their customer. They have one customer and they know exactly who she is. Anthropologie targets women 30 to 45 years old, college or post-graduate education, married with kids or in a committed relationship, professional or ex-professional, with annual household income of $150,000 to $200,000. She reads and travels a lot. She is very aware and urban minded. She is into cooking, gardening, and wine. She has a natural curiosity about the world. She is relatively fit. She likes the convenience of shopping online. is constantly updating its product catalog, offering various shipping options (standard, express, and overnight) with most in-stock products. The website also offers online exclusive products and seasonal online promotion to improve website‟s sales contribution.However, as competition level is becoming increasingly high andconsumers are becomingmore tech-savvy, needs to find ways to boost their online presence, better online shopping experience, and improve website usability. Online presence and user experience are two critical factors for e-commerce website, because they will directly affect brand awareness, sales performance and the consumers‟ perception about the brand. Implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy will help achieve a higher page rank on Search Engine ResultsPages (SERPs), which will improve‟s online traffic and website credibility. This will give an advantage to compete with other e-commerce websites with similar product offers.The following report contains the current situation of Anthropologie‟s SEO performance and recommendations for improvements. Link Juice Consulting 3
  4. 4. SEO Audit for TOP FIVEMOST PRESSING AND VALUABLE CHANGES Below are the most important essential improvements to optimize for search engines. Executing these changes will lead to better search rankings. 302 Redirect 302 redirect – Screen Captured1 Currently, http://www.anthropologie.com302 redirects to This is an unintended waste of Link Juice (ranking power) because each link that is redirected through a 302 generally will not pass rankings and search engine value because it is temporary redirect. Since more links are directing at (396994 2 ) than (1716943), LJ Consulting advises that implement direct link or 301 redirect to recapture link value. Page URL URL structure is important for both search engine and users. Complex, non-user friendly URLs will have negative impact on a company‟s website. Nevertheless, has a long and complex page URLs as shown below. URL – Shoes – New Arrivals Section This website generated URL that is not easy to understand for users or search engines because it uses URL parameters. LJ Consulting recommends to reviseits page URLs to semantic URL structures ( over current URL parameters as shown in the above example to increase‟s pagerank and provide a better user experience for itscustomers. Site Hierarchy Site Hierarchy affects how search engine reads and index the website.A logical hierarchy with clear categories and subcategories that are separated by using header tags (such as H1, H2, and H3) is a critical factor for a website to be indexed by the search engines. Currently, site structure needs to be 1 2 3 Link Juice Consulting 4
  5. 5. SEO Audit for improved asmain categories are on the same level withsubcategories. LJ Consulting recommends to amend its site hierarchy (as shown on the chart below) so that the category hierarchy of the given website is reflected in the URLs to improve its search engine rankings. Current Site Hierarchy Recommended Site Hierarchy for Keywords Keyword targeting is one of the key factors for SEO because it affects how people find through search engines. When keywords that people type into search engines to find information about are used throughout the content of a website, the chance for to rank higher on SERPs increases. LJ Consulting recommends to target five keywords in order to improve their rank in organic search results. These keywords include “vintage clothing”, “petite dresses”, “womens clothing”, “anthropologie”, and “anthropology”. This will be elaborated on the “SEO Keyword Recommendation” section. Images Link Juice Consulting 5
  6. 6. SEO Audit for Visual display is an important part of Anthropologie brand because they are recognized for their visual designs and elegant display. content is full of images because it needs proper display to sell its products. However, search engines cannot crawl images unless it is properly tagged and named. LJ Consulting found1,209 images 4 on that are missing alt text. Moreover, all of the images are not properly named and images‟ URLs are not optimized for also prevented search engines to crawl those images with the use of “no follow” attributes, whichcan be a detrimentfor SEO.Therefore, LJ Consulting recommends to modify each image with a keyword-enriched name, clean URL, and let all the images to be followed by the search engines for higher page rank. rel=”nofollow” Image Page Source – Screen Captured 4 According to Raven Tools Link Juice Consulting 6
  7. 7. SEO Audit for SEO KEYWORD RECOMMENDATION Keywords Recommendation Keywords are words that people type into search engines to find information. The resulting page created by a search engine, or SERP, contains the links to the top-ranking site. Using keywords that users use to find on the search engines throughout the content of the website increases chance to rank higher on SERPs. Higher rank can drive more traffic to Anthropologie has high brand awareness among the target audience and currently appears first in the SERPs when searched by its name, “anthropologie” and “anthropology”. However, the brand ranks lower for other strategic keywords that makes it harder for prospects to find among its competitors. cannot depend solely on its brand name to generate more traffic. These following keywords that are mentioned in the Executive Summary should be incorporated in the website to ensure that users who search for women‟s vintage-inspired clothing find and choose before its competitor websites. LJ Consulting recommends to use the following keywords throughout the website: Keyword Competition Local Monthly Searches (U.S.) Global Monthly Searches “vintage clothing” High 74,000 165,000 “petite dresses” High 18,100 33,100 “women‟s High 60,500 110,000 “anthropology” Low 201,000 301,000 “anthropologie” Low 1,220,000 clothing” Keyword Recommendations Table for 1,500,000 Anthropologie.com5 1. “vintage clothing” LJ Consulting suggests to use „vintage clothing‟ as one of the targeted keywords. Although the competition is high, Anthropologie is famous for its vintage-inspired clothing that using this keyword will flow naturally in the website and will increase‟s rank in SERP. 2. “petite dresses” has a dedicated page for petites that offers more than 400 petite style clothes. should promote this page because most of the competitors do not sell clothes targeted to petite women. We chose “dresses” over “clothes” because it is more specific and more people search for it. LJ Consulting recommends to target this keyword to promote their petite line. 3. “women's clothing” 5Figures are based on Google Keyword Planner Link Juice Consulting 7
  8. 8. SEO Audit for is currently targeting this keyword. The websiteappears on second page of Google‟s search result page when searching for this keyword.Considering the competitive level and search volume, has the potential to get higher ranking on SERP for this keyword. Therefore, LJ Consulting recommends to maximize its potential by using this keyword more effectively. 4. “anthropologie” LJ Consulting recommends to continue targeting this keyword. 5. “anthropology” LJ Consulting found that many users are searching for „Anthropology‟ instead of „Anthropologie‟. Currently, ranks the 2nd on Google‟s search result for this keyword (just below Anthropology Wikipedia page). LJ Consultingrecommends to optimize this keyword usage by combine it with Paid Search Advertisements. Keyword Targeting Strategy In order to increase page rank in the SERPs using the recommended keywords, there are several strategies to optimize keyword targeting without disturbing the usability, user experience, or the natural flow of the site content. Therefore, LJ Consulting recommends the following strategies: 1.Page Title should use keywords such as “petite dresses” as the page’s title. Page titles are search engines key to determine website’s relevance with certain keywords. Higher relevancy will result in a better page rank and higher traffic. 2. Headline or H1 Tag Although the title does not have to be the same with the headline, LJ Consulting recommends that they should not be too different with each other. Relevant page title and H1 are associated with higher ranking on SERPs. 3.Body text is an image-heavy website, which is suitable for an e-commerce website. Although did put description on each page on the site, they should incorporate the recommended keywords to make the content more relevant for search engines. However, overusing the keywords will have negative impact on rankings. All the body text should be written to provide useful information for users. For better user experience, LJ Consulting recommends repositioning the description to the top of the page. Link Juice Consulting 8
  9. 9. SEO Audit for “Read More About Dresses” on 4. URL LJ Consulting recommends to incorporate the keywords the given page is trying to target in the URL in order to directly increase search engine relevancy metrics. 5. Images and image alt attributes Since is an image-heavy website, these images have opportunities to show up in an image search result,therefore, incorporating keywords on image‟s title, filename, surrounding text, and alt will gave a positive impact on ranking power and website‟s traffic. 6. Meta description Although meta description (inside the red box below) does not directly affect search engine ranking algorithms, it entice users to click on Additionally, if the keywords appear in the meta description, they also get bolded, which can increase visibility and leave stronger impressions. on SERP for “maxi dresses” 7. Meta keywords Currently, is including theirkeywords in every page source. However, showing keywords in the page source will not be helpful in terms of pagerank and competitor can see what keywords that is targeting. LJ consulting suggests removing the keywords in the page source. Meta Keywords – Dresses Section – Screen Captured COMPETITOR ANALYSIS Link Juice Consulting 9
  10. 10. SEO Audit for, and are the three main competitors for search ranking because each of them shares some similaritiesinkeywords bidding with Nevertheless, their overall performance on search engine ranking is better than due to some aspects of their search marketing strategies. For example, has the fastest loading time, which contributes to its superior SEO performance compared to Despite its young domain age, overall search ranking score is the same as that of Reasons contributing to‟s good performance include its search engine friendly site hierarchy and properly tagged images. Lastly, has the perfect quality score and they rank very high in almost all categories. can observe its competitors‟ SEO practice to develop a better SEO strategy to become more competitive in the industry. Anthropologie Forever 21 ModCloth Macys http://www.anthropolo http://www.modcloth.c m/Product/Main.aspx?br om om sp =f21 Quality Analyzer 89 100 89 100 mozTrust 6.3 6.2 6.3 6.8 mozRank 6.23 6.11 6.14 6.65 Page Authority 86 83 85 90 Domain Authority 85 84 81 88 Domain Creation 1996 1998 2002 1994 Domain Exp. Date 2015 2023 2014 2021 Alexa Rank 5,079 2,121 3,652 696 Load Time 315 milliseconds 122 milliseconds 362 milliseconds 262 milliseconds URL Date Table 1: Competitors Comparison Table6 SWOT Analysis The SWOT Analysis shows the areas where can improve on to leverage its competitive advantages among the search competitors. 6Source: Raven Tools Link Juice Consulting 10
  11. 11. SEO Audit for Strengths Weaknesses Anthropologie‟s brand image and personality is does not have clean URL well translated to‟s website structures, which affects the website rank on SERPs, design. website usability, and accessibility. uses Javascript to enhance the user experience but with the cost of search engine optimization opportunity. does not offer free shipping and return, which unfavorable places position when compared to in an other competitors. has a user-friendly website For aesthetic reason, uses visually navigation. attractive font, but is not perfectly readable for users. Interactive product display with moving images showing all the angles of the product. application. does not have a mobile uses high quality pictures of each product with clear description, size, design availability, and customers‟ reviews and rankings. Anthropologie.comsite search is working effectively. Anthropologie.comhas various payment options that appeal to a wider customer base. Current promotions are strategically located in the homepage. have a fast loading time. Opportunities Link Juice Consulting Threats 11
  12. 12. SEO Audit for Create more external linksthrough marketing effort All competitors offer free shipping to improve rank in SERP, drive more traffic to the and return services to their customers whereas website and increase brand awareness still charge shipping fees. Collaborate with bloggers to increase the number A partnership between a brand and bloggers is an of inbound links to emerging trend. For example, Mod Cloth‟s blog has a Improve social media performance.Forever 21 section called Blogger of the Moment to show their have over 8 million likes on Facebook, whereas support to the blogging community. By building a Anthropologiehas approximately 800,000 likes. rapport with bloggers, brands can build closer Increasing number of fans across all social media relationship with the blogs‟ readers as well. platform and having people talk about All Anthropologie will not only increase the applications that make the shopping experience engagement between brand and customers, it will more also help improve page rank. engagement between the users and the brands. pleasant for competitors the user have and mobile encourage Allowing search engines to crawl images with keyword-enriched name and alt text will improve page rank.Showcasing‟s products using video content as according to Internet Retailer, visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not. Link Juice Consulting 12
  13. 13. SEO Audit for TECHNICAL ON-PAGE/ ON-SITE RECOMMENDATIONS The following are SEO audits for five of‟s subsections (Homepage, Skirt page, Jewelry page, and Heels and Wedges page). The recommendations below aim on the technical on-page factors that is important to search engines ranking power. Item Audit Recommendations URL These URLs are website generated URLs that LJ Consulting suggests to are not easy to understand for users or alter the structure of its website URLswith search semantic URL structures. engines because they arelong, comprised of parameters, and they do not show the website‟s category structure. Homepage: Homepage: Skirt: Skirt: /skirts/clothes-skirts.jsp?cm_sp=TOPNAV-_CLOTHES-_-CLOTHES-SKIRTS&cm_re=TOPNAV-_CLOTHES-_-CLOTHES-SKIRTS Jewelry: Jewelry: /jewelry/accessories-jewelry.jsp?cm_sp=TOPNAV_-JEWELRYACCESSORIES-_-ACCESSORIES-JEWELRY Heels and Wedges: Heels and Wedges: /heels+/shoes-heels.jsp?cm_sp=TOPNAV-_-SHOES_-SHOES-HEELS Title Tag‟s title tags lengths are should customize the title appropriate tag based on the content of the page. Best However, (less than 70 characters). does not practice for SEO: Primary Keyword - Secondary incorporate keywords in the title tags. Keyword | Brand Name. Homepage: Homepage: <title>Welcome to Anthropologie - Women‟s Clothes, Shoes, Accessories, Home &</title> Decor | Anthropologie Skirt: Skirt: <title>Skirts for Women - In Prints, Patterns & Women‟s Skirt - Maxi, Midi, Mini & Vintage Solids | Anthropologie</title> Skirts| Anthropologie Jewelry: Jewelry: Link Juice Consulting 13
  14. 14. SEO Audit for <title>Women's Jewelry - Designer & Fashion The title tag is quite clear in explaining the Jewelry for Women | Anthropologie</title> content of the page. It is well optimized for both search engines and humans. No improvements necessary at this time. Heels and Wedges: Heels and Wedges: <title>Heels - Heels & Wedges – Women‟s Heels – Heels & Wedges Shoes|</title> Anthropologie Meta Description: Homepage: Homepage and Skirt: Although meta <meta name="description" content='An The current meta description is clear enough inspiring place to shop for women's for human to read, have the right length (less clothing, accessories and home decor. than 160 characters) and it summarizes the Explore our collection of dresses, blouses, content of the homepage. description does not directly affects the search engines ranking power, enticing meta sweaters, shoes and more.'/> Skirt: <meta name="description" content=:It's description can always skirt season at Anthropologie. Browse improve our latest selection of maxi, midi, mini, pencil, Anthropologie.c om click- a-line & full skirts for women''/> Jewelry: Jewelry: <meta name="Description" content="Shop all Even though the meta description is quite Jewelry at good, it still can be improved by making it Anthropologie offers a wide variety of more Jewelry in the Accessories section of the site. Crimson, Found in Paris, Outfits: Paris Street View all of the Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets Style, etc.” is not relevant with the content of &amp; Watches, Rings, Pins &amp; the page and it is too long for a meta Keychains, Featured Artists, Wear To Work, description. Shimmer &amp; Shine, Color Us: Crimson, through-rate. recommends that these be removed. Found in Paris, Outfits: Paris Street Style, etc." /> interesting. Therefore, Recommended unique and Additionally, meta vintage LJ “Color Us: Consulting description: “Shop women‟s jewelry at Find new jewelry and other one-of-a-kind accessories from our Paris Street Style collection!” Heels and Wedges: Heels and Wedges: <meta name="Description" content="Shop all Even though the meta description is quite Heels & Wedges at good, it still can be improved by making it Anthropologie offers a wide variety of Heels more Link Juice Consulting interesting. Additionally, “Wardrobe 14
  15. 15. SEO Audit for &amp; Wedges in the Shoes section of the Essentials: Fall, Outfits: Paris Street Style, etc." is site. View all of the Wedges, Heels, Wear To not relevant with the content of the page. Work, Wardrobe Essentials: Fall, Outfits: Paris Therefore, LJ Consulting recommends that Street Style, etc." /> these be removed. Recommended meta description: “Shop a wide variety of Heels and Wedges at Find new shoes and other one-of-a-kind heels from our Paris Street Style collection!” Meta Keywords: Homepage: Currently, most There search enginesdo not are Homepage: no meta keywords on the homepage. is doing a good job by eliminating meta keywords tag on the homepage. No improvements needed. use meta keywords tag as a ranking Skirt: Skirt, Jewelry and Heels and Wedges: <meta name="Keywords" LJ Consulting recommends that the meta content="Skirts,womens Clothing,colorful keywords be removed because it does not womens Skirts,womens give any benefit in terms of SEO and it might Skirts,Clothing,anthropologie Skirts,vintage assist competitors‟ to do Skirts,colorful midi &amp; maxi" /> metric. keyword research. Jewelry: <meta name="Keywords" content="Jewelry,womens Accessories,colorful womens Jewelry,womens Jewelry,Accessories,anthropologie Jewelry,vintage Jewelry,colorful Necklaces" /> Heels and Wedges: <meta name="Keywords" content="Heels,womens Heels &amp; Wedges,colorful womens Heels,womens Heels,Heels &amp; Wedges,anthropologie Heels,vintage Heels" /> Server Response Homepage: Link Juice Consulting Currently, there is a server response code issue 15
  16. 16. SEO Audit for Code on homepage. .jsp temporarily Type of link: direct link redirects to http://www. 302 redirect Type of redirect: 302 Moved Temporarily does not pass any ranking power and search Skirt: y/skirts/clothes-skirts.jsp?cm_sp=TOPNAV-_CLOTHES-_-CLOTHES-SKIRTS&cm_re=TOPNAV-_CLOTHES-_-CLOTHES-SKIRTS Type of link: direct link engine value like a 301 redirect will.LJ Consulting advises that resolve this issue by implement direct link or change the redirection to 301 redirect to recapture link value. Jewelry: y/jewelry/accessoriesjewelry.jsp?cm_sp=TOPNAV-_JEWELRYACCESSORIES-_-ACCESSORIES-JEWELRY Type of link: direct link Heels and Wedges: y/heels%20&%20wedges/shoes-heelslady.jsp?cm_sp=LEFTNAV-_-SUB_CATEGORY-_HEELS Type of link: direct link Site LJ Consulting foundat least one page7 with 302 No link rel="canonical”. temporary Skirt: changing this to a 301 redirect or using <link rel="canonical" canonical attribute that are search engine href=" Canonicalization Homepage: friendly. redirect and we recommend egory/skirts/clothes-skirts.jsp"/> Jewelry: <link rel="canonical" This should be monitored to make sure there is no duplication in the future. href=" egory/jewelry/accessories-jewelry.jsp"/> Heels and Wedges: <link rel="canonical" href=" egory/heels/shoes-heels-lady.jsp"/> 7 According to Link Juice Consulting 16
  17. 17. SEO Audit for Sitemaps has HTML sitemaps that is LJ Consulting suggests to beneficial for humans and search engines develop the content of XML sitemaps to help and XML sitemaps to help search engines create a short-term boost in the number of crawl the site. However, the XML version pages indexed by the search engines. does not contain any information of the site. p.xml Duplicate homepage has URL LJ parameters because it is a database rel=canonical tag or set up a 301 redirect from powered website. URL parameters can also the “duplicate” hompage to the original be use to track clicks for analytics use. homepage to resolve the duplicate content However, URL parameters cause duplicate Content Issues Consulting recommends the use of issues. content issues. LJ Consulting found at least one page with duplicate content, which makes it difficult for search engines to decide which version is more relevant to be included in the SERPs. Duplicate content also reduces ranking power and the number of traffic for a website. Links The internal links should be under 100 to 7 external links.8 optimize the search engine crawl. Homepage: 200 inbound links. number of inbound links by tying it up with Skirt: marketing efforts, such as collaboration with 37 inbound links. fashion Jewelry: audience. The benefits of higher number of 33 inbound links. inbound links are it directly increases the rank Heels and Wedges: Inbound links 109 internal links. on SERP and it increases website‟s credibility. bloggers should with the increase same the target 8 Link Juice Consulting 17
  18. 18. SEO Audit for 26 inbound links. Nofollow does not put the LJ Consulting suggests to nofollow on the link to their social media consider putting nofollow attribute to social websites such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, media links. Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google +. Header tags Homepage: LJ Consulting recommends No header tags. to use the recommended keywords at the first Skirt, Jewelry and Heels and Wedges: hundred words of content in H1, H2, H3, H4, For all sub-categories, bold and in image alt tag on all pages. This will uses H1, H3, and H4 tags but they are not make the page more targeted towards the optimized for search engines. phrase and will increase its rank for applicable For example in Heels and Wedges: queries in the major search engines. <a href="/anthro/category/heels/shoes-heelslady.jsp"><h1>Heels</h1></a></li> h3 class="topLevelCategory"><a id="FH_ATG_Category_Facet_Heels_&_Wedges" href="/anthro/category/heels & wedges/shoesheels.jsp">Heels &amp; Wedges</a></h3> <h3 class="topLevelCategory featuredheader">Features</h3> <h3 id="h3-priceSlider">Price</h3> <h3 id="h3-facet_3">Size</h3> Link Juice Consulting 18
  19. 19. SEO Audit for CONTENT ANALYSIS AND USER EXPERIENCE Homepage The homepage epitomizes the brand identity of Anthropologie perfectly. It is visually appealing, user-friendly and encourages visitors to click on the image. The images on the homepage interpret the products that sells. It gives visitors a clear view of what to expect from this site. The navigation bar on top is also eye catching even though it could be made bigger to increase visibility and enhance browsing experience. There is also a banner for discount information that we think is very interesting but should be made more attractive to increaseawareness. A major opportunity that can be tapped is the utilization of strategic keywords. By further incorporating keywords into all pages of the site, will be able to increase their chances to rank on top of SERP when people search for those keywords. However, this should be done carefully as is an e-commerce and not an informational website. We also encourage to make improvements based on user feedback and testing website variations. Fast Loading Fast page load is essential for an e-commerce website because users tend to be very sensitive to page load wait time. Users are more likely to leave the page if it takes too long to load. does not have a page load problem. This factor is important for both pagerank and user experience. Browser Compatibility displays perfectly on most popular web browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer without any issues. Multiplatform PC, Tablet, and Mobile Responsive Website Design Above are the snapshots of‟s jewelry section on PC, tablet and mobile devices. As we can see, has a responsive design. Website design and layout are consistent across all platforms. Link Juice Consulting 19
  20. 20. SEO Audit for LJ Consulting suggests to undergo a user experience test to make sure that everything in the website is optimized. Navigation Having a good navigation is very important for because if the users cannot find what they are looking for they are more likely to leave the website.The labels on‟s navigation bar are very clear. The navigation design is simple, relevant with the content, and consistent throughout different pages on Site Search has site search feature onevery page, which allow users to search for specific item or categorywith ease.However, the search bar is quite hard to be found among all the categories on the pages. LJ Consulting suggests to increase the visibility of its site search by adding a search bar next to the magnifying lens. Navigation Bar with Site Search After a user type in the first letter, the search barsuggests popular search terms. The feature helps users to find things they are looking for with ease. – Site Search – Popular Searches Shopping Process displays the number of items in the basket on the navigation bar at all times. The users can also create and nickname up to five different wish lists and share them with others. They can also find others‟ wish lists and shop for them. Wish list feature help users to remind what item they want to buy in the future and it will increase the chance of users to return to has a well-constructed shopping process. However, LJ Consulting recommends the following changes to be made: 1. Live chat feature Link Juice Consulting 20
  21. 21. SEO Audit for provides customer service phone number during the checkout process that can increase the users comfort level when shopping online. This feature can be improved by adding a live chat feature so that users can instantly get assistance without having to leave the screen. 2. Image view options When the users browse through images of products, provides two viewing options, Gallery (different image size) and Grid (all images are the same size). - Grid View LJ Consulting recommends increasing the size of the viewing options button so the user can easily choose their preferred way to explore the products on 3. Checkout button LJ Consulting recommends adding a checkout button on the top right of the page to make it easier for users who want to directly make a payment after adding an item to their shopping basket. Recommended Checkout Button 4. “Add to wishlist” button has “add to wishlist” feature that help users to keep track on things that they like. It is a very good feature because it let the users to consider before purchasing. LJ Consulting suggests putting“add to wishlist” button on each “quick view” image to improve the user experience of the feature. Link Juice Consulting 21
  22. 22. SEO Audit for Quick View – Recommended “Add to Wishlist” Button 5. Customer service has a customer service button on the page, however,it is positioned at the bottom of the page and thus it is hard to find.LJ Consulting suggests putting the link to the Customer Service on the top of the page near the link to Blog. Checkout Process The overall checkout process is user friendly, fast and clear.Firstly, the site has a linear checkout steps that benefits the overall experience.The checkout bar highlights users‟ position on the checkout process stage. This prevents confusion for the user during the transaction. Moreover,the users can be assured that they have completed every step without error. - Checkout Bar Secondly, the site usesa clear error indication. This is very beneficial for the site since a lot of users have problems finding or understanding error messages on the website as they are not obvious. It will also decrease the likelihood that userswill abandon the purchase. Link Juice Consulting 22
  23. 23. SEO Audit for Error Indication on Nevertheless, there are some changes LJ Consulting suggests to improve the checkout should add descriptions to form field labels to give unfamiliar usersbetter understanding. For example, in the payment information page, we suggest the site to put explanation for each form field label as follows: Recommendation for Payment Information Page can increase user confidence in purchasing the product onlineby visually reinforcing securityon all sensitive fields on the payment page. Some users might hesitate if credit card fields do not appear secure (regardless of actual security). For example, below is an illustration how the site can visually secure the credit card form fields (version B). Notice the addition of background color, padlock image and placement of the GeoTrust seal. By adding visual cues (such as borders, background color, and security icons and badges) around the form fields for credit cards, the site can easily increase the site perceived security. Link Juice Consulting 23
  24. 24. SEO Audit for Suggested Credit Card Form Fields (Version B) Social Media Firstly, we notice that the social media channels button is currently being placed atthe bottom right of the page. Position of Social Media Buttons It is beneficial for the brand to position the social media icons at the place where it is noticeable for the user. This will give Anthropologiean opportunity to increase its social media sites traffic, allowing the brand to engage its user, build a stronger social media presence and increase users‟ social sharing that is beneficial for SEO. LJ Consulting recommends that the best spot for the brand to place its social media button is atthe top left header as that is the best place for them to be noticed. Secondly, utilizes all the trending social media channels for fashion brands. However, we notice the website does not allow the users to share the product photos throughGoogle Plus. LJ Consulting recommends the site to have Google Plus for consumer photo sharing as this can improvea presence of the brand within the Google Plus community. Link Juice Consulting 24
  25. 25. SEO Audit for Social Media Buttons on Beside Product Image on The social media buttons are not noticeable as it blends in with the background and other nearby text. LJ Consulting recommends the buttons to be more attractive with colors so that it stands out from the background and the user will be more familiar with them. Recommended buttons (left) Link Juice Consulting 25
  26. 26. SEO Audit for CONCLUSION After conducting a thorough examination of, LJ Consulting recommends some improvements in the following aspects: Amend Page URLs to SEO friendly version; Modify Site Hierarchy to show logical structure of the website; revise images‟ name, URLs and alt texts and let them to be crawled by search engine; develop a more strategic keyword strategies and improve user experience. LJ Consulting believes that these changes can help to rank higher on SERPs, increase more traffic to the site, improve the usability and shopping experience that eventually will increase the sales on Link Juice Consulting 26
  27. 27. SEO Audit for SOURCE 1. Anthropologie‟s Website 2. Google AdWords es 3. Raven SEO Tools 4. Redirect Checker 5. Open Site Explorer- The Search Engine for Links 6. Domain Age Check 7. Internal Link Checker 8. Ragepank On-Page SEO Blog 9. Smashing Magazine- Fundamental Guidelines of E-Commerce Checkout Design Link Juice Consulting 27