Energy Test Jeopardy Game


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Jeopardy game for middle school science test on Energy

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Energy Test Jeopardy Game

  1. 1. Define Me: 1 PointThe Question Is :The ability to do work is called?A) velocity Stop! C) conversionB) energy D) friction Time’s Up!
  2. 2. Define Me: 2 PointsThe Question Is :Energy is measured in units called?A) joulesB) pounds Stop! C) meters D) horsepower Time’s Up!
  3. 3. Define Me: 6 PointsThe Question Is :Potential energy that depends on height is called?A) kinetic energy Stop! C) elastic potential energyB) gravitational potential energy D) mechanical energy Time’s Up!
  4. 4. Define Me: 4 PointsThe Question Is :The process of burning a fuel is calledA) combustionB) meltdown Stop! C) acceleration D) conduction Time’s Up!
  5. 5. Define Me: 10 PointsThe Question Is :The rate at which energy is transformed is called?A) joules Stop! C) workB) power D) time Time’s Up!
  6. 6. Define Me: 8 PointsThe Question Is :The energy associated with the motion and position ofan object is called?A) kinetic energy Stop! C) gravitational potential energy Time’smechanical energyB) potential energy D) Up!
  7. 7. Types of Energy: 1 PointThe Question Is :What type of energy is released when fossil fuels areburned?A) electrical energy Stop!C) kinetic energy Time’s Up!B) nuclear energy D) chemical energy
  8. 8. Types of Energy: 2 PointsThe Question Is :What type of energy is stored in the nucleus of an atom?A) electromagnetic energy C) mechanical energyB) nuclear energyStop! D) chemical energy Time’s Up!
  9. 9. Types of Energy: 4 PointsThe Question Is :The energy associated with motion is called?A) kinetic energy C) gravitational potential energy Stop!B) elastic potential energy D) nuclear energy Time’s Up!
  10. 10. Types of Energy: 6 PointsThe Question Is :What type of energy is stored by fossil fuels such ascoal? Stop! potential energyA) kinetic energy C) chemicalB) mechanical energy D) electromagnetic energy Time’s Up!
  11. 11. Types of Energy: 8 PointsThe Question Is :What type of energy does a spinning turbinehave? Stop!A) electrical energy C) thermal energy Time’s Up!B) nuclear energy D) mechanical energy
  12. 12. Types of Energy: 10 PointsThe Question Is :Fossil fuels contain energy that originally camefrom Stop!A) tidal forces C) the sunB) Earth’s coreTime’s Up! D) dinosaurs
  13. 13. Conversion: 1 PointThe Question Is :What type of conversion is taking place whennatural gas is used to heat water?A) Stop! chemical energy into thermal energyB) thermal energy into mechanical energyC) Time’s Up! mechanical energy into electromagnetic energyD) electromagnetic energy into chemical energy
  14. 14. Conversion: 2 PointsThe Question Is :A pole-vaulter first converts kinetic energy intoA) thermal energyStop! C) mechanical energyB) chemical energy D) elastic potential energy Time’s Up!
  15. 15. Conversion: 4 PointsThe Question Is :When you rub your hands together on a cold day,you use friction to convert what into what? Stop! energyA) mechanical energy into thermal Time’s Up!B) thermal energy into nuclear energyC) nuclear energy into electrical energyD) electrical energy into electromagnetic energy
  16. 16. Conversion: 6 Points The Question Is :Why can moving water be used to produce electricity?A) most forms of energy can be converted into other forms Stop!B) energy cannot be converted into other forms of energyC) potential energy can be converted into kinetic energy, but not vice versa Time’s Up!D) kinetic energy can be converted into potential energy, but not vice versa
  17. 17. Conversion : 8 PointsThe Question Is :According to the law of conservation of energy, whathappens when one form of energy is converted intoanother?A) Stop! energy is destroyed in the processB) no energy is destroyed in the processC) Time’s Up! energy is created in the processD) some amount of energy cannot be accounted for
  18. 18. Conversion : 10 PointsThe Question Is :Niagara Falls is a good example ofA) kinetic energy being converted into potential energyB) Stop! potential energy being converted into kinetic energyC) energy being lostD) Time’s Up! energy being created
  19. 19. Kinetics : 1 PointThe Question Is :Kinetic energy increases asA) mass increases & velocity decreasesB) mass decreases & velocity increases Stop!C) both mass & velocity increaseD) both mass & velocity decrease Time’s Up!
  20. 20. Kinetics : 2 PointsThe Question Is :Which of the following has kinetic energy?A) a rock poised for a fallB)C) Stop! an archer’s bow that is drawn back a rolling bowling ballD) Time’s Up! a car waiting at a red lightThe Answer Is :C) a rolling bowling ball
  21. 21. Kinetics : 4 PointsThe Question Is :What is it called when kinetic energy combines withpotential energy?A) fusion energyStop! C) mechanical energyB) nuclear energy D) thermal energy Time’s Up!
  22. 22. Kinetics: 6 PointsThe Question Is :Unlike kinetic energy, potential energy is Stop! C) conservedA) energy of motionB) stored D) not measurable Time’s Up!
  23. 23. Kinetics : 8 PointsThe Question Is :What is the total potential and kinetic energy of theparticles in an object called? Stop! energyA) mechanical energyC) chemical Time’s Up!B) thermal energy D) electrical energy
  24. 24. Kinetics : 10 PointsThe Question Is :Kinetic energy is demonstrated byA) A football about to be thrownB)C) Stop! A football kicked through the goalposts A football being carried by a running backD) Time’s Up! A football that the quarterback just caught
  25. 25. Etcetera: 1 PointThe Question Is :What is the change from one form of energy toanother called? Stop!C) conversation of energyA) gravitational potential energyB) work D) energy transformation Time’s Up!
  26. 26. Etcetera: 2 PointsThe Question Is :Visible light is an example of what type ofenergy? Stop!A) chemical energy C) electromagnetic energy Time’s Up!B) electrical energy D) nuclear energy
  27. 27. Etcetera: 4 PointsThe Question Is :An example of a fossil fuel isA) wood Stop! sun C) theB) petroleum D) water Time’s Up!
  28. 28. Etcetera: 6 PointsThe Question Is :What is an example of something which storeschemical energy? Stop!A) lightening C) a matchB) a microwaveTime’s Up! D) light
  29. 29. Etcetera: 8 PointsThe Question Is :When generators are spun by turbines, theyA)B) Stop! produce nuclear energy store potential energyC)D) Time’s Up! produce electricity burn fossil fuels
  30. 30. Etcetera: 10 PointsThe Question Is :Who was the scientist who suggested that energycan be created under certain conditions? Stop!A) Newton C) EinsteinB) Wright Time’sPascal D) Up!